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WebRTC Israel Meet-Up


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Slides presented at the WebRTC MeetUp in Israel on Wednesday 19th June.

Published in: Technology, Business
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WebRTC Israel Meet-Up

  1. 1. WebRTC IL Meet-upWednesday June 19th 2013WebRTC IL Meet-upAlan © 2013 Alan Quayle Business and Service Development 1
  2. 2. What The Geeks SayOpen, Nothing ProprietaryNo Plugs-InsMulti Platform / Device
  3. 3. Real-time stuff for yourbrowser that just works
  4. 4. Machine to Machine and Telematics
  5. 5. Surveillance& Monitoring
  6. 6. Lots &Lots &Lots ofDevices
  7. 7. Nearly 1B by the End of this Year!Copyright Disruptive Analysis Ltd2013Feb 2013MillionSource: Disruptive Analysis WebRTC Strategy Report, Feb 2013Definitions & methodology in report - See for details05001000150020002500300035004000TabletsSmartphonesPCs
  8. 8. Embedding CommunicationsEverywhere!
  9. 9. Codec and IPR Wars
  10. 10. Browser GetUserMedia PeerConnection DataChannelChrome Yes Yes Q2 ‘13Chrome for mobile Yes (March ‘13) Yes (March ‘13) Q2 ‘13Firefox (desktop) Yes Yes Yes (first one)Firefox (mobile) Yes Yes Yes (first one)Opera Yes H2 ‘13 2014Opera Mini H2 ‘13 2014 2014IE (desktop) Chrome Frame /2014Chrome Frame /2014Chrome Frame /2014IE (mobile) 2014/2015 2014/2015 2014/2015Safari (desktop) 2014/2015 2014/2015 2014/2015Safari (mobile) 2014/2015 2014/2015 2014/2015WebRTC is NOT Everywhere andwill not be anytime soon 
  11. 11. Lies, Damned Lies, and Statistics
  12. 12. Regardless IE Matters
  13. 13. Mobile is Even More ComplexNative browser Natively in OS 2nd browser 3rd party SDK
  14. 14. There’s No Approval Process
  15. 15. In The Limit Which Browser Gives you the BestExperience on a Particular Device will Win
  16. 16. Impact of WebRTC?• Voice is just another event in your social or office tools• Viber / Whatsapp / WeChat / Fring can offer chargeableservices without the 30% app store tax• PSTN becomes the communications path of last resort• Companys website now becomes its call center• Weblog becomes your personal communicationsassistant
  17. 17. Impact of WebRTC?• 3-way calling finally becomes simple and obvious• Directory services are necessary to connect: telephonenumbers, SIP IDs, web session IDs, other OTT IDs, etc.• Web developers can now create cool telecom services• Advertising finally enters the call• Communications becomes embedded in mosttransactions
  18. 18. Key Points• Voice communications will increasingly be through theweb• Browsers and web connected devices are the newendpoints• Security, identity and privacy remain very important• New business opportunities abound