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vote with me presentation at Enterprise Connect 2018 TADHack session


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Justin, Koushik, and Thiago used Telnyx, Avaya Zang, Avaya/Arrow IOT to create Vote with Me that allows presenters to interact with their audience in real time. A presenter can ask a crowd a question and audience members can text their answer to the number presented. The results are tallied in realtime and summarized in a chart displayed online. Audience members can also download the arrow IOT app and vote by waving their mobile phone like at an auction. Audience members can also call a nuber to automatically register an up vote as well. They won $500 from Telnyx and $1000 from Avaya

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vote with me presentation at Enterprise Connect 2018 TADHack session

  1. 1. Vote With Me Koushik Chatterjee, Thiago Pereira, Justin Haefner
  2. 2. Presenting is hard It can be easy to not feel like you’re connecting with the audience. Wouldn’t it be nice to interact with the listeners in way that allows for instant feedback and lets them feel like part of the presentation?
  3. 3. This has to be solved already...right? Tools in this market mostly ask the audience to go to a URL instead of a number to text. Most other tools have a “Polling time” and then display the results when the poll closes. There is nothing fun about other solutions ...the presenter cannot keep contact with the audience after the presentation.
  4. 4. Vote With Me! 1. First the Presenter will display their number to the audience. 2. The presenter will ask the audience a question. 3. Then the Presenter will display the graphing website associated with that conference. 4. Audience members can SMS, Call or gesture (if they have the app). Text to Participate 407-751-1701
  5. 5. Tech Used Front-end: React.js, Chart.js, AJAX, AWS S3 static hosting. Back-end: Python Flask w/Zappa, AWS API Gateway, AWS Lambda, AWS DynamoDB Integrations: Telnyx for number and Webhook, Arrow for gyroscope, Zang audio.
  6. 6. Demo