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The Business Case for Opening the Network


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Presented at the Emerging Communications Conference 2009.

Published in: Technology, Business
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The Business Case for Opening the Network

  1. The Business Case for Opening the Network Alan Quayle,
  2. Typical Operator Business Cases Strategic Operational Copying
  3. What’s Changed?
  4. Operator’s Product Development Process Find Budget Market Opportunity Research Identified 12-18 m onths 18-30 m onths New product Re-Launch development process Launch
  5. What’s Changed? Expectations
  6. What customers expect 6-12 mo 18-30 m nths onths 4 month Weekly s
  7. Developer Perspective of the Initiatives
  8. Business Case
  9. Scenario Assumptions • Converged operator in a mature internet centric market • 10 million customers 20:80 prepaid : post-pay split • Year 1 • Silo consolidation across messaging, location and billing • Service Exposure business creation • Year 2 • Initial service exposure capabilities • Call control, enterprise mash-up, presence • Year 3 • Service exposure expansion • IPTV, streaming, and quality of service
  10. Year 1 Analogy based on Real World Results • BT implemented a service creation process transformation project • Identify and consolidate ‘common capabilities’ • BT measured the benefits by the number of people that managed these common capabilities. • 60% decrease in workforce, a reduction of >1000 staff. • For the Scenario that would mean a saving of 500 staff • Typically ROI (Return on Investment) within 3 months • In a small operator, SDP improves an operator’s ability to scale its partner management without increasing headcount
  11. Example Year 2 and 3 Services • Communication enabled business processes • Enterprise and Voice Mash-ups • Content 2.0 • Presence / Location • STB services • User chooses model: Usage, subscription, ad- supported • Result: $40-75M revenue in Year 3 • Just from ‘key services’ anything else is jam on top
  12. Critical Issues in Opening the Network • Copy Smart – don’t copy dumb • An operators business is not the same as Apple’s • Don’t be a 40 year old dressed as a 20 year old • Opening the network impacts all lines of business not just trendy ‘2.0’ stuff • Make business an equal focus • Its not a ground-breaking business case for revenues • But the strategic impact of doing nothing could be fundamental to the business
  13. We’ve been talking about it for over a decade, but soon its the customer that’s going to decide Utility Service Connectivity Provider