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Telecom App Development and TADHack 2015 Summary


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Presented at the Next Generation Services Platform event in Munich June 2015. Review of why Telecom Application Development matters given the trend in on demand services. Quick review of some of the highlights.

• Global and local winners:
o o
• TADHack YouTube channel o
• TADHacksites:
o Chicago mini
• TADSummit 17/18 November Lisbon,

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Telecom App Development and TADHack 2015 Summary

  1. 1. + comfort of your own home (remote)
  2. 2. •  Not just programmers, product and design people as well. –  Team diversity is important for winning •  Students: showcase talent to innovative companies •  Businesses: copy Uber before someone else does and starts disrupting your business •  Telecoms people: create new services in hours, its the best and most fun 2 days of training you’ll get this year •  $36k in prizes. So you have fun, free food, meet cool people, hack, and a good chance at winning some cash
  3. 3. $100B Ecosystem!
  4. 4. •  1400 registrations •  800+ attendees •  90+ hacks across 14 locations + remote •  $33k in cash prizes •  Oculus Rift dev kit •  2 drones •  3 Apple watches •  5 * 12 months free TV •  5 * 12 months free 4G subscription •  2 * Tessel bag of goodies (1k value each) •  88 winners •  YouTube: 12500 mins & 3200 views in less than 2 days
  5. 5. Tweecommand by Enis Getmez, Alkin Kaz, Can Erdogan, Ege Mert Ozenir and Alperen Kitapci who won $500. The team used Twitter APIs to control a PC and print something from the printer by sending Tweets. They were young team(15 years old each) and put in a lot of effort.
  6. 6. Rent Reminder by Selin and Lee, a service for renters and landlords. Selin is a CX designer at NAB and Lee is a IT Graduate at Telstra. They are getting married in November 2016. They’ve had this idea for a while but they started developing 13th June 2015 and finished 14th June 2015 – 24 Hours worth is what you see
  7. 7. Sri Lanka Winner: Car Park M-pay System by Sajith Udayanga, Sandun Maduranga, and Shivika Pussewela, who won the $1k Sri Lanka prize. An innovative solution for easy car parking through mobile.
  8. 8. TADCall Team (Lisbon) of Afonso Oliveira, Joao Trindade, Simon Exposito, Alexandre Goncalves, Bruno Macedo who won $1k. Their hack was regain control of your mobile phone. Control who can call you, at what time and how frequently. With our solution you can create discardable phone numbers to diferent aspects of your life. Separate you work calls from you personal time.
  9. 9. •  Telecom App Development is amazing o  It is the future of the telecoms industry o  90+ hacks created in 24 hours over a weekend in a global event •  Global ecosystem based approach is the only way to make it work o  We have to work together in an open, collaborative environment o  Every country is different, but the technology remains the same •  There remains a massive cultural gap (The Telecoms Industry must change to get a share of this opportunity) o  Innovation Incubator is the only option – copy Dialog
  10. 10. •  Global and local winners: o o •  TADHack YouTube channel o •  TADHack sites: o o o  Chicago mini •  TADSummit 17/18 November Lisbon,