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Team ThunderHawks presentation at TADHack-mini Orlando


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Ashu, Hemad, Matt, Tiffany, Cole created a hack for Telephone Debating On The Go using Telnyx and Avaya / Zang. Everyone has opinions, and now we want to bring those opinions onto our application for others to view and argue on anonymously. Whether it’s debating who’s the most overpowered character on Smash Bros, the validity of the President’s actions, or feeling the rush of winning, there’s a topic for everyone to talk about and discuss. They won $200 from Telnyx

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Team ThunderHawks presentation at TADHack-mini Orlando

  1. 1. TeamThunderHawks Telephone Debating OnThe Go Ashu, Hemad, Matt,Tiffany,Cole
  2. 2. The Need • Phone calls are becoming a thing of the past • Virtual conversations lack interpersonal connection (tone, accent, emotion, reaction) • Everyone has an opinion to voice
  3. 3. The Solution • Join anonymous conference calls on topics of your choosing • Debate ideas • Connect the World
  4. 4. Project Plan