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Team ibex presentation from TADHack-mini Orlando 2018


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Eyuel came all the way from Ethiopia and used Flowroute to create an appointment directory system that allows users to make appointments at hospitals, dentists, or different office using SMS. The system helps make quick appointments using text instead of waiting inline to get customer service or hear long automated customer service options

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Team ibex presentation from TADHack-mini Orlando 2018

  1. 1. TADHACK 2018 SMS/Voice Appointment System Eyuel Taddese
  2. 2. Problem to Solve  Have you been frustrated calling to customer service at your dental/hospital and listen to those long options from the automated customer assistance just to make appointment?  After listening all those option you have to talk to customer service assistance just to make an appointment.
  3. 3. Other Scenario  You get a text to confirm from your dentist to confirm your upcoming appointment. Unfortunately your busy and send cancel text.  Then you will get please make a call and make a schedule
  4. 4. How I try to Solve.  I tired to wrote a Java backend application that use flow-route for receiving text and sending to customer.  Help the user to make appointment an appointment to office and make appointment easy.
  5. 5. Technologies Used  Flow-route  Java, SpringFramework, MySql
  6. 6. How it works New User  User : Hello  MyApp : “Welcome, would you like to tell as your name? Name : FirstName LastName”  User : “Name: Eyuel Taddese”  MyApp : “Please Select Office Category: 1. HOSPITAL 2. DENTAL 3. DMV”
  7. 7. Continued  User : Text “1”  MyApp : “List Of Office 1. Orlando Hospital 2. Dr Philips 3. Florida Hospital Orlando”
  8. 8. Continued  User : Text “2”  MyApp : “List Of Doctors 1.Dr John Matt (M.D) 2. Dr William John (M.D) Please send you selected Dr and Date Format Dr:John Matt ”
  9. 9. Continued  MyApp: “Select Available Time on 12-12-2018 1. 8:30 – 9:30 2. 10:30 – 11:00 3. 12:30 -1:00”  User: Text 1  MyApp: Thanks. Your appointment with Dr John Matt on 12-12-2018 @ 8: 30 is confirmed.
  10. 10. Advantage of the App  Minimize time wasted waiting on line to make appointment.  Assist people with listening disability.  It can integrated with a company appointment or scheduling system easily.
  11. 11. DEMO