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Team copyright presentation given at TADHack-mini Orlando


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Lissette, Carlos, and Guilermo used Flowroute to create their hack, a mobile version of the game Cards Against Humanity. Players text PLAY to play a game with up to 3 players. The game assigns the Card Master role to a random player, the Card Players receive a random prompt and three response options each. The Card Master picks the winning response, the winner gets awarded a point and is the Card Master for the next round. Game ends when a Card Player scores 5 points or if they text RAGEQUIT (whereat the current points leader is announced to the players). Players can ask for the current score by texting SCORE.

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Team copyright presentation given at TADHack-mini Orlando

  1. 1. Our Project By Guillermo, Carlos, and Lissette
  2. 2. Cards Against Copyright
  3. 3. Listener Register Card Master Responses Play Player Responses Tables 1, 2, 3 Picks winner of each round, texts back 1 or 2. Must register before playing. Will get message back from non potato server
  4. 4. /** * The SMS CallBack URL serves as the main controller of the app. * Takes an incoming SMS and parses the SMS body as follows: * 1. Register: registers the sender's phone number in the game system. * 2. Play: places registered users in the game queue (max. 3 players). * 2.1 Starts a game if there are 3 players in each game queue. * 2.1.1 Randomly assigns one player as the Card Master. * 2.1.2 Presents each Card Players with 3 randomly selected response cards. * 2.1.3 Randomly selects one prompt card and displays it to all players. * 2.1.4 Card Players select a response to the prompt. * 2.1.5 Card Master selects the funniest response. * 2.1.6 Card Players are notified of the Card Master's selection. * 2.1.7 The winning Card Player is given 1 point. * 2.1.8 Game continues until a Card Player scores 10 points or until a Card Player quits the game. * 2.2 Places players in a game queue until there are 3 players. * 3. Ragequit: ends the game for all players of a game. Only ragequitters would do this. * 4. Number options: see 2.1.4 to 2.1.5 * 5. Score: displays the score of the current game */
  5. 5. Contact Team Copyright! • Guillermo: • Carlos: • Lissette: