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TADSummit Telestax Keynote: API and Fly: CPaaS enablement, creating a B2B ecosystem with Applications and Networks using APIs


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Telestax Keynote: API and Fly: CPaaS enablement, creating a B2B ecosystem with Applications and Networks using APIs
Kevin Nethercott, VP Business Development at TeleStax
We are now in the midst of a major industry transition as communication becomes a feature built into a wide range of apps, experiences, and services, rather than simply a product unto itself. With key enterprise customers increasingly seeing new CPaaS (Communications Platform as a Service) companies as a means to more efficiently consume carrier resources, while enabling innovation - traditional carriers and service providers are keen to add API driven solutions to their own portfolios. Faced with the choice of buy, build, or partner, one of the strategic trends is the emergence of marketplaces where carrier service providers and app developers can join forces to deliver exciting solutions for customers. Will CPaaS put even more competitive pressures on service providers, or give them new ways to compete, collaborate, and innovate?
This presentation will discuss
* What key problems CPaaS solves for service providers
* What are the technical skills CPaaS demands
* Why a marketplace for CPaaS enables innovation
* How to successfully embrace the CPaaS opportunity and thrive

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TADSummit Telestax Keynote: API and Fly: CPaaS enablement, creating a B2B ecosystem with Applications and Networks using APIs

  1. 1. API AND FLY CPaaS Enablement: Combining Apps, Networks, and APIs Kevin Nethercott VP Business Development CPaaS Enablement
  2. 2. Everyone wants a piece of you these days! • Free Over the top (OTT) apps and services • Falling revenues and vanishing profitability on voice • Business communications needs to be omnichannel but some service providers are unable to deliver voice and messaging simultaneously on the same numbers • Meanwhile, Communications Platforms as a Service (CPaaS) providers are offering new API-enabled programmable telecom services for voice, SMS, and video – that solve customer problems faster - with higher margins 2
  3. 3. CPaaS enablement and revenues 3 Your Voice and Messaging Revenue $0.025 $0.020 $0.015 $0.010 $0.005 $0.000 Basic Services for Voice/Message OTT Applications Voice/Message Services with RestcommONE Marketplace • Participate in the value proposition not just transport • Increase revenue as a CPaaS provider • Get to market in 4- 6 weeks • Immediately offer messaging/voice/video services from single platform Increase Profitability
  4. 4. API or Die Irwin Lazar Vice President and Service Director Nemertes Research “CPaaS is driving business process applications and workflows.” 67% Enterprises will look to CPaaS providers to meet their demands
  5. 5. CPaaS is in hyper-growth mode Mark Winther IDC, Group VP, Telecom “The voice and text messaging CPaaS market is transitioning from a hypergrowth start-up phase to a critical-mass phase” $8B The worldwide market will exceed $8 billion in 2021
  6. 6. CPaaS Enablement makes it all possible 6 Existing Service Offering SMS Voice Video Location Full Service & Solutions Offering Within A Single Platform Voice Video SMS Chatbot Alerts Transactions Shopping Social Media Customer Service Omnichannel
  7. 7. Voice, Messaging, and Video Omnichannel * Omni-channel * Omni channel 7 Omni comes from the word Omnis which can mean all or universal Omnichannel is something new and notable, even revolutionary, not just a marginal evolution of existing thinking. Companies with strong omnichannel business strategies retain an average of 89 per cent of their customers and see an average 9.5 percent year-over-year increase in annual revenue.
  8. 8. Full CPaaS delivers a true Omnichannel experience • Phone Numbers & Short Codes • Two-way SMS • Parcing • Throttling • USSD • MMS 8 • Secure and encrypted • Peer-to-peer • Multi-party • Recording • Integration with workflows • Advanced Call Control • Call Recording • Call Queues • Conference Calls • Text-to-Speech • Live Call Modification VideoMessagingVoice Voice, Messaging, and Video
  9. 9. Powerful Marketplace: A rich B2B community
  10. 10. The power of the marketplace revenue share model* Traditional Transport Model @200,000 Daily Messaging/Voice services New CPaaS Enablement Model @200,000 Daily Messaging/Voice services VERSUS Application Provider Pays $.0075 Per SMS/Voice Revenue Share Partner $ Per SMS Revenue CPaaS Provider .0065 $1,300 Service Provider .0010 $200 Business Customer Pays $.10 Per SMS/Voice Revenue Share Partner $ Per SMS Revenue Application .05 $10,000 Service Provider .03 $6,000 Telestax .02 $4,000*Example
  11. 11. Marketplace Applications • SMS and Voice Contact Center • Smart Voicemail • IoT Solution • AI Chatbot • Telemedicine • Video Websharing • Cognitive Voice and messaging • Mobile Advertising • Chatbots • 2FA • Live chat, scriptable voice API • Hosted PBX • Communications based team management • USSD Self Care • Mobile payments & Financing • CRM Integration
  12. 12. Don’t Forget the non-coders • Visual Design tool - Quickly configure and customize your applications via drag and drop - No coding required • Helps you (and your entire customer base) to develop apps quickly and easily to differentiate your services
  13. 13. 134
  14. 14. Over 5,000 deployments globally Global leaders. Innovators. All Use… 14
  15. 15. Increase revenue with RestcommONE Marketplace • Voice video and text in single platform • Your own White Label, Branded CPaaS Service • Provide popular SMS and Voice Services • Bring Your Own Carrier (BYOC) • Flexible Financial Model • Revenue Sharing • Extend in your channel • Reseller Channel In-a-Box 15
  16. 16. RestcommONE Marketplace Partner Program Time to market Hosting Pre-built RVD apps Marketing Support Custom Web Portal Global Use Cases Exclusive membership Annual Program ● Full CPaaS enablement ● DevOps Services ● Hosting a cloud instance ● Training & Marketing support ● Access to the Marketplace applications ● Premium SLA ● Special volume discounts ● Customized partner portal ● Dedicated Account Manager
  17. 17. Thank you For more information, visit us at: © 2017 Telestax Kevin Nethercott VP Business Development – CPaaS Enablement
  18. 18. SMS Enablement Use Cases
  19. 19. Business value of SMS is sky high 19 79% of companies believe customers want SMS/text support (ICMI) 80% of people are currently using texting for business. (eWeek) 75% of people would like to have offers sent to them via SMS (Digital Marketing Magazine) >100% conversion gains If texting during the sales process (Velocity)
  20. 20. Take your service offering to next level App-to-Person Market • A2P is HOT! - Lyft, Uber, Airbnb - OpenTable • Enable business to message customers, reminders, deals 20 Intelligent ChatBots • Gather details in context • Minimize IVR Frustration • Deliver conversation summaries to agents • Reduce time to resolution Revenue expected to exceed ½ Trillion by 2020 A2P market expected to reach $40 billion in 2018 Example Features You Can Provide
  21. 21. SMS enable your business Talk is cheap. Text is cheaper - And Better! • Increased patient engagement - Monitor patients with serious conditions - Alert patients of test results immediately - Notify patients about upcoming appointments • Lower no-show rates • Notify patients when they’re due to schedule a routine appointment 75% of customers think the option of a call-back is “highly appealing”
  22. 22. SMS based customer service and support Increases customer satisfaction & saves the business up to 30% • Your customers prefer SMS • Customers answer text messages • Customers spend less time on hold • You dial less and leave messages less • You quickly understand specifics • The conversation context is maintained If you’re on a level playing field with your competitors, texting gives you the edge
  23. 23. Opt-in SMS Marketing Stay in touch with your customers by engaging them • Promotional campaigns • Benefits – Qualified audience – It’s very inexpensive – It’s interactive – It is quick – It is engaging • It works! Text-message marketing is about having one-on-one conversations with customers
  24. 24. Voice Use Cases
  25. 25. Voice. A more personal connection with customers. 25 29% Of enterprises are investing in proactive outbound communications (ICMI) 81%Of consumers are more likely to give company repeated business (Forrester 2016) 5% = 125%Increase in customer retention Increase in profits (SalesForce Desk)
  26. 26. Number Masking Guarantee privacy and security within online relationship 26 • Hide buyer and seller numbers during a transaction • Prevents unwanted communication post transaction • Increases security for both sides – Rideshare – Logistics – Relationship management – Financial – Delivery Number masking increases customer trust and loyalty by 65%
  27. 27. Call Tracking Clicks are nice – Calls are better 27 • Measure conversion rates from clicks to calls on ads • Understand which ads resulted in a call • Pinpoint the exact call source – Campaign, search, landing page, keyword, social or campaign ad • 5% of retail sales are online • 70% of online searches use local search – more likely to convert via a call or visit Conversion rates are anywhere from 30% - 300% for calls over clicks
  28. 28. Two Party Call Connection Automatically matching individuals based on preset criteria 28 • Maintain confidentiality – Call set up is automatic without exposing numbers • Healthcare – Call is automatically placed when patient selects area of practice • Online shopping – Automated call is placed when shopper wishes more information on a product or service Two party call connections are secure, confidential and they are high quality when placed over local networks
  29. 29. Video Use Cases
  30. 30. Video improves customer engagement 30 1. “How to” videos Help buyers get the most out of their purchases through brief, informative demonstrations hosted by your in-house experts (ICMI) Rather than having reps type the same Tweets or Facebook messages over and over, wouldn’t it be easier to simply reply with a link to a video? (eWeek) 31% consumer more likely to make purchase with live video (Business Insider Magazine) Provide customers of all demographics the freedom to share their own opinions. (Forrester) 2. FAQs 3. Live Video Chat 4. Customer Testimonial 74% of all online traffic will be online video (KCPB)
  31. 31. Telemedicine - Remote Patient Monitoring WebRTC – Real-time Voice and Video interaction with Doctor 31 • In-home patient monitoring web portal & tablet application – Care Workers concentrate on delivering care, not recording data – Adaptable to any condition or chronic disease – Disease specific workflows designed by doctors collaborating • Supports off-the-shelf medical devices and tablets • Patient engage in their own health & well being Personalized technology will upend the Doctor-Patient relationship
  32. 32. Thank you For more information, visit us at: © 2017 Telestax Kevin Nethercott VP Business Development – CPaaS Enablement