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TADSummit, Proactive Customer Care via Contextual Information Luca Pradovera


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Proactive Customer Care via Contextual Information
Luca Pradovera, Real Time Application Engineer, MojoLingo

With the proper configuration and knowledge it is possible for a service provider to anticipate why a customer is calling and proactively initiate actions - even before the agent says "hello." This talk will include several examples of what is potentially possible when you combine contextual information with a customer call.

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TADSummit, Proactive Customer Care via Contextual Information Luca Pradovera

  1. 1. Proactive Customer Care via Contextual Information Luca Pradovera TADSummit 2017
  2. 2. CAN YOU SPEAK MAGIC? INTRODUCING MYSELF • Luca Pradovera • Principal at Mojo Lingo (Atlanta, GA and Milan, Italy) • Real time application developers • Adhearsion maintainers • We build IVRs, dialers, WebRTC apps, mobile apps 2
  3. 3. CAN YOU SPEAK MAGIC? CUSTOMER SERVICE TODAY • 76% of users rate businesses on customer service • 59% of bad customer experiences are shared online • 75% think a phone call is most effective when acting on a purchase decision • 62 billion dollars lost yearly as a result of bad service 3 infographic
  4. 4. CAN YOU SPEAK MAGIC? THE PHONE CALL PROBLEM • No information • Even Caller ID is not granted • Time is spent figuring out the context 4
  5. 5. CAN YOU SPEAK MAGIC? WHAT IS CONTEXTUAL COMMUNICATIONS? • Leveraging analytics to provide a better service • Improving communications by adding an information layer • Not only for channels, but for operating modes too 5
  7. 7. CAN YOU SPEAK MAGIC? VIRTUAL CONTEXT • Browsing history • App actions • Phone call history 7
  8. 8. CAN YOU SPEAK MAGIC? ANALYTICS CONTEXT • Predictive algorithms • Inference • ASR and sentiment analysys • Classifiers and correlations 8
  9. 9. CAN YOU SPEAK MAGIC? PHYSICAL CONTEXT • GPS • Accelerometers • Cameras • Microphones 9
  10. 10. CAN YOU SPEAK MAGIC? POSSIBLE SCENARIOS • User has a car problem • Opens up the car service app • App has information from the car itself, location, issue, even weather 10
  11. 11. CAN YOU SPEAK MAGIC? CONVERSATION 11 “Hello, I can see your radiator has a leak. It is not safe to drive the car even for short distances, and it is going to rain shortly. There is a gas station five kilometers down the road who is one of our repair shops. Would you like me to send help?”
  12. 12. CAN YOU SPEAK MAGIC? ANOTHER POSSIBLE SCENARIO • User is browsing an ecommerce website • Specialized shop (eg. drone hardware) • Has purchased previously, an entry-level drone • Is browsing racing drone parts • History of low-cost purchases 12
  13. 13. CAN YOU SPEAK MAGIC? CUSTOMER SERVICE RESULT 13 Hello! Our recommendation is to start racing by buying some parts for the drone you already own. That way you can experiment with the style you like before you commit. Alternatively, the XYZ model is a very good entry level racing drone and I can get you a discount coupon too.
  14. 14. CAN YOU SPEAK MAGIC? MULTICHANNEL COMMUNICATIONS • Focus on the customer experience • Context is better if you have multiple channels • Translates well to chatbots • Requires a modern application platform 14
  16. 16. CAN YOU SPEAK MAGIC? WHAT IS CLOUDONIX? 16 Carrier-grade switching platform (IVR, mobile video, MVNO, termination) Platform API BYOC RESTful API (Voice and video API on your existing infrastructure) SDK Desktop and mobile optimized (time and cost effective development, integrated encryption)
  17. 17. CAN YOU SPEAK MAGIC? WHY DID WE USE CLOUDONIX? • CPaaS and on-premises available • Interesting pricing model based on concurrent calls • Bring your own connectivity • Very good mobile SDK • Technical relationship • IPv6 support 17
  18. 18. CAN YOU SPEAK MAGIC? MOBILE CUSTOMER SERVICE • Mobile support app: custom SIP headers contain contextual information, REST API allows for call manipulation from existing web platform 18
  19. 19. CAN YOU SPEAK MAGIC? INTERNAL SERVICES • Internal support communications: A leading USA- based retail services corporation decided to employ the CPaaS and SDK to connect millions of mobile devices back to their call center. 19
  20. 20. CAN YOU SPEAK MAGIC? THANK YOU! My name is: Luca Pradovera I am a Voice Application Developer at Mojo Lingo. Web: Twitter: @lucaprado GitHub: lpradovera 20