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Running memoir presentation at TADHack-mini Orlando 2018


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Nathalia used Telnyx and VoIP Innovations to create Running Memoir. We all want to read and write consistently, but the advent of smart phones have blocked our attention span. Transcribing long-form text on the go could record our history, and give us the raw material to flesh out our memoirs and writing ideas. Community applications could include contributing oral histories to institutions like the Orlando History Center.

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Running memoir presentation at TADHack-mini Orlando 2018

  1. 1. Running memoir Nathalia Bailey
  2. 2. You Now Have a Shorter Attention Span Than a Goldfish: 8 seconds!
  3. 3. You can’t focus long enough to: ● Read a book ● Write a book ● Write a paragraph ● Listen to your Grandma tell her stories
  4. 4. A solution: ● Talk aloud by yourself during dead time ○ Driving ○ Cooking ○ Doing laundry ● Transcribe your thoughts, experiences - anything you want to write ● Create a running memoir