Rich Communications Highlights, Time to Change the Strategy


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Review of the WebRTC pre-conference workshop, and the main conference. Highlight the need to change the RCS strategy, copy Libon and get the RCS API better written.

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Rich Communications Highlights, Time to Change the Strategy

  1. 1. Rich Communications Highlights Time to change the plan
  2. 2. Structure • Overall Impressions and RCS Situation Analysis o o We must promote cool stuff o 2 Orange Libon shows the way o • • • The Generals need to change the plan There’s a $100B hole we need to fill Orange Libon Case Study Fraunhofer Fokus on RCS APIs Paris to Berlin joyn hackathon © 2010 Alan Quayle Business and Service Development
  3. 3. Its time for the generals to change the RCS strategy Simply hoping ‘when RCS is everywhere that people will use it’ is not a strategy its wishful thinking – Apple needs to see the value in RCS.
  4. 4. RCS Strategy RCS Go To Market It will all be OK when RCS is everywhere. It will all be OK when RCS is everywhere. RCS lacks a go to market plan – still technology / standards led Treated as an inflexible plan – ‘it will be this way!’
  5. 5. Current RCS Strategy Telco Exec Careers The ‘believe don’t think’ approach is simply because some exec’s have tied their careers to a fixed RCS plan – the plan needs to change
  6. 6. Orange Libon shows us the way – they where the only ones to talk about real customer results
  7. 7. The industry is not promoting the cool stuff, as requested in the TAD Manifesto, for the joyn hackathon Solaiemes was the underlying technology, that should be promoted!!!!!
  8. 8. Analysys Mason Prediction on Voice Usage Telco voice usage will remain significant (74% of usage by 2018). New comms services will be essential to maintain revenue given price pressure and data revenues not offsetting declines.
  9. 9. Analysys Mason Prediction on Messaging and ARPU Telco messaging will become niche, anticipate rapid revenue decline as SMS moves to data. Analysys Mason is predicting a >25% ARPU decline by 2018. Industry needs to find >$100B in new revenues within 5 years.
  10. 10. RCS and an IP Client – fast, innovative and interoperable (plus gets around the silly roaming in RCS)
  11. 11. IP Client is key – innovate! Do not rely on the tired old network groups to deliver a tired old and increasingly irrelevant service
  12. 12. People will use telco’s innovative services!
  13. 13. This was the ONLY preso that showed numbers on customer impact!!!!!
  14. 14. Bypass legacy roaming which simply drives every more customers to other service providers
  15. 15. Nikas made a great point of NOT using RCS to complete with other service providers
  16. 16. Bring together VoLTE, RCS, and WebRTC to embed communications everywhere
  17. 17. RCS API strategy is KEY
  18. 18. The OMA joyn API is just not modern and well written – Need an open call to real communication API experts like Tropo, Twilio, etc. to create a modern well-written RCS API.