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Powering End User Experiences with Communication APIs Nexmo, Alex Economon TADSummit


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Powering End User Experiences with Communication APIs Nexmo, Alex Economon TADSummit 12-13 November 2014

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Powering End User Experiences with Communication APIs Nexmo, Alex Economon TADSummit

  1. 1. Creating and Enabling Winning Customer Experiences with Telco APIs Alex Economon Dir Bus. Dev. Carriers 13 Nov 2014
  2. 2. Nexmo is a Cloud Communication API We provide easy-to-use APIs and empower high quality and scalable cloud communications through a global telecom network. • Global Reach & Local Country Connectors • Adaptive Routing™ & Direct-to-Carrier© Connections • Real-Time Analytics & Dashboard • Cloud Based Restful API • SMS & Voice Capabilities • Pay Per Use SaaS Model Access to over 7.3 billion phones Over 70,000 customers in 235 countries Over 2.5 billion API calls in 2013 80% of OTT use us 500 million data points collected per month
  3. 3. Nexmo Offers a Suite of Cloud APIs for Two-Way Communication Messaging APIs High deliverability, low latency, global Voice APIs Enhanced Voice XML & SIP Cloud Phone Numbers World largest reach, mobile Ranges, API based real time provisioning Number Insights API Know your customers, reduce fraud, communicate with context
  4. 4. The Enterprise Communications Market is Growing and Changing Fast OPPORTUNITIES • $134B enterprise messaging and voice market, growing 25% per year(1) • 50% Local – Global addressable market, but that portion is growing • Boosted by OTT services & enterprise adoption Sources: (1) Portico TRENDS • Mobile has become the primary device • Security and privacy concerns are increasing • Emergence of the Phone Number as Unique ID • Apps are going global from day one • APIs as driver of agility in enterprise software • Communication shifting to IP Customers Want Agility and Scale On Demand as They Go Global
  5. 5. The Traditional Communication Value Chain is Not Fit for Business Apps Enterprise High barriers to innovate Complicated Protocols Degradation of QoS Complex Regulatory Environment Subscribers Multiple hops in the value chain lead to poor customer satisfaction Absence of data and analytics makes it impossible to track returns Security exposure with each additional hop Nexmo “raison d’etre” is to Simplify, Streamline and Scale this Value Chain Developer
  6. 6. Quality Solved: Remove Hops, Measure Conversions and Adjust in Real Time Nexmo algorithms predict failure and automatically reroute One Hop Max / Typically Zero Hops 1 2 3 4 Adaptive Routing™Real-time End-User Data Nexmo Direct-to-Carrier® ConnectivityLegacy Telco Services
  7. 7. Abstract Regulations: Simple in the Front-End, Compliant in the Back-End In France, SMS must originate from a source, not a number. Standard World SMS character limit is 160 characters. In Brazil, the limit is 157. India Telecom regulations prohibit promotional messages from being delivered from 9PM - 9AM. From: 33 1 43 54 22 66 To: 33 6 78 90 12 34 Envover: Bonjour! From: NX SC 1223 To: 33 6 78 90 12 34 Envover: Bonjour! Nexmo adapts the delivery method, automatically switching out the phone number with a ‘pre-approved’ delivery code With local understanding of French SMS regulations, we can guarantee the message gets delivered. Carrier Restriction Brazil If application sends communication based on the 160 standard, message will get truncated for Brazil recipients, altering intent. Nexmo recognizes the potential delivery failure and modifies the communication to fit as intended. From: LM-012345 Thank You. Your order has shipped! Don’t forget about special deals this summer! From: LM-ADIDAS Thank You. Your order has shipped! Don’t forget about special deals this summer! With our local experience, Nexmo converts the source of this message so that it is recognized as a registered transactional communication; message can be delivered to end users, even if they are on the national do not call list, and it is after 9PM Carrier Restriction India Carrier Restriction France
  8. 8. Carriers Partners Europe Africa Asia Latin America
  9. 9. It’s not just about the API…
  10. 10. How our customers create winning customer experiences… … and why telco is so important for our customers!
  11. 11. Call to action 2 way communication Healthcare •Appointment management •Patient follow-up •Medication reminders Retail •Customer authentication •Customer service •Promotions Social Media •User authentication •P2P messaging •Social invites Travel/Hospitality •Reservation confirmation •Check-in & -out •Travel alerts Finance •2 factor authentication •Transaction alert •Balance alerts Cloud communication streamlines our client’s operations and how they interact with their customers User 2 factor authenticationMarketing communications Notifications, alerts and promotions Virtual numbers Payment confirmation Booking & delivery confirmation
  12. 12. Airbnb uses 2FA to verify user identity 1. User Settings 2. User Enters phone number 3. SMS received on mobile and user enters into website (2FA) 4. User Verified!
  13. 13. SMS Improves Customer Experience & Conversions
  14. 14. Number Insight to better know your customer 1. Debt Collection Agency Reduced CSR time spent calling invalid numbers 1. Credit Card Company Preventing fraud through a simple query of user location 1. Contextualizing Communication NI query prior to routing a call in case a user is roaming, allows to pick optimal communication channel in realtime
  15. 15. For further examples of Case Studies, please visit:
  16. 16. Success Studies Payments & Billing Coda decreases its SMS latency from up to 45 minutes to under 15 seconds by switching to Nexmo. Communications Solutions engageSPARK trusts Nexmo to help improve the lives of the poor in developing countries. Retail Quidini serves up SMS messages from Nexmo to feed the needs of diners waiting for tables. Payments & Billing Rhombus relies on Nexmo to enable a fast and secure disrupter in the realm of payments. Travel Roamer depends on Nexmo to deliver time-sensitive validation codes to travelers with an 80% conversion rate. Hospitality Vilondo boosts vacation bookings by 10% with Nexmo cloud messaging services. Social Networks WePopp swithces to Nexmo and increases conversions by 20% and delivery up to 99%.
  17. 17. Success Studies Hospitality & Events IQ Polls uses Nexmo’s SMS API to let conference attendees can vote on topics through text messages. Social Networks fring leverages Nexmo’s Cloud SMS API to verify phones when new members join, improving conversions. Hospitality With Nexmo, Clé Privée members text their personal key number for private concierge services. Social Networks With Nexmo SMS, Be-Bound users communicate via 2G Networks, when 3G and Wi-Fi are unavailable. Social Networks Frim uses Nexmo’s Cloud SMS to eliminate fraud and scale to reach users around the world. Transportation Mondo Taxi uses Nexmo’s Cloud SMS service to verify users, eliminating fraud and enabling expansion. Research On Device Research relies on Nexmo’s SMS API to reach audiences in hard-to-reach locations around the world. Social Networks Jongla leverages Nexmo’s SMS API to reach the youth market faster and with certainty.
  18. 18. Companies that Rely on Global Messaging and Voice OTT Travel Social Communication Payment & Security