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LivingAds®: RTC Advertising Switchboard, David Uhalley & Brian Boyajian, Demo Slides

  1. End user POV: (mock up) (on chrome)
  2. End user POV: static ad goes LIVE, and is selected Ad status = LIVE - ClickToCam® ClickToChat® - Patent pending tech > trademarks
  3. End user POV: name entered, call placed to advertiser
  4. End user POV: end user – to – advertiser connection initiated
  5. End user POV: 1-way video communication w/advertiser established End user remains anonymous Instant Messaging Lawyer (Advertiser)
  6. End user POV: voluntary 2-way video established End user joins video End user
  7. Advertiser POV: sequence from advertiser’s perspective Advertiser selects login link (for live demo)
  8. Advertiser POV: advertiser logs in to access their channel
  9. Advertiser POV: advertiser goes LIVE to trigger LIVE ad status (slide #2) “GO LIVE!” button Custom Channel Configuration
  10. <iframe src= style="width: XXXpx; height: XXXpx; border: 0;"></iframe> Visit to setup a LIVE demo All with a single line of code (on publisher’s site) - Size of ad 100% adjustable - Unlimited # of LIVE ads running… - On ANY website, simultaneously! YellowPages demo “channel”