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IIT RTC Conf 2014 Henning Schulzrinne Summary


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Review of Henning Schulzrinne, CTO FCC, presentation from Illinois Institute of Technology Real Time Communications Conference on INTERNET OF THINGS – INTERNET IN THE SMALL which included a reference to Mobicents used in the SECE (Sense Everything Control Everything) demo

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IIT RTC Conf 2014 Henning Schulzrinne Summary

  1. 1. IIT RTC Conference Summary Illinois Institute of Technology Real Time Communication Conference Highlights from INTERNET OF THINGS – INTERNET IN THE SMALL by H. Schulzrinne
  2. 2. Henning gave an interesting and balanced presentation on IoT, which was very broad, covering not just technology but also business and social aspects. Its was a pleasure to listen too.
  3. 3. M2M is clear, and vertical consumer markets like Nest. Positioning using both WiFi and WAN will deliver better indoors than GPS. It’s the leap to physical-world web I struggle with beyond beyond specific vertical applications.
  4. 4. This is a key point, its quite a 1st World technology issue. And in my opinion its 1st World North America. For example thermostat control in Singapore? What’s the point, get home, turn on AC, its cool in a few minutes. Only in big homes in North America which can take over an hour to warm or cool does it possibly make sense.
  5. 5. I liked this model, it clearly sets out the role of IoT versus IoE.
  6. 6. IoT to date has generally been islands, for commercial, security, and customer preference. The leap to lots of sensors working in harmony, sharing data, and some magical “big data” generating insights is too nebulous for me at the moment. Perhaps if Google gets its way and from handsets and Google home devices stuff can get exposed, but privacy and security will be major issues.
  7. 7. This is a great list and Henning went on to stress the important of taking responsibility for what your software does even if it gets hijacked.
  8. 8. Henning went on to share some interesting work on managing the IoT integration problem, and a demonstrator created to some some basic principles: Sense Everything, Control Everything.
  9. 9. Congrats to the Mobicents guys, it was nice to see them pop-up in Henning’s presentation.
  10. 10. Henning gives a very balanced review, that highlights the challenges and a possible way forward. Though reaching beyond the islands will not be simple from security, customer acceptability (privacy), and integration perspectives. Henning clearly shows the challenges, and highlights the potential, it was strange to have such a balanced opinion, which for me would indicate IoT is worth investigation on its potential beyond M2M, and certainly not the investment linked to the hyperbole we see in the market today.