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Ghosted app demo for Enterprise Connect 2018 TADHack session


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Steffen, Bruno, Vikki, and Nicolas used VoIP Innovations, Flowroute, Avaya / Zang, and Telenyx to create their hack Ghosted. Their platform touches on a current issue facing many adults today, dating. Most people want to find love and meet their soulmate, but sometimes, you find some undesirable people who become too attached. Most dating apps have one pitfall, being able to directly communicate with a user with anonymity. Our app, “Ghosted”, brings forth anonymity to protect users, but allows a full scale system to communicate via SMS, MMS, and voice calls, without letting the other user know their phone numbers. They won $200 from VoIP Innovations, $500 from Flowroute, and $500 from Avaya / Zang

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