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Forge SDK Introduction for TADHack


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Peter Dunkley introduces Forge by Acision that provides next-gen communication APIs and SDKs to help businesses connect and collaborate more efficiently using secure SMS, IP messaging, voice, and video.

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Forge SDK Introduction for TADHack

  1. 1. Introduction to forge by Acision May 2015
  2. 2. today’s presenters Peter Dunkley – Technical Director, Acision Acision’s WebRTC evangelist, and contributor to WebRTC related open source projects, which enable rich, high quality, RTC applications to be developed for browsers, mobile platforms, and IoT devices. 5/21/2015 © Acision 2015 2
  3. 3. 5/21/2015 © Acision 2015 3 who is acision?
  4. 4. acision at a glance Heritage & history No.1 messaging provider in the world 20+ year history 2 trillion messages/ year Global presence & reach Innovation Operational excellence 35+ offices across 6 continents 650+ employees 100+ support team 1st to launch commercial SMSC Cloud & virtualised services Multi-channel messaging + WebRTC Data insights Carrier grade security 24/7 support 5/21/2015 © Acision 2015 4
  5. 5. Cloud based consumer messaging service launched through Acision Cloud Services Store Acision has been connecting the world for two decades Formation of Aldiscon First commercial SMS messaging service SMPP protocol enable applications to send SMS Logica acquires Aldiscon First commercial MMS deployment Logica & CMG merge First IP based total messaging solution for 3G. First text message voting for season 2 of ‘American Idol’ 7.5m votes cast First commercial videomail deployment SMS based mobile payments initiated at Globe Enabled TV show American Idol to interact with a record breaking 60M voters Formation of Acision Handled more than half of all text and multimedia messages sent at new year, which totalled 43 billion worldwide Strategic Partnership with Soli – Integrated Communication Services First ringtone delivered over SMS First CMG SMSC deployment Strategic Partnership turns to acquisition of Crocodile RCS Global Telecom Business and World Vendor Award winners for enriched messaging services Launch of fuseMe and Forge Rich Communication Services Acquisition of Mindmatics- secure messaging for the Enterprise 1988 1993 1996 1997 2002 2004 2006 2007 2008 2010 2012 2013 2014 IP 5/21/2015 © Acision 2015 5
  6. 6. As consumers communicate in richer ways, an Enterprise opportunity emerges enabling richer communications is key area of focus Growing consumer demand Opportunity for revenue growth Business Drivers Premium revenues from a personalized service experience Deals can be closed faster by connecting to the right experts sooner More ways to close business 5/21/2015 © Acision 2015 6
  7. 7. welcome to forge the real-time communications SDK
  8. 8. RTCweb There are a number of proprietary implementations that provide direct interactive rich communication using audio, video, collaboration, games, etc. between two peers' web-browsers. These are not interoperable, as they require non-standard extensions or plugins to work. There is a desire to standardize the basis for such communication so that interoperable communication can be established between any compatible browsers. Real-Time Communication in WEB- Browsers (rtcweb) 2013-03-13 charter ” “ 5/21/2015 © Acision 2015 8
  9. 9. WebRTC The mission of the Web Real-Time Communications Working Group, part of the Ubiquitous Web Applications Activity, is to define client-side APIs to enable Real- Time Communications in Web browsers. These APIs should enable building applications that can be run inside a browser, requiring no extra downloads or plugins, that allow communication between parties using audio, video and supplementary real-time communication, without having to use intervening servers (unless needed for firewall traversal, or for providing intermediary services).. Web Real-Time Communications Working Group Charter ” “ 5/21/2015 © Acision 2015 9
  10. 10. forge is a platform that enables rich, real-time communications 4 Own & 3rd Party Content Integration Messaging, IP/Chat VideoVoice ENTERPRISE TOOLS Measurement Analysis Business Information ENVIRONMENT Enterprise Class architecture, security, infrastructure and support For operators, replace service calls with video chat session For customer service centers, resolve issues/inquiries more quickly For banks, securely message VIP customers on their mobile device Click-to-Call or Video Chat from a website Cost savings with IP Communication Contextual information and screen- sharing from a mobile device 5/21/2015 © Acision 2015 10
  11. 11. why is it interesting? Now, anyone can add next -generation communication features on mobile apps and websites. DEVELOPER TOOLS Quickly deploy, Measure results and scale your application ENVIRONMENT Enterprise Class architecture, security, infrastructure and support forge by Acision offers… 1-Way or 2-Way Video Chat VOIP Calling IM / Chat Group Chat File transfer 5/21/2015 © Acision 2015 11
  12. 12. with forge, it’s easy to add video, audio, SMS and IM features to a website or app High voice and video quality helps people interact and collaborate, transforming healthcare, entertainment and education companies Call Centers can differentiate themselves with customer empathy and engagement Chrome, Firefox, etc. File transfers, video chat and instant-messaging conversations, all in one place. Integrate this with CRM platforms for a greater customer service impact. Browser and SDK Based Solution: Chrome, Firefox, Opera, iPhone, Android 5/21/2015 © Acision 2015 12
  13. 13. KEY FEATURES! Facebook, Google+, GitHub, Office 365, LinkedIn and Janrain now supported as OATH2 Authentication methods Notifications (Apple and Google) advanced communication functions & roadmap Q3 Call hold and transfer SIP interoperability (G.711, Opus and VP8) Audio and video session using Opus and VP8 OAUTH2 Authentication WebRTC Integration Apple and Google Notifications Broadcast Messaging IP Voice Calls – P2P IP Video Calls – P2P Presence IP Video Streaming IP Voicecall-Broadcast and Video Conference Chat / IP Messaging Group Chat SMS Fallback File transfer (image, video, contact, location, files) Recording (messaging, presence, voice and video) NEW (March 2015)! Group Chat Recording / Archiving (Voice, Video, Messaging, Presence) Roadmap Items (Summer 2015) Video conferencing Call queuing Self-service developers environment 5/21/2015 © Acision 2015 13
  14. 14. developers can set up an account at: Our advanced, easy to use communication APIs and SDK’s can be deployed directly with developers and enterprise customers Supports iOS, Android and Javascript Quickly add rich communication features, such as video chat, secure IP messaging and presence Flexible deployment of messaging, voice and video Free testing and 90-day trial on production accounts Deployed and hosted via the Acision Cloud 5/21/2015 © Acision 2015 14
  15. 15. documentation available online We’ve prepared video tutorials helping explain how to set up the development environment and how to authenticate using simple auth and oAuth2. 5/21/2015 © Acision 2015 15
  16. 16. downloading the SDK 5/21/2015 © Acision 2015 16
  17. 17. Thank you & Questions 5/21/2015 © Acision 2015 17