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ciphertet presentation given at TADHack-mini Orlando


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Tim, Jeremiah, Muntaser, and Chris used Avaya / Zang, Telnyx, Flowroute, and VOIP Innovations to create Ciphertext. A mobile application platform for shared and controlled access to your smart home devices. The mobile app allows you to share access to a smart-lock enabled door via an SMS text message or an MMS delivered QR code. You can also enable the system to recognize your face upon apprival and unlcock the door. If an intruder attempts to break into the system, you will receive an MMS notification with a photo of the intruder. Through the mobile app, you can also manage control of other smart home devices with friends and guests. They won $400 from VoIP Innovations, $500 from Flowroute, $300 from Telnyx, and $500 from Avaya/Zang.

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ciphertet presentation given at TADHack-mini Orlando

  1. 1. CIPHERTEXT TADHack-mini Orlando 2018 Tim Christovich, Jeremiah Lantzer, Muntaser Syed, Chris Woodle
  2. 2. Inspiration One day, you’re at the office or at school, only to realize you left an important deliverable in your home...
  3. 3. Inspiration …you can’t run back, your meeting is in ten minutes, but a good friend of yours is willing to help...
  4. 4. Inspiration …what do you do?
  5. 5. Inspiration …what do you do? Thankfully, you have a smart lock on your door!
  6. 6. Inspiration …what do you do? Thankfully, you have a smart lock on your door! Unfortunately… your friend does not have a smartphone, or used his or her data for the entire month.
  7. 7. The Problem Smart home devices often require complex mobile applications with user accounts and other functionalities built in that are either unnecessary or require considerable setup X
  8. 8. The Problem It is difficult to manage access of smart home devices and ensure a secure line of control X
  9. 9. Our Solution CIPHERTEXT A mobile app enabled system designed to help you manage and control access to your smart home devices, while keeping you informed about your connected home.
  10. 10. Our Solution
  11. 11. How It Works User Selects Device from Application User chooses method of authenticating users Friend can enter code and authenticate system Friend’s face is added to the face recognition directory Friend receives message with QR code Friend receives message with SMS code Friend can scan code and authenticate system Friend can walk up to door and authenticate system
  12. 12. Key Functionalities ● Allow access for a friend ○ Over SMS or MMS for one-time access ○ Facial recognition for returning guests ● View access history for device via the API ● Get system and security updates for the connected home
  13. 13. APIs and Integrations Used Avaya ZANG for MMS from mobile app authentication request Used Telnyx for SMS from mobile app authentication request Used Flowroute for SMS from sensor reporting systems Used VoIP Innovations technology to notify users of security events
  14. 14. Tech Stack ● Front-end ○ Ionic 3 mobile application ● Back-end ○ Python backend on Heroku to handle app requests and SMS/MMS/Image dispatch ○ Amazon S3 bucket for returning images to software stack ○ for smart home device management ● Hardware (refactored for Ciphertext based on previous project) ○ Raspberry Pi ■ NodeJS server to handle SMS code ○ Python server for QR authentication
  15. 15. Thinking for the Future ● Add complete smart home device control ○ Share with your roommate in an apartment or residence hall to allow them access to your devices ● Enable more triggers besides the mobile application ○ Using Alexa or Google Home units to prompt for allowing someone in ● Better assist the blind or physically disabled ○ Use telephone calls as a means of providing authentication for someone to enter or exit a space
  16. 16. From idea... product
  17. 17. Thank you!