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Cable Labs Summer Conference App Presentation


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Presentation on critical issues facing operators given developer requirements in building their app store

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Cable Labs Summer Conference App Presentation

  1. 1. Developers and Operators: An Independent Perspective Issue 1 1 © 2009 Alan Quayle Business and Service Development
  2. 2. Some Relevant Background: I try to ‘Sit in the Middle’ • 20 years in Telecoms – First 10 years as an operator and last 10 years selling to and working with Operators – Application experience includes: Building apps within BT, e.g. VoD, IPTV, HD videotelephony, 3D and networked gaming, HD voice/conferencing Founding Teltier, presence app company sold to Cisco Board member of several app start-ups, e.g. Home Camera Knowledge of cable industry, board member of Sigma Systems • Last 6 years running a business that works with developers and operators – Developers Building their business, introducing to operators – Operators Helping with their app stores and understanding developer needs O2, Verizon, Rogers, US Cellular, Maxis, Telecom New Zealand, Telstra, plus many more… 2 © 2009 Alan Quayle Business and Service Development
  3. 3. Some Developer Quotes We have spent 18 months They “OperatorX” select what working with “OperatorX” and apps their customers see! How is achieved nothing. Its simpler to that a developer community? directly go to the relevant product Isn’t it the customer that decides; manager haven’t they learnt even the Anonymous, basics from Apple! LBS Community App Matt X, AT&T and Verizon’s developer Voice 2.0 app communities are broken. We’re no longer engaged, we’ve focused our Paraphrased development efforts on iPhone, comment from Android and Ovi because there is a over 5 developers. clear path to cash (the customer). An ADC is a large Operators’ ADCs must solve undertaking, Operators the 4 key challenges facing must resource adequately developers: distribution, to not repeat the problems discovery, predictable of the past. process, and a clear way to make money John Holloway, ZingMagic Steve Jarrett, Shozu 3 © 2009 Alan Quayle Business and Service Development
  4. 4. Summing up how Developers Feel about Operators 4 © 2009 Alan Quayle Business and Service Development
  5. 5. Developer Survey on Community Involvement Critical Exodus! Operator Stores Samsung Mobile Applications Nokia OviStore Working Android Market Worked in past, no longer Never worked Blackberry App World Windows Mobile Catalogue Apple AppStore 0% 20% 40% 60% 80% 100 % 50 mobile application developers surveyed in June 2009. Roughly 50:50 split between North America and Europe Developers are voting with their feet, makes the problem far greater 5 than awareness, you’ll need to change their minds © 2009 Alan Quayle Business and Service Development
  6. 6. This Isn’t the First Time, and Its Getting Confusing Revolution App Store A decade long history is being re-invented! Developers are cautious 6 © 2009 Alan Quayle Business and Service Development
  7. 7. App Store Ecosystem Consumer Electronics / OS Store Developers Developer Direct Store Front / Content Community Relationship StoreFront Developer Ingestion Direct Store Front Communities Management Relationship Operator Store Ingestion Operator Management Direct Apps Store Front Developer Relationship Community Ingestion Management is critical, developer community should aid ingestion management and co-opt other developer communities (Sun, Symbian) 7 © 2009 Alan Quayle Business and Service Development
  8. 8. Critical Steps • Demonstrate developer success in your community even before launch – Create and publicize winners – its lacking throughout the industry • Up-hill struggle thanks to the Telcos – Developers are walking away and focusing on the consumer electronics and OS stores at the moment • Direct customer access is critical – this is what developers care about most • Network APIs are not that relevant, except for enterprise – Enterprise store is quite different to a consumer store • Avoid charging developers, share in the revenue stimulated • The name ‘Open OperatorX’ will be considered an oxymoron by most developers – Operators simply aren’t that open compared to every other developer community – ‘OperatorX Store’ could be an alternative as all developers care about is customers buying / using their app 8 © 2009 Alan Quayle Business and Service Development