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BotFunnels by Igor Tsalenchuk


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TADHack Winner (Cisco Spark and Tropo). BotFunnels by Igor Tsalenchuk. BotFunnels is a marketing automation campaign manager that uses chat bots in messengers.

Presented at TADSummit, 15-16 Nov, Lisbon in Stream 4, Contextual Comms, Conversational CRM, BOTs, reviews the practical impact of the changes happening to communications. Messaging and IP Communications as a Platform providers are diversifying the options for communications, and how businesses communicate with their customers. We are only at the early stages of this change, however, multi-channel communications, session management, automation (BOTs) and real-time analytics are delivering business results today. Attendees can learn from leading implementers where to focus efforts, and not get taken-in my the weak-minded marketing BS plaguing in this space.

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BotFunnels by Igor Tsalenchuk

  1. 1. Igor Tsalenchuk, BotFunnels founder, serial entrepreneur, marketing & management experience 18 years. Kiev, Ukraine
  2. 2. Problem: Max, Business owner, spends $10000/month for Online Advertising. Conversion Rate of his Landing Page to Leads is 12%. Click Rate of his e-mails is 7%. 12%*7%= 0,84%= $84 of his marketing budget has result. 99,16% = $9916 of his marketing budget goes to trash. BIG PAIN…
  3. 3. is smart SAAS marketing automation platform using ChatBots messages instead emails. It generates custom sales funnels and puts sales on autopilot. Solution:
  4. 4. increases ROI of online marketing more than10x (comparing with traditional e-mail sales funnels). You speak directly with your customers using ChatBots in most popular messengers
  5. 5. includes custom simple drag-and-drop ChatBot and Sales Funnels builder, convenient for every user without technical skills. Product:
  6. 6. WORLDWIDE MARKET Market growth 15%+ / year ONLINE AD BUDGETS MESSENGERS USERS BUSINESSES 3B+ Messengers Users 400+M businesses $170B Worldwide Online Ad Budgets
  7. 7. We use APISales Funnel Stages
  8. 8. BotFunnels website
  9. 9. How BotFunnels Works
  10. 10. 2016 WINNERS UKRAINE
  11. 11. 2016 WINNERS UKRAINE
  12. 12. 2016 WINNERS UKRAINE
  13. 13. 2016 WINNERS UKRAINE
  14. 14. 2016 WINNERS UKRAINE
  15. 15. THANK YOU! Contact: +38 067 2365028 Skype: igor.tsalenchuk