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Blockchain Hype & Realities, Dean Bubley, TADSummit 2018


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Blockchain Hype & Realities
Dean Bubley, Disruptive Analysis

Blockchain is now widely discussed, it feels like most start-ups have Blockchain in their plans, most Enterprises are thinking about how Blockchain impacts their strategy.

But let’s remind ourselves of what it is, its strengths, its weaknesses, and where its working and not working today.

Then we’ll take a deeper dive into what it means to Programmable Telecoms, the telco stuff, but especially the non-traditional communication service providers.

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Blockchain Hype & Realities, Dean Bubley, TADSummit 2018

  1. 1. Blockchain & Distributed Ledgers for Telecoms & IoT: Hype or Here? Prepared for TADSummit 2018 Lisbon, November 2018 @disruptivedean
  2. 2. Dean Bubley & Disruptive Analysis  Tech/telecom analyst & strategic consulting since 1991  Futurism, Forecasting, Anti-Forecasting, Policy  Cross-silo, contrarian, independent  Often provocative. Sometimes obscure. Occasionally wrong. Copyright Disruptive Analysis Ltd 2018September 2018 Network Tech, Policy & Business Models Communications Apps & Services Telecom-Futurism Industry Analyst Papers & Reports
  3. 3. Tech innovations can take markets in 2 opposing directions Copyright Disruptive Analysis Ltd 2018November 2018 Centralise, Optimise Monetise Federate Regulate Democratise Hybridise Commoditise Decentralise Arbitrage 5G, Wi-Fi, FTTx, MVNx Voice calls & messages Devices & OSs Music & video content Social networking Network transport Banking / payments Identity & security Cloud & cPaaS IoT & verticals
  4. 4. What is a blockchain? 4 Transaction 1 Transaction 2 Transaction 3 …. Transaction N Encrypted Hash 000010101010 100101001010 100011010110 Previous block of transactions Next block of transactions Transaction A Transaction B Transaction C …. Transaction Z “Consensus” calculation performed & validated with “proof” etc Copyright Disruptive Analysis Ltd 2018November 2018 In essence, a decentralised, self-verifying database This changes nature of trust in data & transactions
  5. 5. More than just “The Blockchain” 5 Original Public BitCoin Blockchain: “The Blockchain” Other Public Blockchains & DLTs e.g. Ethereum Ripple IOTA Consortium or Permissioned Blockchain Private, Enterprise Blockchain @DISRUPTIVEDEAN Blockchains can act as platforms for dApps & Smart Contracts Ethereum, Hyperledger, Corda etc – or 1000s of others chains
  6. 6. Top-level DLT use-case segmentation for telecoms/telcos  Internal processes  Blockchain used for internal efficiencies within CSPs / consortia  Streamlined interactions with suppliers, regulators or partners/developers  Network reinvention  Meshes, capacity-trading, ISPaaS, roaming, eSIM etc  New customer-facing services built on blockchain  Services developed for customers and delivered and controlled by CSPs  Third–party developers & platforms (esp. in IoT, data mgmt & connectivity)  Curating, or collaborating in, business ecosystems  Broader multi-party federations and industrial clusters  CSP may be a peer and trusted partner – but not always the lead  Notably includes IoT, finance, manufacturing & many other verticals Copyright Disruptive Analysis Ltd 2018November 2018
  7. 7. Blockchain / telecom intersections & use-cases? Copyright Disruptive Analysis Ltd 2018November 2018 Data Integrity Micropayments Disintermediation Escrow Registries Smart Contracts Coins & Tokens Identity Mgmt Network, NFV/SDN Roaming & w/sale Billing / OSS Calls & data Content & Money Cloud & XaaS Vendors & partners IoT & verticals Supply chain
  8. 8. What’s the point of tokens & tokenisation? Copyright Disruptive Analysis Ltd 2018November 2018 Quick & Easy Fund- Raising Value Storage & Transmiss- ion Token utility & pricing Smart Contracts & Trading Ideology & politics Miners can help run the platform/service, and earn some level of access to it as an incentive (imagine a marshall at an event, or shareholder discounts for an airline’s fares)
  9. 9. Settlements: one of the most “real” uses so far… Copyright Disruptive Analysis Ltd 2018November 2018
  10. 10. Potential to create completely new radio protocols / meshes Copyright Disruptive Analysis Ltd 2018November 2018
  11. 11. Telco example of BaaS – KPN (builds on top of IT BaaS) Copyright Disruptive Analysis Ltd 2018November 2018
  12. 12. NFV management has a lot of promise Copyright Disruptive Analysis Ltd 2018November 2018
  13. 13. Regulatory & many other use-cases emerging  Regulatory  India: TRAI pushing blockchain approach for SMS/call spam consent  UK: Ofcom researching blockchain-based MNP approach  Various: spectrum-sharing concepts converging with DLTs  License management  Network-operation or user data retention for law-enforcement  Other example use-cases  Managing intermittent connectivity, eg spot-markets  Micropayments for content  Marketplaces for IoT or personal data  Data integrity-management as a service  ID-verification as a service (KYC & similar)  Secure credentials for non-SIM / low-power devices Copyright Disruptive Analysis Ltd 2018November 2018
  14. 14. Blockchain may enable market-based spectrum mgmt Copyright Disruptive Analysis Ltd 2018November 2018 Numerous potential use-cases, but still largely in early research phase
  15. 15. Blockchain roles may be multi-layered, eg for IoT uses Copyright Disruptive Analysis Ltd 2018November 2018 Device Connectivity (cell / WiFi / roaming etc) Device Security Device Power Generation / Supply Device Data Integrity Device Usage Data Same IoT Blockchain, or different for each layer? (Or non-BC entirely for some?) Device HW, SW & associated services Device fit with a Broader Supply Chain Device Identity, Authenticity & Ownership Device (micro)payments
  16. 16. What telecom / network assets are being tokenised?  Mobile data quota  National  Roaming  Fixed/WiFi Internet access  SD-WAN & long-distance transport capacity  SMS quota  Call minutes  Mobile money  IoT or personal data  Content  VNF “credits”, eg for SD-WAN functions  VPN capability Copyright Disruptive Analysis Ltd 2018November 2018
  17. 17. Public Blockchains End users Public/tokenised or private/permissioned blockchains? Copyright Disruptive Analysis Ltd 2018November 2018 Telco General Vendors Blockchain Vendors/SPs W/sale SPs Partner SPs Ptnrs & Enter- prises Ptnrs & Enter- prises Other SPs Other vendors Media, devlprs & apps Regulatory, tax, legal Adjacencies Direct chain Service enablement / supply chain Internal use-cases, eg between telcos & suppliers Multi-SP & consortium arrangements & contracts Application enablement, eg vertical IoT data mgmt
  18. 18. Conclusions  Many potential applications for blockchains / DLTs in networks/comms  … many, many possible niches (or broader horizontals)  Both private & public opportunities  But very early stages, mostly still research  Initial wins around data integrity & settlements  Many concerns on cryptocurrency / token approaches  Small-to-medium chance of disruption on a 5yr view  Medium-to-large chance of disruption in 10yrs Copyright Disruptive Analysis Ltd 2018November 2018
  19. 19. @disruptivedean Skype:disruptiveanalysis Copyright Disruptive Analysis Ltd 2017November 2018