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Best Practices in Building Websockets APIs, Elad Wertzberger, Liveperson


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Best Practices in Building Websockets APIs - Elad Wertzberger, Technical Leader, Liveperson

Technical sessions reviewing protocol, authentication, browser-limitations [headers,ping/pong], proxy/nginx, testing, and dropwizard-websockets.

Presented at TADSummit 2016, 15-16 Nov, Lisbon in Stream 4, Contextual Comms, Conversational CRM, BOTs, reviews the practical impact of the changes happening to communications. Messaging and IP Communications as a Platform providers are diversifying the options for communications, and how businesses communicate with their customers. We are only at the early stages of this change, however, multi-channel communications, session management, automation (BOTs) and real-time analytics are delivering business results today. Attendees can learn from leading implementers where to focus efforts, and not get taken-in my the weak-minded marketing BS plaguing in this space.

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Best Practices in Building Websockets APIs, Elad Wertzberger, Liveperson

  1. 1. Websockets - Best Practice at Liveperson Elad Wertzberger | Tech Lead ‫סב"ד‬
  2. 2. • Websocket Basics • Websocket Real Life experience
  3. 3. Server Push Notification Demo
  4. 4.  Bi-directional  Full-duplex communication channel  Single TCP connection
  5. 5. Browser Java Server W3C JSR356 RFC6455
  6. 6. Java Server JSR356
  7. 7. Browser W3C
  8. 8. Browser Java Server GET /chat HTTP/1.1 Host: Upgrade: websocket Connection: Upgrade Origin: Sec-Websocket-Protocol: chat Sec-Websocket-Version: 13
  9. 9. Browser Java Server HTTP/1.1 101 Switching Protocols Upgrade: websocket Connection: Upgrade Sec-Websocket-Protocol: chat
  10. 10.
  11. 11. Light SideVs Dark Side (of Websockets)
  12. 12. Upgrade Error Demo
  13. 13. Our Solution: Our Solution:
  14. 14. Websocket Error After Upgrade Demo
  15. 15. Our Solution: Our Solution:
  16. 16. Our Solution: Our Solution:
  17. 17. Our Solution: .
  18. 18. • Our Solution part 1: upgrade Jmeter
  19. 19. • Our Solution:
  20. 20. Our Solution: moved to json_scheme
  21. 21. our solution: • Server map between rest requests and websocket sessions. • Server buffer all the responses from the web socket. • Client uses the REST pooling in order to get the data.
  22. 22. Github repository