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Berlin BlueVia SDP Summit


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Jose Valles from BlueVia's presentation on how to make Telco APIs work

Published in: Technology, Business
  • teleco sacks!ってキャリアがつくったパワポに入ってるなんてwwがんばれBluevia♪
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Berlin BlueVia SDP Summit

  1. 1. Sex, lies and videotapes Some hints on the telco API business Jose Valles @josevalles49Berlin, September 22nd
  2. 2. The preliminary games
  3. 3. The inspiration
  4. 4. So BlueVia is Telefonica’s answer to it SCALE: up to 290 TOOLS: Telco capacities million customers using web friendly technologies BUSINESS MODELS: GO TO MARKET: access disrupting business to Telefonica’s App models stores
  5. 5. Releasing SW in sprints… Apr ’11 Apr ’11 Open Beta Location API Expenditure limits Support backoffice Dec ’10 May ’11 Aug ’11 Closed Beta MMS Payment Long SMS, Ads, DE Store Tail Context Referal v Bulk Ingestion v ES & AR Stores program
  6. 6. Generating a comprehensive grid but still notfinal…
  7. 7. And leading the packWe are generating a positive brand perception: Telefonica already sees the Share of Voice value in this thinking with the Developers Developers announcement of BlueVia, … signing to While still in its early stages, my BlueVia and we only hope is that this program are growing at a will be extended across the steady pace group, and that many other Operators follow Telefonica’s lead, embrace this strategy, and herald a new era in OTT/Operator collaboration based VAS. Geoff Casely - VP Global Business Development and Nimbuzz We have taken the lead in the industry First BlueVia apps are live! Mid and short tails partners are WAC and the integrating BlueVia APIs, like operators involved in Twitter. it are working in the same direction as Long tail apps are ready like BlueVia( NaaS) Textdeck for OSX live at iTunes. Telefonica is More that 100 apps have been participating in a pilot ingested on Telefónica stores. to be roled out soon crossoperator
  8. 8. SEX… just about appeal
  9. 9. This is how we see ourselves in the mirror…
  10. 10. But this is how third parties and developers see us
  11. 11. LIES… to face
  12. 12. Lie 1: technically, an SDP will make my day
  13. 13. Lie 2: in business it’s all about activating the longtail
  14. 14. Lie 3: We’ll hit it from day one
  15. 15. Lie 4: Telco API’s are cool
  16. 16. Lie 5: I can do it alone
  17. 17. Lie 6: the most important thing is to stick tostandards
  18. 18. Videotape… to enjoy
  19. 19. Show you are different WWW.VIMEO.COM/BLUEVIA
  20. 20. And a wrap up
  21. 21. • You need third parties• Be bold and release software• First releases will fail, iterate fast• Only expose what you use• Collaborate with other telcos: forget egos• Don’t put barriers to innovation• Don’t take yourself too seriously
  22. 22. Thanks@josevalles49