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Futurama Hell


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View this PowerPoint for a different take on hell derivative of that found in Dante's _Inferno_.

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Futurama Hell

  1. 1. Futurama Hell By Devin Missig 5 th Hour English 12.5
  2. 2. Levels OF HELL Level 1: Stupidity Level 2: Lust Level 3: Gluttony Level 4: Self Obssession Level 5: Deceit Level 6: Fraud Level 7: Theviery Level 8: Science Ruled Life Level 9: Violence/killing Satan
  3. 3. Satan And Minoses The Satan of Hell is Mom of the Friendly Robot Factory. The reason she is Satan is due to the fact that of all of the Futurama cast she is the most evil, conniving, and sadistic. She pretends to be all nice, but on the inside she is nothing but corruption and greed. She is forced in this hell to suffer by having to constantly make robots with her hands which she uses to survey hell, but they break down only after an hour of being constructed so she always has to create new ones. This is fitting because she surveyed all the hard workers of her company and now she has to become one. Mom also has three arms with three very large hands so that she can slap each of her sons so they stay awake and fulfill there task of looking over the levels of hell. The Minoses of the Hell are Mom’s sons they serve to oversee the levels of hell because Mom is to busy creating robots. There is three of the them so they each get three levels of hell to supervise. Igner (right) gets levels 1-3 due to how incompetent he is, Larry (left) gets 4-6, and Walt (middle) has 7-9.
  4. 4. Level 1:Stupidity <ul><li>Level one is where you go if you are ignorant about your actions. If you just do what you want to do just because you want to do it and really don’t know or don’t care about the outcome of doing something. These people usually are the ones who have caused more harm to themselves rather than the people around them due to the foolish things that they decide to do. </li></ul><ul><li>In level one you are punished by having to compete in a marble eating contest with Philip J. Fry and the marbles forcefully fly into your mouth and there is nothing you can do to stop them from entering your mouth. Some other people who would belong here would be Peter Griffin, Chris Griffin, Homer Simpson, and Meat Wad. </li></ul>Philip J. Fry is the ruler of this Hell. He is the ruler because he is the most ignorant and stupid of all the Futurama crew. The reason why the this punishment is the one present here is because of Fry’s stupidity he almost competes in a marble eating contest, but Leela stops him. Alas he is forced to survey this level of hell while suffering the punishment of having his own eternal marble eating contest.
  5. 5. Level 2: Lust Level two is where you go if you want someone sexually, like a lust of the flesh. These people were violent or just hurt others by wanting to have relations with them or other people. These people don’t care about the feelings of those that love them and only care about how they feel. In Level one you are punished by having to see the one person you loved the most drop large unbendable girders on you so that you can’t move and are forced to reside there looking up at the person you lusted for. People who would belong here is Moe Syzlak, Carl, and Steve Smith. Angeline is the ruler of this hell because she lusts after Bender and causes him to be hurt because though she lusts after Bender she actually loves Flexo. She is also forced to suffer the punishment, but she has to be the one to bend the unbendable girders to save those trapped, but because they are unbendable she can’t and has to suffer trying to save them.
  6. 6. Level 3: Gluttony Level three is where people who stuffed their face on tons of food or collected a whole bunch of stuff for themselves solely. These people eat as much as they want or gather as much stuff as they want. They are very greedy people and only serve themselves and no one else. They are usually very lonely people even though they may be rich. In Level three people have to eat Bender’s cooking which is poisonous and tastes absolutely terrible they have to eat his food constant other wise Leela will kick them in the face as she as many times before to others. People who would belong here would be Montgomery C. Burns, the comic book guy, and Roger. Turanga Leela is the ruler of this Hell she doesn’t suffer any punishment of any kind, but she is more of a guard making sure that the people held here eat Bender’s atrocious food and if they don’t she gives them a forceful roundhouse to their skull.
  7. 7. Level 4: Self Obsession Level four is where those who care about nothing but themselves go. They only look out for number one and no one else at all. If it doesn’t benefit them they don’t do it. These are the narcissists, they are obsessed with themselves and feel that they are in fact the most important person on the face of the Earth. In Level four people are punished by having to take a razor blade and destroy their own face that they idolize so much, they have to keep slicing at it until they cant even recognize themselves anymore, and once that has happened their face reverts back and they have to repeat the process. There resides two pockets of evil where Elzar and Calculon both have to suffer individual punishments. Elzar suffers by have to create food that looks exactly like him because he is a chef, but with the most vile ingredients in hell, and once he is complete he has to eat the food as though he was eating himself away which is what he did as he complimented himself, he was basically eroding away his soul with narcissism. Calculon suffers by have to smash himself with a hammer distorting his own image until it is unrecognizable to him then he has to liquidate himself and be poured in a mold of his original form so that he can repeat the process of distorting himself over and over again.
  8. 8. Level 5: Deceit Level five is meant for those who trick and deceive others about who they really are, like a spy or under cover agent. They lie to accomplish what they need to do. They are tricksters that will mess with your mind and cause you to believe what they want you to. In level 5 you are punished by have to sneak silently across flaming hot coals and if you make a sound you are eaten by Nibbler and digested in his stomach suffering all of the pain till being excreted by him so you can try sneaking again. People who belong here are Stan Smith, and Stewie Griffin. Nibbler is the ruler of this hell, though like Leela he is here as a guard to make sure that the people are silent because that is how a spy should be silent and if they aren’t he ingests them in one bite causing them to suffer the pain of being digested by his stomach acid.
  9. 9. Level 6: Fraud Level six is meant for those who lie about their profession and act as someone that they are not licensed to be. These people take jobs as doctors, lawyers, or police men though they are not legally certified to be one. They trick others into believing that they are one by lying and creating falsified documents to trick others into believing their story. In level six people are punished by having to be operated on by those who had impersonated a doctor like Dr. John L. Zoidberg, because they don’t actually know how to operate and will cause others serious damage. A person who would belong here is Brian Griffin because he had a job at the New Yorker without a true college degree. Dr. John L Zoidberg is the ruler of this hell because he is a person who impersonated a doctor and serves as one of the people who operates on the people imprisoned on this level. He is know to be a terrible doctor because on many occasions he operates on Fry leaving him worse off then he was before the operation.
  10. 10. Level 7: Theft Level seven is where those who have stolen go. These people take what they want from others whether because they are just mean, getting revenge, or just for the fun of doing it. They take things either to sell them or so that they can have them for themselves and even sometimes just so that others can’t have them. They aren’t all greedy but you can easily say that they are somewhat self obsessed because they usually take things for themselves or because of the consequences of taking the item be it good or bad. In level seven people are punished by having to steal large heavy spine covered objects from a caldron filled with lava. People who would belong here are Snake, Bart Simpson, and Lois Griffin. Bender Bending Rodriguez is the ruler of this hell, he is forced to supervise the prisoners while he cooks horrendous food for those on the third level of hell to eat, due to his terrible sense of taste his food always tastes terrible.
  11. 11. Level 8: Science ruled life Level eight is for those who do nothing but obsess over science and what it can do for them. They don’t care much about God especially not as much as they do about science. They think that science is the most important thing in their life. They believe that if it wasn’t for science they would have no meaning to live. In level eight the people are punished by having everything that they made for science or read on science destroyed before their eyes. They have to witness everything they made be destroyed. Someone who would belong here is professor Frink. Professor Hubert Farnsworth is the ruler of this hell. He is the ruler because he believed in nothing but science and spent his life doing nothing but learn and invent. He suffers his own punishment that has write books about his inventions being useless and completely unnecessary.
  12. 12. Level 9: Killing/Violence Level nine is for those who have killed others in there lives. Those who have done the ultimate sin of taking that which is the most important to someone, life. These people are the worst in hell and they deserve to suffer there punishment. In level nine the people here are punished by getting stabbed repeatedly in random parts of their body by stabbing robots, and they can feel all the pain without ever dying. Some who belongs here are sideshow Bob and Roberto who has his own special punishment where he is attacked from all sides with knives, his favorite weapon, by all those he has killed. The ruler of this hell is the Don Bot. He is responsible for many deaths of robots so he is forced to also be stabbed by stab bots, but he has his own special ones that look like his crew.