Marketing forum reflection paper


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Marketing forum reflection paper

  1. 1. 1MARKETING MANAGEMENTS Justine Andrea C. Paredes MD-MBA 070043 Marketing Forum Individual Requirement October 2010 Self Assessment of Contribution to the Marketing Forum, and Learning. To be able to manage all the tasks required of us this year, all of us in the group had an internal arrangement wherein each of us would be assigned a subject or role we were to be in-charge of for the entire course of Year Level 8. My group mate, Isobelle Ramos, was the one handling Marketing and she was responsible with assigning us specific tasks as the Documentations and Publications committee for the Marketing Forum. Here is a list of my contribution during the BOOST Marketing Forum: 1. Pre-event Tasks: a. Editing and updating the Boost Website including editing the interface, general content, updating the sponsorship materials, revising and updating speakers’ curriculum vitae and background information. b. Regular attendance and inputs during meetings. c. Inviting doctors, nurses, students, friends, and hospital staff to the event together with promoting the event through online social networks. d. Adding insight and feedback on the posters. e. Helping the Logistics Committee in setting-up the Auditorium night prior to the forum. 2. Tasks During the Event: a. Mass text invitation to doctors, nurses, students, friends, and hospital staff. b. Ushering of guests and speakers, together with collecting questions for the speakers during the open-forum. c. Manning the booth at the TMC lobby; directing and taking guests to the Auditorium. d. Distributing materials during the event (brochures, IDs, etc.). e. Presentation of tokens for the speakers. f. Collecting the feedback forms for database summary. 3. Post-event Tasks: a. Clean-up of the Auditorium. b. Transcription of the power point lectures vis-à-vis the audio recording as supplementary reference for the class  Branding of Health by Dr. Tan, and Business and Healthcare by Mr. Villanueva. c. Editing of the Website such as uploading speaker information, audio lecture, and power point files. It was a challenge conceptualizing, planning, implementing, and managing the marketing forum while simultaneously being on duty in the hospital, completing patient case write-ups, passing reports and presentations for the other MBA subjects, and studying for exams, preceptorials, and SGDs. Fortunately, I believe that the over-all turn-out of the forum --- from the set-up, to the program, to the speakers and audience participation, down to the post-event feedbacks and completion of requirements --- was a success! Majority of my learning I actually got during the whole process of producing the forum, and of course from the speakers during the morning session. I learned how to set-up and edit a website, a new skill I can use in other subject areas. Of particular interest for me is the talk of Mr. Villanueva on marketing pharmaceuticals, more specifically on the issue of poverty on healthcare. Although we are always given an overview of the Philippine situation in terms of health, what he spoke of made it more concrete for public health issues were also integrated into the presentation. More so, we even made use of his materials to introduce a documentary we made last month on the availability and access to the immunization program, one of our requirements for our public health elective. Of practical use to us as future practitioners was the talk on Branding of health. This was most helpful for some of us who want to pursue a career in public health given the need of the community we are working with. Having been shown successes of the DOH in marketing their campaigns and knowing how they were able to do it allowed me to gain insight on the possibility of future campaign successes geared toward improving the healthcare delivery system in our country in the future. Some of the other talks were already discussed in class such as the fundamental steps of building a brand by Ms. Molina, and a bit on designing and managing services by Dr. Reyes, which was also the chapter I reported on. In summary, this forum did give me an opportunity to correlate the business side of the healthcare industry with public health perspectives and even personal experiences. There is still a long way to go in completely understanding marketing management due to its vast scope and current minimal application in our lives as medical students. But having a background of the principles and a taste of its contributions in healthcare as shared to us by the speakers gives reality to the concept. Hopefully it gives us an advantage in our future practice of medicine.