SAECULII YK (Tokyo, Japan)Integrated Translation Solutions for the Japanese Market                                        ...
SAECULII YK (Tokyo, Japan)Integrated Translation Solutions for the Japanese Market                                        ...
SAECULII YK (Tokyo, Japan)Integrated Translation Solutions for the Japanese Market                                        ...
SAECULII YK (Tokyo, Japan)Integrated Translation Solutions for the Japanese Market                                        ...
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Japanese Translation Service - Case Study 4


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Japanese translation, localization, web design & development, online marketing and research for online Japanese dictionary: A case study in integrated Japanese translation solutions.

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Japanese Translation Service - Case Study 4

  1. 1. SAECULII YK (Tokyo, Japan)Integrated Translation Solutions for the Japanese Market Case StudyClient: KanjiNetworksURL: SummarySolution: Japanese Translation, Localization, Web When Lawrence J. Howell, owner of KanjiNetworks,Design & Development, Online Marketing and contacted SAECULII Translation Services JapanResearch for Japanese Dictionary (Tokyo) about the possibility of redesigning the KanjiNetworks Online Japanese Kanji Etymology Dictionary website, we immediately realized that:Integrated Japanese •Translation Solutions The nature of the information hosted on KanjiNetworks was entirely unique andIntegrated translation solutions are the extremely valuable.broad range of Japanese language skill • As with so many other online dictionaries,sets, across multiple disciplines, which KanjiNetworks was saddle with the idiosyncrasy (peculiarity) prevalent on thewe bring to bear on your marketing web that information (content) is free,translation projects. Solutions for the regardless of the tremendous amount ofKanjinetworks project include: education, knowledge, skill and resources required to develop that information.Professional Japanese Marketing ResearchProfessional Japanese Online MarketingProfessional Japanese Web & Graphic DesignProfessional Japanese Web DevelopmentProfessional Japanese Translation I highly recommend SAECULII YKProfessional Japanese Localization……………………………………………………… “When seeking artistic and technical assistance for the redesign and databasing of my online dictionary site, an initial consultation with left me impressed by the companys professional manner. After confirming precisely what I wanted to accomplish via the site redesign, the company drew up a thorough and detailed plan for accomplishing my goals, and took a flexible attitude where I suggested amendments. Once we had hammered out a development plan, I was kept informed of developments at every well-defined stage, and all my questions received prompt and full answers. brought this highly complex project to completion on time, within budget, and to my complete satisfaction. For others considering professional assistance for site design or redesign, and especially for those who require technical expertise in multiple languages, I highly recommend SAECULII YK.” Lawrence J. Howell, Site Owner www.kanjinetworks.comPage 1 of 4
  2. 2. SAECULII YK (Tokyo, Japan)Integrated Translation Solutions for the Japanese Market www.saeculii.comIndeed, following a standard free, no obligationconsultation session, it became apparent that, while Lawrence’s knowledge of Japanese Kanjiredesigning KanjiNetworks to create a visually (characters) is practically unrivalled - there arepleasing experience with enhanced functionality for maybe a handful of people in Japan, and beyond,users and increasing traffic through effective SEO that could claim the same breadth and depth of kanji(Search Engine Optimization) was a priority, the real knowledge. We believed that if this truly unique andobjective that Lawrence wanted to accomplish was valuable information resource was packaged andthe development of a Sustained Revenue presented correctly, the revenue potential would beGenerating Model. considerable and enduring (sustainable).Lawrence’s response during the consultation Over the course of a month we explored potentialsession focused on traditional revenue streams revenue models based on research and analysis ofsuch as site membership and sale of Japanese industry related and competitor websites. TheKanji related memorabilia; however, he was “hoping revenue model SAECULII Translation Servicethat SAECULII’s expertise will point out Japan ultimately developed in close cooperationopportunities that have not occurred to me.” with Lawrence was themed Nothing Sells Like Free. That is, while acknowledging the idiosyncrasy prevalent on the web that information is free, the strategy aimed to add value to the unique resource that Lawrence possessed by giving potential customers the ability to customize this information to suit their own (commercial) purposes. The underlying strategy of this Value Added through Customization approach was to expand KanjiNetworks’ target audience beyond the typical “Japanese kanji, online dictionary, free” users to target audiences able to identify, and willing to pay for, commercial opportunities from the re-packaged information on KanjiNetworks. Monetization Two Weeks after Launch Less than 2 weeks after re-launching KanjiNetworks, Lawrence was contacted by a major, “…an initial consultation with independent publisher and distributor based in left me impressed by Boston, Massachusetts (USA) specializing in English and multilingual educational materials about the companys professional Asia. The publisher “expressed interest in a print manner.” version of the KanjiNetworks Online Japanese Kanji Etymology Dictionary.”Nothing Sells Like Free This opportunity presented KanjiNetworks with theThe first step in creating a web solution for potential for an enduring (sustainable) incomeLawrence was the development of a monetization stream in the form of royalties. Since launchingstrategy, a revenue model. This was a particularly in 2004, this was the first realchallenging task given that the primary product opportunity at monetization for KanjiNetworks.offered by KanjiNetworks was information.Page 2 of 4
  3. 3. SAECULII YK (Tokyo, Japan)Integrated Translation Solutions for the Japanese Market www.saeculii.comIntegrated Japanese Translation SolutionsThe web solution implemented by SAECULII Japanese Translation Service was a highlycomplex and challenging project requiring participation by all our service departments except JapaneseInterpretation. “ brought this highly complex project to completion on time, within budget, and to my complete satisfaction.”Japanese Marketing Research Japanese Web & Graphic DesignThrough a comprehensive requirements gathering Industry research provides overwhelming evidenceprocess we were able to identify the real objective that quality graphic web design is a smartthat Lawrence wanted to accomplish in redesigning investment, measurable by ROI (Return onthe KanjiNetworks Online Japanese Kanji Investment). A marketing strategy that does notEtymology Dictionary website - the development of consider quality graphic web design underminesa sustained revenue generating model. sales, brand recognition, and ultimately your bottom line. “After confirming precisely what I A 10 year research ending in 2003 indicates that wanted to accomplish via the site graphic web design-led companies outperformed redesign…” the stock market by a whopping 200%. (Source: Design Council 2004.)Saeculii Marketing Research Services conducted anexhaustive research and analysis of potential Here is how marketing analysis drives our designrevenue models based on industry related and process: Corporate Summary Review, Currentcompetitor websites. Working in close cooperation Sales Path (Process), Unique Selling Propositionwith Lawrence, we developed a revenue model that (USP), Products and Services, Media Marketingtargeted audiences able to identify, and willing to Goals, Target Market (Segment), Leadingpay for, commercial opportunities from the re- Competitor Analysis, and Competitive Advantage(s).packaged information on KanjiNetworks. View the original KanjiNetworks web design on the Way Back MachineJapanese Online MarketingLawrence was surprise when we contacted him witha potential list of search engine keywords for the Japanese Web Developmentredesigned site a few days after the project was The SAECULII approach to website design &initiated, even before any programming. development is a Marketing Driven Customer First Approach. We firmly believe a solution that is notSince search engines generate close to 90% of marketing driven and does not incorporate aInternet traffic and account for 55% of all e- customer first approach at its core, regardless of thecommerce transactions, it stands to reason that web quality of technical and artistic features, will fail totraffic is the life blood of any website - no traffic, achieve its primary purpose – sales conversion ( sales. Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and turning users into paying customers).other online marketing techniques are that essentialto the success and profitability of a website. SAECULII specializes in marketing driven web design & development to engineer websites that areAt SAECULII marketing is not an after thought of the profitable. We focus on 4 areas: marketing analysis,web design & development process: marketing keyword research, web copywriting, customerdefines the very design & development process. oriented web design and development.Page 3 of 4
  4. 4. SAECULII YK (Tokyo, Japan)Integrated Translation Solutions for the Japanese Market www.saeculii.comJapanese Localization All Japanese linguistic professionals who worked onKanjiNetworks is targeted at an English speaking the KanjiNetworks web design & developmentaudience. However, being an Online Japanese Kanji solution are native speakers, have (in some casesEtymology Dictionary, the solution required multiple) master’s degrees, and the subject matterJapanese localization expertise. expertise and software skills unique to this particular project.The KanjiNetworks web design & developmentsolution presented our localization engineers withnumerous challenges. Primarily: “…the vendor must have professional level bilingual English- • Displaying Japanese Kanji (characters) Japanese skills.” alongside English text on the website • Displaying Japanese Kanji in the Mini- Throughout the course of this project, Lawrence has Networks Box (widget) designed to drive relied on our broad expertise and experience as the traffic from third-party websites and boost premier Integrated Japanese Translation Solutions search engine rankings provider to solve a range of issues running up to • Displaying Japanese Kanji in daily emails and following the re-launch of sent out to members around the world, and including training, identifying a new web hosting • Developing database search in both English provider capable of hosting the increased text and Japanese characters. functionality and traffic on, and the copyrighting of the KanjiNetworks database,In addition, SAECULII localization engineers needed amongst work with and advise the KanjiNetworkswebhosting provider on localization issues to ensure Conclusionthe correct technical solutions were provided to Lawrence has generously provided SAECULII with aenable double-byte Asian (Japanese) characters. very powerful recommendation that I hope will convince you of the merits of our services. However, for all those involved in this project, 4 words of that “…especially for those who recommendation carry more weight than all the require technical expertise in others: multiple languages, I highly recommend SAECULII YK.” “…to my complete satisfaction.”Professional Japanese Translation What can SAECULII do for you? You Tell Us.Implementation of the KanjiNetworks web design &development solution required an in-depthunderstanding of the Japanese language andJapanese kanji characters well beyond the levelrequired in professional Japanese translation.We were able to draw on the vast experience and CONTACT English Japanese Translationexpertise of our Japanese translation department. ServicesFrom government, non-profit organizations, and Telephone Number: +81 (0)3 5691 8557academic and research institutions to Fortune 500 Fax Number: +81 (0)3 5691 8557companies in almost every major industry, Email: info@saeculii.comSAECULII has years of solid experience helping URL: japan-translators.saeculii.comclients successfully achieve their objectives in the Address: Number 2-6-6-808 Nishi Arai, Adachi-Ku,Japanese market with quality translation services. Tokyo, Japan 123-0841Page 4 of 4