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How to Properly Display Japanese Swords


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For countless number of antique collectors around the world, Japanese swords are definitely part of the long list. It will never ever be out of sight as it is a one of a kind piece that can absolutely spice up the whole antique collection.

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How to Properly Display Japanese Swords

  1. 1. How to Properly DisplayJapanese Swords
  2. 2. How to Properly Display Japanese Swords
  3. 3. For countless number of antique collectors around the world, Japanese swords are definitely part of the long list. It will neverever be out of sight as it is a one of a kind piecethat can absolutely spice up the whole antiquecollection. Japanese sword is a good piece of art thatcan be displayed around the house, in particularfor people who love to collect and at the sametime, a sword fan. Aside from the swords which are used in thebattle, a protector called chainmail is yet
  4. 4. another great art piece. Itis part of the whole gearthat protects the bodyfrom extremely strongimpact that may comealong the battle. Itabsorbs the shock and pressure one mayencounter. It has a quilted shirt underneath,making it protected all the time. Maintenance isalso extremely easy as it can be repairedanytime, anywhere even in the place of battle. Back with the Japanese swords, do youknow how to display it in your house? Yes, youmay have stunning swords, but if it was notplaced properly, then it may not look good asyou want it to be. Also, it may deteriorate its
  5. 5. usefulness and sharpness. To help you addressthis concern, two tips are listed below. First tip, the edge of the Katana or the longsword, and Wakizashi (short sword) must beplaced upwards. The sword’s curve should befacing downward, not upwards. Most peopletend to place the edge of the sword down whileits curve upwards. Though it looks like an Asianarchitecture and may look good, it is notrecommended and considered incorrect. Why?
  6. 6. This is because if the edge is facing downwards,there would be too much pressure on its bladeon the saya or scabbard. Needless to say, it isdefinitely not a good scenario for the edge. Inaddition to that, it can also be placed on the rackwhere the Samurai may hold the sword. Second, take time to consider the handle.Should it be facing right or left? Well, this willbe based on your own opinion. Where exactlydo you want? It is now your preference. Thereare numerous people who prefer the handle toface the right side as itcan be easily drawn fromits stand. Well, ithas been said that itshows aggression and
  7. 7. practicality. On the other hand, handle facing the left side would mean peacefulness and non- aggression. It is contrary. Still, it will depend onyou and the design of the hardware. Every collector knows that taking care oftheir collection is one important task in theirlives. If it will not be maintained the way itshould be, how will it be able to stay in yourcollection box and live up to its promise to be“antique” if it is not functioning well as it usedto be? With this, people should know the properway to protect it. Maintenance is as important asthe item itself.
  8. 8. Samurai Armor: The History
  9. 9. In the past, warriors bear great responsibility—they are the one to ensure that their countrymen are safe from whatever andwhoever it is that may harm them. Their dutyrequired them to face great danger, encountermany enemies and go through life-threateningexperiences. Even with these risks involved,they still choose to fight for their country andits freedom. Those times, war happens all thetime, people are trying to take over one countryand the others, nations fight for freedom-- purechaos all over the world. These are the times
  10. 10. when the warriors are greatly needed. And theyperform their tasks without fail—but this is ofcourse, with the help of different weapons andprotection. Most people think that only the Romansoldiers are the ones who wear protectivearmors but contrary to this belief, there arewarriors of other countries who use sucharmors too: The Chinese warriors. Their armorsis called Japanese samurai armor. Similar to the armors used in the western countries, the design of Japanese armors also
  11. 11. made use of thedifferent raw materialsthat are readily availablein their country. Theyused whatever it is thatis available at themoment and eventually made developmentsand improvements as time goes by. The first materials used to make the armorsare turtle shells. These shells are arranged insuch a way that they can be used as aprotective clothing against spears and bows.After that, materials such as leather and bronzefollowed suit. This is what distinguishes themfrom the ancient and Western armors because
  12. 12. those kinds of armors are made of steel. However, not all soldiers or warriors areentitled to wear such armor. These protectiveclothing are only made to be worn by soldiersof higher authority. They are the soldiers whorode in chariot and not those foot soldiers. Thisis actually an advantage for foot soldiersbecause armors are very heavy to carry—they
  13. 13. can easily be tired if they carry this when they walk. Can you imagine these soldiers, walking miles and miles, wearing a heavy armor andcarrying swords, such as Katana sword? Eventhe strongest and most fit warrior will surelytire himself to death. Aside from the fact that these armors arealready heavy by itself, they are even furtheredembellished with even more heavy designs.This is to show and exhibit the power andimportance of the person who wears it. Theseembellishments can be seen not only on the
  14. 14. pieces of armor, but also on the shields andhelmets that they carry. Even up to this day, these armors are stillregarded of high value. These are now sold ascollector pieces at very expensive prices. Thereare even a number of museums which showsand exhibits different designs of such armors. If you want to own an armor but you donthave enough money to buy one, you can go forreproductions of such armors that are soldonline at a price of $5000.