Vol.3, Issue 2 (September 2009)


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Vol.3, Issue 2 (September 2009)

  1. 1. QLA Newsletter The Official Publication of Librarians Association of Quezon Province-Lucena, Inc. SEC Reg. No. CN200834450/ TIN 007-201-279 (Formerly Quezon Librarians Association ) Volume 3, Issue 2 September 2009 Revolutionizing Information: A In celebration of its 3rd year Presidential Asst. for Marketing & Seminar- Workshop anniversary, the LAQueP-LInc Promotion of Calayan Educational on IFLA/FAIFE will hold a seminar– workshop on Foundation, Inc. The second part of the Internet Manifesto P.E.A.C.E in Library Management and Revolutionizing Information program will be the Revolutioniz- of IFLA-FAIFE Internet Manifesto The Philippine Librarians ing Information on IFLA- FAIFE Association Inc.-Southern Tagalog at Calayan Educational Internet Manifesto, wherein Ms. Region Librarians Council (PLAI- Foundation, Inc., Lucena City on Audrey G. Anday, Vice- President STRLC) hosts the IFLA-FAIFE Inter- September 11, 2009. It aims to of PLAI- STRLC will discuss the net Manifesto Trainers Workshop stress the importance of personal- Overview of Rationale of the Project in the Philippines 2009 with ity and communication skills of Project of IFLA- FAIFE and the theme: "Revolutioniz ing librarians in the management of Internet Manifesto, Information: A Seminar-Workshop libraries; disseminate and train Implementating the Internet on IFLA-FAIFE Internet Manifesto" on June 25-26, 2009 at La Sallete librarians on the emerging role of Manifesto by Ms. Ivy Rose Y. Retreat House, Biga, Silang, Cavite. Internet in today’s information Atienza, LAQueP-LInc , Laws and Dr. Augusta Rosario A. revolution and also to implement Policies Regulating Intenet Access Villamater was one of the speakers the IFLA-FAIFE Internet Mani- in the Philippines will be and her paper is "How to Write an festo at the provincial al level discussed by Ms. Jenalyn Pancho, Internet Use Policies". Jenalyn Pancho thereby enabling students and its NOMELEC of PLAI- STRLC, and community to become critical Mrs. Augusta Rosario A. thinkers and effective users of Villamater, Treasurer of PLAI- information in all formats and S T R L C an d P re si d en t of media; strengthen librarians’ LAQueP-LInc will be discussing understanding of the library’s the How to Write An Internet b asi c f un cti on s an d h ow Policies. LAQueP-LInc also invite technology has changed these interested book companies to basic functions; and to empower contribute and be part in the the administrators, librarians, celebration of its 3 rd year information professionals and anniversary . Myrna P. Macapia Dir. Augusta Rosario A. Villamater receiving teacher-librarians in conquering certificate of appreciation successfully the library challenges of the 21st century. Theme of the National Book The speakers of the said seminar are Ms. Ma. Criselda P. Week President’s Desk……………………..2 Who can take LLE for 2009…..…….2 Ramo s, Bran c h Marke ti n g Celebration 2009 IFLA/FAIFE Seminar in Pictures.….2 Featured Librarian…………………...3 Manager of the Market Strategic (November 23 –27, 2009) Incoming Seminars…………………..3 Firm of SM Department Store– “ Kaaya– Ayang Magbasa LAQueP-LInc…………………………..4 Lucena, Ms. Mignon Tan, Director, Research &Publication/ sa Kalikasang Kay Ganda”
  2. 2. QLA Newsletter September 2009 1. Bachelor of Science in Education or Elementary From the President’s Desk... Education; or Bachelor of Arts with a major or By Rose A. Villamater specialization at least eighteen (18) units in Library Science; 2. Master of Arts in Library Science or Library and Thank you to all officers and members for Information Science; or the opportunity to give my service and share my 3. Any masteral degree with concentration in Library knowledge in librarianship. Let this newsletter be Science [at least eighteen (18) units].” our tool to inform and reach out. Quezon Librarians Association is now Librarians The effectivity of that application was on March 16, 2006, and based on that section, they were qualified within five Association of Quezon Province-Lucena Inc. (LAQueP-LInc.) (5) years from effectivity and that was on March 16, 2009. It registered under Security and Exchange Commission last only implies that only BLIS and MLIS graduates and takers 2008 with SEC No. SEC Reg. No. CN200834450/ TIN 007- (non-BLIS/MLIS) who failed in the previous years examina- 201-279. tion for librarians can take the 2009 LLE. They (BFL) also regret to announce that they failed to get the extension needed LAQueP-Linc provides insightful activities and to enable new graduates of BSE, BSED and AB majors in LIS innovative ideas for strengthening our membership ties and to take the licensure examination at least for the last time. involvement in the organization of libraries and development of library profession. Exploration and discovery of creative Hope this clarification will put to rest the confusion of skills spark through library tours to the different libraries. who are allowed to take the board exam this coming November For this year, we focused on urgent domestic 10-11 2009. Myrna P. Macapia challenges including the rapid change of technology affecting our libraries. Library automation is set to the Librarians' The 2009 Librarians' Licensure Exams will be held in doorsteps and some libraries who are ready to embrace the Manila, Baguio, Cebu, Davao, Legazpi & technology are assisted by providing infolib software and 10- Zamboanga on 10-11 November 2009. The deadline for knowledge to handle the program through seminars and fora. They are also taught how to engage in its updates through the the filing of applications is 21 October 2009. Good internet. Customer satisfaction serves as the success indicator luck to all who will take the 2009 LLE. to library services. With God’s grace, may we continuously unit to A Seminar- Workshop on IFLA/FAIFE attain our common goals and deepen our commitment to hold tight to have this association prosper. Internet Manifesto in Pictures Happy 3rd anniversary to all! Who can take the Librarians Licensure Examination this 2009? I heard a lot of questions about who can take the LLE this 2009. A lot of us was confuse, some says that November 2009 will be the last chance for the BSE major in LS and other LIS graduates other than the BLIS and MLIS. But based on the talk of Mrs. Elizabeth R. Peralejo, Board for Librarians during our class at the University of Philippines, she stressed out that only repeater and graduates of BLIS, MALIS, MSLIS and MLIS will be allowed to take the 2009 LLE. Fresh graduates of other courses (e.g. BSE Major in Library Science) are no longer allowed. This clarification was based on the Republic Act No. 9246, Article III. Section 15: The Qualifications of Applicants for LLE. Based on this section, ” Graduate of Bachelor’s degree in Library Science and Information Science: Provided, that a holder of Information Science shall be allowed to qualify for application to the Licensure examinations. Provided, further, that within five (5) years from the effectivity of this Act (March 16, 2004), holders of the following degrees shall also be allowed to qualify for application to the licensure examination. 2
  3. 3. QLA Newsletter September 2009 In– Coming Seminars/ Featured Librarian Workshops for 2009 One Resourceful Woman September 17 (MIBF)Public Forum: Digital Debates on By C. Ursolino & W. Tabarina Archives, Museums and Libraries Venue: SMX Convention Center, MOA, Pasay City, Sacred Heart College, Lucena City (8:00am – 12:00noon) Sponsor: PAARL, Inc. does not only boast of its 125th founding anniversary; it takes pride in its long list September 20 of great minds, one of which is by the Service: Learning Techniques in Projecting Good Image of the Library or name Aurora Alcoreza Navela. Office Fondly called as Ma’am Au, Mrs. Sponsor: Ortigas Center Library Navela is a teacher by nature. She took Consortium (OCLC) Inc./ Rizal Technological up bachelor of Science in Education when Venue: SMX Convention Center she was still in college and now pursues a (MOA) post graduate degree, Doctor of September 22-24 Education. Seminar-workshop:“Empowering Library From being a classroom teacher, Users Through Readers Services” Ma’am Au ventured into another career Sponsor: Philippine Public continuously path still closely related to her passion Librarians for the academe. She became a librarian, League Inc., (PPLLI) upgrades her first at the Basic Education Venue: City Travel Hotel Kisad knowledge Department’s Learning Resource Center Road, Baguio City. and skill, and and then at the Higher Education October 1-2 Department’s Instructional Media Center. Seminar-workshop “LIBRARY PLUS on does not WEB-BASED READER SERVICES” forget to share Afterwhich, she was assigned as the Audio Visual Librarian, and with her Sponsor: PNU-LISAA, Inc. these to commitment to excellence and hardwork, Venue: Conference Room Ortigas others. Foundation Library, For the past 10 years Ma’am Au is the Ortigas, Mandaluyong Institutional Coordinator for SHC’s City Library and Audio Visual Services (Head Librarian). October 7-9 Disaster Management in Libraries and Aside from her current functions, Ma’am Au continuously Information Centers: Seminar/Workshop upgrades her knowledge and skill, and does not forget to share these to others. Just last July, she presented her research paper Sponsor: Aquinas University Library in collaboration entitled “Effectiveness of Library Instruction among Basic with the AQ Center for Education Faculty and Students” to the Research & Educational Continuing Education Development Training Institute at the Filamor Christian College in & the National Commission for Culture Roxas City. & the Arts (NCCA) A solid institution such as Sacred Heart College will through its National Committee on Libraries definitely count more years and will surely grow even bigger and & Information Services better, as long as it has people as brilliant as Aurora Alcoreza (NCLIS) Venue: Daragang Magayon Hall. Navela. Turn to page 4 3
  4. 4. QLA Newsletter September 2009 In coming seminars… (Cont’ from page 3) October 7-9 The Librarians Association of Quezon Province- "Meeting the Challenges of Librarianship Across Barriers" Lucena, Inc. (LAQueP-LInc) formerly known as Quezon Li- Sponsor: The Philippine Librarians brarians Association (QLA) is an organization of registered Association Inc. - Southern Tagalog librarians, para-professional librarians and students of Region Librarians Council (PLAI-STRLC) Library and Information Science in the province of Quezon. Venue: Eastern Manila Hotel & Training LAQueP-LInc was formally organized in September 8, 2006 Center (formerly Las Brisas Hotel & Conference Center)Ortigas Ave. and became the 2nd Chapter Member of the PLAI- Southern Extension, Antipolo City, Rizal) Tagalog Region Librarians Council. LAQueP-LInc. is registered under Security and Exchange October 14-16 “Website Design for Library and Information Commission last 2008 with SEC Reg. No. CN200834450/TIN Professionals: an Introductory Course” 007-201-279. Sponsor: The Central Luzon Regions Librarians Council (PLAI) in cooperation with the Holy Angel University QLA Newsletter is the Official Publication of Librarians Venue: 3rd floor University Library, Holy Association of Quezon Province– Lucena, Inc. (LAQueP-LInc) Angel University, Angeles City formerly Quezon Librarians Association (QLA). CPE: The council will apply for 20 CPE credit units for this activity. For article contributions, comments, suggestions and Endorsement from the Commission reactions you may email the editorial board at on Higher Education (CHED) and Department of Education (DepEd) qlanews@yahoo.com. will be sought. To know more about the association join our yahoo group at October 21-23 QLA-PLAI- QLA-PLAI-STRLC@yahoogroups.com . National Conference, Theme: The Power of Convergence: Linking Libraries through Cutting-Edge Library Technolo- gies Venue: UP NISMED Sponsor: PAARL, Inc. Jenalyn A. Pancho October 26-28 Theological Library and Archives Management in a Chang- Editor-In-Chief ing Environment: 16th PTLA Conference MYRNA P. MACAPIA Associate Editor Sponsor: The Philippine Theological Librarians WILFREDO TABARINA Association (PTLA) in partnership with the QLA Newsletter JIMELYN BAUTISTA Editorial Board Foundation for Theological Education in South East Asia (FTE-SEA) JOCELYN VILLANGCA Venue: Philippine Baptist Theological Seminary BERNIE castillo (PBTS), Baguio City. MemberS Miled G. Ibias November 27 AISA C. GARCIA Lecture-Forum with Theme: "Tradition in Transition: Blur- Contributors ring the Boundaries between Librarians and Support Staff” ROSARIO A. VILLAMATER Venue: The National Library; 1:00pm – 5:00pm Adviser Sponsor: PAARL, Inc. 4