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Vol. 2, Issue 3 (December 2008)


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Vol. 2, Issue 3 (December 2008)

  1. 1. QLA NEWSLETTER The Official Publication of Librarians Association of Quezon Province-Lucena, Inc. (LAQueP-LInc) Volume 2, Issue 3 December 2008 Forum on INFOLIB Updates LAQueP- QLA (now LAQueP-LInc) hold a forum on Infolib Updates last December 5, 2008 at the University Libraries Seminar Hall of MSEUF, Lucena City. Augusta Rosario A. Villamater, QLA President and Director of the MSEUF University Libraries gave an opening remarks followed by the introduction of participants by Ivy Rose Y. Atienza, QLA Secretary, the mechanics of the forum by Aurora Navela, QLA Vice-President and Conference Chairman. The speaker of the said forum was Mr. Gerry O. Laroza, Systems Administrator of Ateneo de Manila University, Head of the Computer and Audio Visual Mr. Gerry O. Laroza discussing the installation and procedures of Services of the Rizal Library in Ateneo, and the Infolib during the forum on Infolib at Manuel S. Enverga University creator of Infolib Library and Information Systems Foundation, Lucena City. that is widely used by most of the libraries in Quezon provinces. He discussed and demonstrated the procedures in installation and operation of Infolib. After the forum, questions had been welcomed and answered. Also, free installers of Infolib were distributed to some QLA members. General assembly, Amendments of QLA’s By- Laws and election of executive officers, represen- tatives per district and committee chairmen followed after the forum. Participants were invited to get some books donated by Saint Joseph Academy at the Exhibit room of the MSEUF . (Myrna P. Macapia) Augusta Rosario A. Villamater, President of QLA presiding the By– amendments of By– Laws of the QLA (Quezon Librarians Association) after the forum on Infolib on December 5, 2008 at Enverga University. OFFICERS OF QLA HOLD A SIMPLE CHRISTMAS PARTY QLA officers hold a simple Christmas Party on December 10, 2008 in Apple & Peach at Calmar, Lucena City. The officers also took the opportunity to have oath taking ceremony, meeting and plan- ning for the next activity of QLA (now LAQueP- LInc) for next year 2009. From the President's Desk……….….………………………. p.2 QLA Executive Officers for 2009-2010…………………. p.2 New Librarians of Quezon………………….. ………………. p.2 QLA Members…………………………………………………….. p.3 Some QLA members getting books donated by Saint Joseph Academy after QLA By-Laws……………………………………………………... p.4-5 the forum in Infolib at MSEUF, Lucena City. and more…
  2. 2. QLA NEWSLETTER From the President’s Desk... Librarians Association of Quezon Province – (LAQueP- Lucena Inc. (LAQueP-LInc) By Mrs. Rosario A. Villamater Executive Officers for the 2009-2010 Quezon Librarians Association is two(2) President : AUGUSTA ROSARIO A. VILLAMATER years old. So quick...but what had we Manuel S. Enverga University Foundation accomplished? Lucena City 09175560820 * Much thanks to my co-officers for without Vice President: AURORA A. NAVELA them, all projects for 2008 will not be possible. Sacred Heart College, Lucena City We have successfully provided Quezon 09172771096 * librarians the opportunity to see the different types of libraries Secretary: IVY ROSE Y. ATIENZA in Manila during the library tour and hosted the regional Lucena City Library, Lucena City conference of PLAI-STRLC. Presently, we are on our way to set 09213021519 * our new legal identity for we are applying for SEC registration and Treasurer: MILED G. IBIAS we are still waiting for the approval of our SEC registration with Lucena City Library, Lucena City our legal name Librarians Association of Quezon Province – 09183291194 * Lucena Inc. (LAQueP-LInc). Auditor: ISABEL NOREEN R. RAIRATA Now, let us hold hands together as we face another 2 years of MSEUF, Candelaria 09206013604 * challenges. P.R.O.: JENALYN A. PANCHO KUDOS to Quezon Librarians! Quezon Provincial Library, Lucena City 09178600460 * Congratulations! New Librarians of Quezon District Representatives: 1st District: ALICIA Z. BERROYA Quezon Librarians Association (now LAQueP-LInc) congratulates 5 new West Palale Nat’l High School, Tayabas City librarians of Quezon. They passed the Librarians Licensure Examination given by the Board of Librarians last November 11-12, 2008 at MLQU, Quiapo Manila. They are Janice 2nd District: NILA BLASCO Cayabyab, Sheryl Comintan, Clifford Lagar, Geraldine Mallo, and Isabel Noreen Rairata. Sariaya, Quezon 3rd District: MILDRED U. MEDENILLA Isabel Noreen R. Rairata is a BSBA-Accounting graduate at MSEUF, Lucena City. San Narciso Municipal Library She took 24 units of Professional Subjects of BS Education and 30 units of Library Science. She also took up her Master of Library and Information Science at 4th District: MANUELITA R. VERANGA Baliuag University, Bulacan. Currently, she is the head librarian of MSEUF, Atimonan Municipal Library Candelaria. Lucena City: EULALIA G. ZAPATA Geraldine Mallo is a BEED graduate of MSEUF, Lucena City. She is a former Maryhill College, Lucena City Student Assistant at MSEUF University Libraries. Currently, she is a Periodicals Section librarian of Sacred Heart College, Lucena City. Working Committees: ConferenceCommitee Sheryl Comintan is a BEED graduate of MSEUF, Lucena City. Currently, she is a Marietta Z. Enverga MSEUF, Lucena City librarian of Sariaya Institute, Sariaya,Quezon. Marisel P. Viner Sacred Heart College Marietta C. Nayve Sacred Heart College Members Committee Clifford Lagar is a BSED major in English graduate of MSEUF, Lucena City. Gemma M. Abellanosa Luis Palad National High School, Currently he is a librarian at Saint Anne College Lucena, Incorporated. Tayabas All District Representatives Ways & Means Committee Panfilo C. Talisic Quezon Provincial Library Janice Cayabyab, is a BS in Mass Communication graduate of MSEUF, Lucena Ysobel Escudero Quezon Provincial Library City. She took 18 units of Library Science. Currently, she is the librarian of Ele- Rosalinda Q. Magsino Quezon Provincial Library mentary Library at Calayan Educational Foundation, Inc., Lucena City. Publication Committee Myrna P. Macapia MSEUF, Lucena City QLAns Elected as PLAI-STRLC Officers Wilfredo R. Tabarina Sacred Heart College Mrs. Rosario A. Villamater (QLA’s President and Direcrtor of Jimelyn Bautista Sacred Heart College MSEUF University Libraries) and Ms. Jenalyn Pancho (QLA’s PRO and Librarian from Quezon Provincial Library) are elected as Treasurer and NOMELEC Committee Eulalia G. Zapata Maryhill College NOMELEC respectively for the year 2009– 2010. Together with them is Mrs. Aurora Navela (Vice-President of QLA and Chief Librarian of Sacred Adviser: ISMAELINDA S. CABANA Heart College) as representative of the Quezon Province. Quezon Provincial Library 2
  3. 3. QLA NEWSLETTER Paid QLA Members as of December, 2008 by Miled G. Ibias, QLA Treasurer ABARICIA, Mary Ann N. Quezon Provincial Library ISLETA, Carmencita P. Dolores Central School ABEJO, Lea M. DepED Quezon Library Hub JARUMAHUM, Nida A. St. Anne College, Lucena City ABELLANOSA, Gemma M. Luis Palad National High School, Tayabas City JESALVA, Jonalyn J. Tagkawayan Municipal High School AGUILAR, Zenaida Quezon Provincial Library KAIBIGAN, Ligaya A. Bukal Sur Nat’l High School, Candelaria LABARIÑO, Wenchita R. Baptist Voice Bible College AGUILO, Teresita I. Tulo-Tulo Elem. School, Sariaya LANOT, Mercedita C. DepED Quezon Library Hub ALAYAN, Eleanor B. Amontay National High School, Pitogo LAYUGAN, Nelda Z. Quezon Provincial Library ANDAY, Cynthia F. Alabat Municipal Library LAZONA, Marites R. Calayan Educational Foundation, Inc. APOLINAR, Angelo L. Padre Burgos District LIBRANDA, Baby Lyn P. Alabat Elementary School ATIENZA, Ivy Rose Y. Lucena City Library LLANES, Reynaldo B. Elias Salvador NHS, Agdangan, Quezon BALMES, Sarah Jane Doingawan National High School, Guinyangan MAAÑO, Eric Quezon Provincial Library BERROYA, Alicia Z. West Palale Nat’l High School, Tayabas City MABULAY, Ermilinda R. Sariaya East District BLASURCA, Elena M. Pitogo Central School MACAPIA, Myrna P. MSEUF, Lucena City BONBON, Maria Josefina F. Tagbakan Ila. Elem. School, Catanuan MACATIAG, Anabel D. Quezon Elementary School CABANA, Ismaelinda S. Quezon Provincial Library MAGSINO, Rosalinda Q. Quezon Provincial Library CABATIAN, Jocelyn F. Con. Ibaba, Sariaya, Quezon MAHIYA, MARISA P. MSEUF, Lucena City CALIMLIM, Hazel Marie A. Mulanay Central School MALAYA, Julieta A. Catanauan Central School CALPATURA, Ma. Luisa M. LGU Catanuan, Quezon MANONGSONG, Mina D. Sariaya West District CAPARROS, Veneracion C. LGU Gumaca, Quezon MARANCA, Rolando V. Leonard D. Vera Cruz NHS, Unisan CAPONPON, Editha A. San Isidro Nat’l High School, Gen. Luna MARQUESES, Lea J. Sabang Elem. School, Calauag West Dist. CAPOY, Maridee M. Sta. Lucia Nat’l High School, Guinayangan MEDENILLA, Mildred U. San Narciso Municipal Library CASTILLO, Bernie M. MSEUF San Antonio MENDIOLA, Lilia G. MSEMCAT, Mauban CASTILLO, Mamerta S. Sariaya West, Sariaya, Quezon MENDOZA, Rebecca A. MSEUF, Lucena City CAYABYAB, Janice A. Calayan Educational Foundation, Inc. MOISES, Maila A. Gen. Nakar District CLEOPE, Vilma M. Guinayangan National High School MOJARES, Apolinario R. DepED Quezon Library Hub COLEGIO, Lucila V. Canda Nat’l High School, Sariaya, Quezon MONTES, Carmen S. Atimonan Nat’l Comprehensive High Sch. CORTEZ, Ma. Soledad M. Gumaca National High School MONTEVERDE, Laureano Jr. P. Quezon District CUYA, Mila D. Atimonan Central School NADRES, Rollie Quezon Provincial Library DALUGDOG, Eufemia D. MSEUF, Lucena City NAVELA, Aurora A. Sacred Heart College, Lucena City DELA FUERTA, Buenafe Z. MSEUF, Lucena City NAYVE, Marietta C. Sacred Heart College, Lucena City DE RAMA, Ma. Daisy E. Quezon Provincial Library NOBLE, Christian N. San Roque Ilaya NHS, Calauag, Quezon DUMARAOS, Jun M. Mauban North NORIEL, Nora M. LGU Plaridel, Quezon EDAD, Fhraned B. Lutucan National High School, Sariaya PANAL, Marites Quezonian Educational College ENCINA, Artemio I. Pagbilao Central Elem. School PANCHO, Jenalyn A. Quezon Provincial Library ENGAÑA, Carolina B. MSEUF, Lucena City PANGAN, Romeo S. Quezon Provincial Library ENVERGA, Marietta Z. MSEUF, Lucena City PEREYRA, Leopoldo Catanauan Municipal Library ESCUDERO, YSOBEL Quezon Provincial Library PIELAGO, Rhoderick Quezon Provincial Library ESQUIVEL, Susana F. Gumaca National High School PORTO, Charlyn C. MSEUF, Lucena City FELISMINO, Edita V. Sampaloc I Elementary School, Sariaya RAIRATA, Isabel Noreen R. MSEUF, Candelaria, Quezon FUNTILAR, Melinda T. Mulanay Municipal Library RAMIREZ, Jomelyn Quezon Provincial Library GABRIEL, Jocelyn A. MSEUF, Candelaria, Quezon ROSAS, Roberto Quezon Provincial Library GARATE, Necitas Malusak Elementary School, Atimonan SANTE, Gonzalo Quezon Provincial Library GARCIA, Aisa Calayan Educational Foundation, Inc. SECO, Bernardo Quezon Provincial Library GARCIA, Nerissa C. Tinagonan Iba. National High School TABARINA, Wilfredo R. Sacred Heart College GARIN, Edenia A. Kinagun-an Iba. High School Extension TALISIC, Panfilo C. Quezon Provincial Library GONDA, Perlita C. Unisan National High School TIMBAL, Ria Marelle A. Quezon Provincial Library GRIMALDO, Gerry A. Gumaca West Central VELOZO, Amelia Quezon Provincial Library HERNANDEZ, Virginia Atimonan Central School VERANGA, Manuelita R. Atimonan Municipal Library IBIAS, Miled G. Lucena City Library VILLAMARZO, Maela Eastern Quezon College ILAGAN, Sheryl M. Guis-Guis Talon, Sariaya VILLAMATER, Rosario MSEUF, Lucena City IMPERIAL, Trinidad A. St. Anne College, Lucena City VIÑER, MARISEL P. Sacred Heart College, Lucena City ISLES, Rommel Quezon Provincial Library ZAPATA, EULALIA G. Maryhill College, Lucena City 3
  4. 4. QLA NEWSLETTER CONSTITUTION AND BY - LAWS OF LIBRARIANS ASSOCIATION OF QUEZON PROVINCE-LUCENA INC. (LAQueP-LInc) ARTICLE 1. NAME AND DOMICILE members. They shall hold office for two years after their induction office and SECTION 1. Name until their successor is duly elected and qualified. The name of this organization shall be the Librarians Association of Quezon Province-Lucena Inc. as referred to as the Quezon Librarians SECTION 2. POWERS OF THE BOARD Association and Philippine Librarians Association, Inc.-Region IV- The Executive Board of the Association shall have the powers, prerogatives Southern Tagalog Region Librarians Council- Quezon Chapter (PLAI- and responsibilities inherent in their positions. The powers and duties are as STRLC Quezon Chapter). follows: SECTION 2. DOMICILE A. It shall define the policies and regulate the activities of the Association. The association is a non-stock, non-profit service organization. Its B. It shall exercise the corporate powers of the Association in carrying out business address shall be Quezon Provincial Library, Lucena City the business affairs of the Association. Quezon Province. C. It shall exercise the corporate powers of the Association in carrying out the business affairs of the Association. ARTICLE II. OBJECTIVES D. It shall create such committees as may be necessary to carry out the SECTION 1. SPECIFIC OBJECTIVES functions of the Association. The association which represents the registered and unregistered librarians in different types of libraries in Quezon Province supporting SECTION 3. OFFICERS community research shall have the following objectives: The Executive Board shall elect from among themselves the Officers of the A. To represent the profession of librarianship in Lucena City - Association, namely: President, vice-president, secretary, treasurer, auditor and Quezon Province and to promote professional interests of the public relation officer. members; The past president will be an ex- officio member for 2 years. An B. To promote equitable access to and effective use of recorded ex-officio member will automatically act as an adviser of the association. knowledge in support of education, research, and community service in the libraries of Quezon Province; DUTIES OF OFFICERS C. To develop best practices and standards for the improvement of President, shall be chief executive of the Association and shall preside at the different types of library services and librarianship in the all meetings of the Board. From his assumption of office and for the province of Quezon; duration of his term, the President shall act as the Provincial D. To cooperate with other organizations of similar aims; and, Coordinator of Quezon in PLAI-STRLC. At the Annual Business E. To support and promote the objectives of the Philippine Librarian Meeting, he shall report to the general membership on the general Association, Inc.- Southern Tagalog Region Librarians Council state of the Association. (PLAI-STRLC) Vice-President, shall exercise the powers and perform the functions and ARTICLE III. MEMBERSHIP duties of the President during the absence or inability of the latter to SECTION 1. TYPES OF MEMBERS seat; he shall perform such other functions and duties as assigned to The association shall have the following as members: him by the President and by the Board. Regular Members - are licensed librarians who hold bachelors and/or are majors in library/information science from a university or college, and Secretary, shall attend at all meetings of the Board and keep a record of all currently employed in any type of library found in Quezon Province. the proceedings thereof; prepare and maintain a register of all Associate Members - librarians who are not licensed provide services in committees of their election and/or appointment and perform such the library and are interested in becoming members of the other duties assigned to him by these By-laws, by the President, and Association. Such members may be appointed to committee work by the Board. including chairmanship. Institutional Members - are institutions and/or organizations maintaining Treasurer, shall collect, receive, record, and disburse all funds of the libraries and interested in supporting the purpose and objectives of the Association. However, no disbursement shall be made except over Association. The representative of an institutional member shall be his signature, countersigned by the President or in the absence or designated upon payment of its membership due and shall have the inability of the latter, by the Vice-President, or in the absence or rights and privileges of a regular member provided he meets the inability of both, by the Trustee so designated to act in their stead. He qualifications for regular membership. No more than one shall render reports of receipts and disbursements as required by the representative shall represent an institutional member. Board; assist in the preparation of the annual budget; and perform Honorary Members - shall be conferred by the Board upon such other duties as are assigned to him by these By-laws, by the recommendation of the membership committee to retiree-librarians President, and by the Board. who were former members of the Association and/or have contributed to the librarianship of the Province. They cannot be elected into Auditor, shall audit and examine the receipts of all finances and office. disbursements of the funds of the association, and shall see to it that the disbursements are properly carried out in accordance with these SECTION 2. MEMBERSHIP DUES By-laws, the resolutions of the Board of Directors and the members The annual membership dues for regular and associate members shall of the Association. be one hundred pesos (P100.00), and for institutional members five hundred pesos (P500.00) subject to increase to be determined by the Public Relation Officer, shall take charge of all the preparation and Board. Membership shall cease when dues are not paid but may be publication of press releases of the Association and such other related reinstated upon payment of the same. activities as may be re quested by the President or the Board of Directors to enhance the prestige and growth of the Association. SECTION 3. ADMISSION TO MEMBERSHIP Members shall be admitted by the Boards of Directors upon SECTION 5. EX OFFICIO recommendation of the membership committee. The immediate past president shall serve as ex-officio member of the Executive Board with voting power. ARTICLE IV. BOARD OF TRUSTEES SECTION 1. COMPOSITION OF THE BOARD OF TRUSTEES SECTION 6. ADVISERS The governing body of the Association shall be composed of six (6) The advisers of the association shall as serve as an advisory body to the officers: the President, Voce President, Secretary, Treasurer, Auditor and Executive Board. It shall be composed of the past presidents/ ex-officio Press Relation Officer, all of whom will be elected by the general members/ member chosen by the Board of Trustees by virtue of resolutions who are willing to serve as consultant. They still have voting rights. 4
  5. 5. QLA NEWSLETTER SECTION 7. DISTRICT REPRESENTATIVES SECTION 2. BOARD MEETINGS The Province of Quezon has 4 districts (Districts 1-4) and one (1) City. The Board of Directors shall meet twice in a year at such time and place Due to distance, representatives of each district will represent the group of as may be decided by the Board. Special meetings ma y be called by the professionals, paraprofessionals and others who are directly engaged in President, or upon written request of at least three (3) members of the library and information services either from school, academic, public or Board. special types of libraries. They shall be involved in any activities of the Association and shall also SECTION 3. QUORUM perform such other duties as the President or Board of Trustees may Five (5) members of the board shall constitute a quorum for the official prescribe from time to time. transaction of business and except in such matters in which it may require the affirmative vote of a greater proportion of the members. SECTION 8. TERM OF OFFICE The Board of Trustees shall have a term of two years until their successors SECTION 4. CONDUCT OF MEETING shall have been elected and have assumed office. Re-election shall be When not in conflict with the By-laws, Robert’s Rules of Order, subjected to a maximum, of two (2) terms in continuous succession. (Revised) shall govern the conduct of all meetings. SECTION 9. REMOVAL SECTION 5. MANNER OF VOTATION Any member of the Board of Trustees may be removed for a cause by two- Whenever, in the judgment of the Board of Directors, a question arises thirds vote of the Board, or at least twenty-five voting members of the that should be put to a vote of the members, or cannot be postponed for Association. action at the annual meeting, the Board may refer the question for vote by raising the hand of regular members. The majority rules, ½ plus 1 votes SECTION 10. VACANCIES constitute the majority vote. Whenever by reason of death, incapacity, resignation or removal, a vacancy occurs in the membership of the Board of Directors, the same shall ARTICLE VII. TRANSACTIONS be filled by the members in a regular or special meeting called for that SECTION 1. FUNDS purpose. A director so elected to fill a vacancy shall be elected only for the Funds of the Association comes from the membership fees, annual fees, unexpired term of his predecessor in office. gifts and donations from income generating projects approved by the Board. ARTICLE V. COMMITTEES SECTION 2. REGIONAL COUNCIL FUNDS SECTION 1. STANDING COMMITTEES As the provincial chapter of PLAI-STRLC and in support to its activities The standing committees of the Association are: and projects, a share of 5% in excess of Php 5,000.00 from net income profit will be given to PLAI-STRLC. Conference Committee - to plan the short term programs of activities of the Association ARTICLE VIII. BUSINESS YEAR Membership Committee - to screen applicants for membership, with a The business year of the Association shall be January 1 to December 31. view of categorizing the same, and make suitable recommendation to the Board. ARTICLE IX. AMENDMENTS Ways and means Committee - to recommend measures and undertake the same that would provide for the financial viability of the SECTION 1. Amendments Association. These By-laws may be amended, repealed and adopted by a majority Publication Committee - to take charge of the newsletters and other vote of the members and by a majority vote of the Trustees at any regular publications of the Association. or special meeting called for the purpose. Nominations and election Committee (NOMELEC) - the NOMELEC shall submit to the Board a list of nominees of QLA SECTION 2. RATIFICATION members who have been active for the last three (3) consecutive These By-Laws have been ratified by the majority of the members years at least 3 months before the annual election. It shall prepare during the General Assembly called the purpose. guidelines to conduct the annual election of the Board of Directors, and canvass the poll results, which shall be embodied in a report to Adopted this 5th day of December In 2008 by affirmative vote of the be submitted to the incumbent Board. This committee shall be undersigned election Board of Trustees and undersigned members chaired by a past president with five (5) active members. representing a majority of the members of the Association in a special meeting duly held for the purpose: SECTION 2. AD-HOC COMMITTEES The Board shall create ad hoc committees as it deem necessary. Specially President: Augusta Rosario A. Villamater committees of the Association shall be establishes by the President and Vice President: Aurora A. Navela approved by the Board. These committees shall be responsible to the Board Secretary: Ivy Rose Y. Atienza and shall exercise such powers and functions as the Board may invest in Treasurer: Miled G. Ibias them. The President shall have the power to appoint any active member of Auditor: Isabel Noreen R. Rairata good standing to any committee chairmanship, subject to the approval of the PRO: Jenalyn A. Pancho Board of Trustees. Each committee shall submit to the Board of Directors a Ex-Officio Teresita D.J. Magbag written report of its activities. Additional report may be submitted by the Adviser: Ismaelinda S. Cabana committee as requested by the Board or the President. The chairmen of committees may upon invitation of the Board of District Representatives: Directors attend and participate without the right to vote in the meeting of the Board. District 1 Alicia Z. Berroya Committee chairmen and members may serve for two (2) years. District 2 Nila Blasco District 3 Mildred U. Medenilla ARTICLE VI. MEETINGS District 4 Manuelita R. Veranga Lucena City Eulalia G. Zapata SECTION 1. ANNUAL MEETINGS Annual meetings of the Association shall be held every last Friday of November at the principal office or such time, date, and place as the Board may determine. 5
  6. 6. QLA NEWSLETTER LIBRARIANS ASSOCIATION OF QUEZON-LUCENA INC. PLAI-STRLC 5th Oath taking Ceremonies (LAQueP-LInc) Election Guidelines: PLAI-STRLC will have their 5th Oath taking Ceremony with the theme “STRENGTHENING TIES, S 1. Candidacy is open to all Quezon-Lucena licensed librarians. R EGIONAL L INKAGES & C OOPERATION ” on 2. He/She must be an active member of the association for the January 20, 2009,10:30 A. M. at theAudiovisual Room past two (2) years. 2, 3rd Floor St. Monica Building San Sebastian Colle- 3. The voters must choose six (6) candidates from the listed on ge-Recoletos de Cavite-Main Campus Cavite City. the board. Among the oath takers were President-Marcial R. 4. Ballots will be distributed upon signing the 3rd General Assembly attendance sheet. Batancila of San Sebastian College—Recoletos de Cavite ; 5. While the proceeding is going on, the assigned members of Vice-President—Audrey G. Anday of UP—Open the NOMELEC will collect the filled up ballots. University; Secretary– Rene B. Manlangit of San Pablo 6. Official counting starts when all ballots are submitted. Colleges; Treasurer– Augusta Rosario A. Villamater of 7. The proclaimed six (6) highest votes will convene immediately and elect among themselves the set of provincial Manuel S. Enverga University Foundation, Lucena City; chapter officers (PC) Auditor—Sonia M. Gementiza of Dela Salle University- Dasmariñas; Board of Directors—Lilian C. Rabino of Dela Salle-Lipa and Lourdes V. Soriano of Laguna Provincial Libraries in Quezon Province Using Infolib Library;NOMELEC– Charity R. Mahusay of San Sebastian College-Recoletos De Cavite , Jenalyn A. Pancho of Library Librarian/Principal Quezon Provincial Library and Joyce Pascua of Olivares Calayan Educational Foundation, Inc. Marites R. Lazona College; and House of Delegates—Audrey G. Anday of Lucena City Library Clarissa Vergara UP—Open University, Marcial R. Batancila of San Sebastian College—Recoletos de Cavite and Rene B. Maryhill College Eulalia G. Zapata Manlangit of San Pablo Colleges. (Myrna P. Macapia) Atimonan Municipal Library Manuelita Veranga St. Anne College Trinidad Imperial Our Lady of Mt. Carmel Seminary Arlene Villanueva Quezon National Agricultural School Katrina Avila QLA Newsletter is the Official Publication of Librarians Association of Quezon Province-Lucena, Inc. (LAQueP-LInc). Q.E.C. , Atimonan, Quezon Marissa Villarama For article contributions, comments, suggestions and reac- Our Lady of the Angels Academy Erlita M. Villamiel tions you may email the editorial board at St. John Parochial School Bridgette D. Tubigan To know more about the association join our yahoo group Interglobal College Foundation, Inc. Juliana Escasa at or visit our website QLA-PLAI- Lutucan National High School Fhraned Edad at AINHS Imelda B. Resposo SBCAI Raymond M. Velasco Mauban Municipal Library Julie Ann Cada Jenalyn A. Pancho Polilio Municipal Library Maridel Fabricante Editor-In-Chief Maligaya National High School Ma. Lila Medea Labios MYRNA P. MACAPIA Associate Editor Phil. Tong-Ho Institute Mark Magsadia WILFREDO TABARINA M.S. Enverga Institute-San Antonio Bernie Castillo JIMELYN BAUTISTA QLA Newsletter Tayabas Western Academy Josefina Cedeno Editorial Board JOCELYN GABRIEL Sacred Heart College Aurora Navela BERNIE castillo Infanta National High School Veneracion Fernandez MemberS Miled G. Ibias Baptist Voice Bible College Wench Labino Eulalia g. zapata Bristol Integrated School Carla Carandang Contributors M.S. Enverga High School Myrna Macapia ROSARIO A. VILLAMATER Sariaya Institute Sheryl Comintan Adviser 6