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QLA NEWSLETTER      The Official Publication of Quezon Librarians Association
                                 Volume 1, I...

                                                                                    Quezon Librarians Ass...
Volume 1, Issue 2

                                                      QUEZON LIBRARIANS ASSOCIATION
Paid QLA Members as of 2007                                                     POLLO, Renato L.                SLSU, Taya...
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Vol. 1, Issue 2 (December 2007)


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Published in: Education
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Vol. 1, Issue 2 (December 2007)

  1. 1. QLA NEWSLETTER The Official Publication of Quezon Librarians Association Volume 1, Issue 2 December 2007 QLA celebrates 1st Anniversary QLA celebrates its first Nayve. Infolib software is distrib- founding anniversary by holding a uted before the lecture proper. lecture-forum entitled “The Emi- nent Role of Librarians in Re- M r . F e l ix be rt o M . search Management and Develop- Mercado, Director of Research of ment” on September 14, 2007 at Manuel S. Enverga University the Audio-Visual Room of Sacred Foundation (MSEUF) is the Heart College, Lucena City. Gen- guest-speaker for the said forum. eral assembly and election of ex- He emphasized the impor- ecutive officers and committee tant role of librarians in helping chairmen follows after the forum. the researcher in doing research in a scientific manner and using Mr. Felix Mercado discussing the eminent role of librarians in research management and develop- Mrs. Aurora Navela, SHC the library as a research tool. ment before the participants from different types of libraries in Quezon Province during the Septem- Chief Librarian gave a welcome ber 14 forum at Sacred Heart College, Lucena City. remarks and QLA President Mrs. After the forum is a gen- Quezon Librarians Association (QLA) Teresita DJ. Magbag gave the eral assembly and election of offi- opening remarks followed by the cers for 2007-2008. Distribution Executive Officers for the Year 2008 introduction of participants by Ms. of certificates follows. For com- President ROSARIO A. VILLAMATER Marisel Viner and Ms. Mayeth plete list of executive officers see column 2, for working commit- Manuel S. Enverga University Foundation tees see page 2. Lucena City Congratulations! 09175560820 * Vice President AURORA A. NAVELA New Quezon Librarians Sacred Heart College, Lucena City Quezon Librarians Association congratulates three graduates of 09172771096 * MSEUF and two others from Quezon who passed the Licensure Examination Secretary IVY ROSE Y. ATIENZA for Librarians given by the Board for Librarians last November 26-27, 2007 at Lucena City Library, Lucena City MLQU, Quiapo, Manila. They were Myrna Macapia, Aisa Garcia, Apolinario 09213021519 * Mojares, Jr., Annalisa Platon Del Pilar and Charlyn Porto. Treasurer MILED G. IBIAS Lucena City Library, Lucena City Myrna P. Macapia or “Myrnz” is a BSED Mathematics graduate of MSEUF and took 27 units of Library Science. She is a former student 09183291194 * assistant and foundation grantee at MSEUF Library Complex. Currently Auditor EULALIA G. ZAPATA she is a teacher-librarian at Sariaya Institute. Maryhill College, Lucena City Apolinario R. Mojares, Jr. or “Apol” is a 21 year old BEED 09184494306 * Library Science graduate of MSEUF last March, 2007. P.R.O. JENALYN A. PANCHO Quezon Provincial Library, Lucena City Aisa Garcia is a BSED English graduate with 18 units of Library Science 09178600460 * at MSEUF. She is a former student assistant at MSEUF Library Complex. Council of Elders: MANUELITA R. VERANGA She is now working at Calayan Educational Foundation, Inc.’s college library. Atimonan Municipal Library Atimonan, Quezon Two QLAn elected as PLAI-STRLC officers 09151620204 Mrs. Rosario Villamater (QLA ’s elected president) and Ms. Jenalyn PANFILO C. TALISIC Pancho (QLA’s P.R.O.) are elected as Treasurer and NOMELEC, respectively Quezon Provincial Library, Lucena City during the 4th General Assembly of PLAI– Southern Tagalog Region Librarians 09196451423 * Council held at La Vista Pansol Resort, Brgy. Pansol, Calamba City, Laguna last Ex-Officio TERESITA DJ. MAGBAG October 10, 2007. 09184999160 *
  2. 2. QLA NEWSLETTER Quezon Librarians Association From the President’s Desk... Working Committees for 2007-2008 By Mrs. Teresita DJ. Magbag How time really flies! as if it was only last month when the Conference Committee QLA was conceptualized and organized in September 08, 2006. Marietta Z. Enverga MSEUF, Lucena City To celebrate QLA's founding anniversary, the Executive officers have Aprilyn M. Rodil MSEUF, Lucena City lined up the following activities: 1. A half day forum on " The Eminent Role of Librarians in Research Marites R.Lazona CEFI, Lucena City Management and Development" to be held on September 14, 2007, at Members Committee Sacred Heart College, from 8:00 am to 12:00 noon, with Dr. Felixberto M. Mercado, Director of Research of MSEUF, as the guest speaker. Erlita Villamiel 2. A General Assembly , and Nida Jarumahum St. Anne College Lucena 3. The election of Officers Ma. Theresa Zapanta PUP Lopez In closing, I would like to request your usual 100% attendance and support for this whole day affair. Thank you and see you there. Ways & Means Committee Teresita DJ. Magbag Bong Tabarina Sacred Heart College Carolina B. Engana MSEUF, Lucena City Quezon Librarians Association Sponsored Seminars for 2006-2007 Cynthia F. Anday Alabat Municipal Library September 14, 2007 Publication Committee — Lecture-forum on the “Eminent Role of Librarians in Re- Marisel Viner Sacred Heart College search Management and Development”, Sacred Heart College Audio Visual Room. Myrna P. Macapia Sariaya Institute May 2-3, 2007 Jocelyn Gabriel MSEUF Candelaria — Seminar-Workshop on “Learning and Promoting Services ADHOC Committees in Libraries” , MSEUF Library Complex. Fhraned B. Edad Lutucan Nat’l High School January 18, 2007 Isabel Noreen Rairata MSEUF Candelaria — Forum on “Learning and Organizing Information Re- NOMELEC sources”, MSEUF Library Complex. Mark Magsadia Phil. Tong Ho Institute September 8, 2006 Katrina Alexandra Z. Avila QNAS — Forum on “Librarians and their Accountabilities”, MSEUF Library Complex. VISIT QLA OFFICERS AT WORK Page 2
  3. 3. Volume 1, Issue 2 QUEZON LIBRARIANS ASSOCIATION Financial Report September 2006-August 2007 INCOME: Membership 11,400.00 2006 5,800.00 2007 5,600.00 Conference (September 8, 2006) 22,800.00 Conference (May 2-3, 2007) 52,000.00 C&E Book Co. Donation 2,000.00 Quezon Provincial Government Officials & Employees Multi-Purpose Cooperative Savings Interests 47.14 88,247.14 EXPENSES: Conference 09/08/06 1/18/2007 05/02-03/07 Food/Meals 10,120.00 379.25 22,007.90 Supplies 1,944.75 1 ,101.50 1,074..50 Professional Fee 2,000.00 7,500.00 Janitorial Services 300.00 400.00 Reproduction/Photocopying Expenses 1,370.00 1,981.50 2,190.50 Picture Printing & CR-RW expenses 217.00 366.50 328.50 Mailing/Postage Fee 259.00 299.00 437.00 Token 705.00 764..50 Banner/Streamer 750.00 300.00 Corsage & Lei 300.00 225.00 Transportation Allowance 42.00 ========= ======= ======== 16,210.75 5,882.75 35,239.90 57,333.40 QLA Newsletter 410.00 5% PLAI –STRLC 364.45 176.50 540.95 Reimbursement 8,000.00 PLAI-STRLC Raffle Ticket 900.00 Monthly Meeting Reproduction/Photocopying Expenses 75.50 Merienda/Snacks 2,719.50 Executive Officers & Committees Christmas Party 2,119.50 QLA President’s Farewell Party 600.00 Mailing/Postage Fee 198.00 Telecommunication/PLDT Long Distance 35.00 3,028.00 TOTAL 70,242.35 Remaining Balance 18,004.79 Prepared by: Audited by: (Sgd.) MILED G. IBIAS (Sgd.) MANUELITA R. VERANGA Treasurer Auditor Approved by: (Sgd.) TERESITA DJ MAGBAG President Page 3
  4. 4. Paid QLA Members as of 2007 POLLO, Renato L. SLSU, Tayabas, Quezon RAIRATA, Isabel Noreen R. MSEUF, Candelaria, Quezon ALVANO, Rowena Quezonian Educational College RESPONSO, Imelda B. Alabat Island National High School ANDAY, Cynthia F. Alabat Municipal Library RODIL, Ma. Aprilyn M. MSEUF, Lucena City ATIENZA, Ivy Rose Y. Lucena City Library TIERRA, Resurrreccion G. Candelaria Municipal Library AVELINO, Kristine F. Maryhill College, Lucena City VALDEPENA, Rocelia M. Gumaca Municipal Library AVILA, Katrina Z. QNAS, Pagbilao, Quezon VERANGA, Manuelita R. Atimonan Municipal Library BANTON, Rosita M. Quezon Center Research Studies, Lucena City VERGARA, Clarissa I. Lucena City Library CASTILLO, Bernie M. MSEUF San Antonio VILLALON, Victoria B. Macalelon Municipal Library CAYABYAB, Janice A. Calayan Educational Foundation, Inc., Lucena City VILLAMIEL, Erlita M. Atimonan, Quezon DALUGDOG, Femia D. MSEUF, Lucena City VILLAMARZO, Maela M. Eastern Quezon College, Gumaca, Quezon DEDACE, Jonaldo Manasa, Lucban, Quezon VILLAMATER, Rosario MSEUF, Lucena City DELA FUERTA,Buenafe Z. MSEUF, Lucena City VILLANUEVA, Arlene T. Tumbaga I, Sariaya, Quezon DEODORES, Celedonia V. Calayan Educational Foundation, Inc., Lucena City VILLARAMA, Marissa P. Quezonian Educational College DIMARANAN, Gillian Portia P. Southern Luzon State Univ., Lucban, Quezon VIÑER, MARISEL P. Sacred Heart College, Lucena City DOM-ALAN, Bridgette B. St. John Parochial School, Tiaong, Quezon ZAPANTA, Ma. Theresa M. PUP, Lopez, Quezon EDAD, Fhraned B. Lutucan National High School, Sariaya Quezon ZAPATA, EULALIA G. Maryhill College, Lucena City ENGAÑA, Carolina B. MSEUF, Lucena City ZARACENA, Maridel T. Columbus College, Lucena City ENVERGA, Marietta Z. MSEUF, Lucena City FABRICANTE, Maridel C. Polillo Municipal Library Quezon Librarians Association is a group of FRIAS, Teofista M. SCNHS, Candelaria, Quezon librarians and friends of the library who takes FUNTILAR, Melinda T. Mulanay Municipal Library care of the library, its facilities and collection. They may be licensed/registered or not. To GABRIEL, Jocelyn A. MSEUF, Candelaria, Quezon know more about the group and its member GUCE, Melanie R. Mauban Municipal Library and be part of the group, here’s how to join: HERMOGENES, Marietta C. Unisan Municipal Library 1. You must have a yahoo email address. IBIAS, Miled G. Lucena City Library 2. Visit and IMPERIAL, Trinidad A. St. Anne College, Lucena City search QLA-PLAI-STRLC. JAROMAHUM, Nida A. St. Anne College, Lucena City 3. Click “Join this group” and follow LABARIÑO, Wenchita R. Baptist Voice Bible College, Lucena City instructions. LAZONA, Marites R. Calayan Educational Foundation, Inc. Lucena City LUCIO, Emerita G. Holy Rosary Catholic Church, Lucena City Jenalyn A. Pancho MACAPIA, Myrna R. Sariaya Insitute, Sariaya, Quezon Editor-In-Chief MAGBAG, Teresita DJ MSEUF, Lucena City Myrna M. Macapia QLA Newsletter Associate Editor Editorial Board MAHIYA, Marisa C. MSEUF, Lucena City Nelda Z. Layugan MANGUNDAYAO, Greta A. Southern Luzon State Univ., Lucban, Quezon Member MENDOZA, Rebecca A. MSEUF, Lucena City Miled G. Ibias NAVELA, Aurora A. Sacred Heart College, Lucena City Contributor Aurora Navela NAYVE, Marietta C. Sacred Heart College, Lucena City Technical Adviser PANCHO, Jenalyn A. Quezon Provincial Library Prof. Teresita DJ. Magbag PLACINO, Ma. Ramona P. Southern Luzon State Univ., Lucban, Quezon Adviser