Vol. 1, Issue 1 (September 2007)


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Vol. 1, Issue 1 (September 2007)

  1. 1. QLA NEWSLETTER QLA NEWSLETTER IS THE OFFICIAL PUBLICATION OF QUEZON LIBRARIANS ASSOCIATION Vol. 1, Issue 1 September 2007 Inside this issue: From the President’s Desk… p.2 Forum on Learning and Organizing Information Resources… p.2 Literary p.3 QLAn 1st Prize in Ticket Raffle p.4 QLA 2007 Induction of Officers Quezon Librarians Association is a group of librarians and friends of the library who takes care of the library, its facilities and collection. They may be licensed/ registered or not. The photo was taken last January 18, 2007 during a one-day The Quezon Librarians Association forum held at MSEUF Library Complex. officers were inducted into office last January 18, 2007 after the ‘’Forum on Learning and Organizing Information Re- Quezon Librarians Association is Born sources’’ at the Library Complex, MSEUF, Lucena City. Inducting officer Inspired by Cavite Librarians Associa- There are 57 participants was PLAI-STRLC President Ms. Jane tion (CLASS) , Mrs. Ismaelinda S.Cabana and Mrs. Rosario A. Villamater had from different libraries of Lantaca-Bebeng. This activity was in co- Quezon. Out of 57 partici- operation with Manuel S. Enverga Uni- sparked interest to organize the Associa- pant, 15 are registered li- versity Foundation (MSEU) and was at- tion of Librarians in Quezon. The Asso- brarians. tended by round 40 librarians and library ciation was created before the Regional Conference and General Assembly to After the forum, Quezon staff from all over Quezon Province. provide provincial representation. Sep- Librarians Association (QLA) tember 8th, 2006 was the day. Invitations is born. A Proposed by Law The inducted officers were: President: were distributed to all types of library, was ratified and officers Mrs. Teresita DJ. Magbag, Vice- private and government alike. were elected. Working Com- President: Mrs. Eulalia G. Zapata, Secre- mittee Chairmen were also tary: Ms. Ivy Rose Y. Atienza, Treasurer: To encourage librarians and unregis- tered librarians to attend the creation of elected. The working com- Mrs. Miled Ibias, Auditor: Ms. Manuelita mittees are Membership, R. Veranga, P.R.O.: Jenalyn A. Pancho the association and election of its offi- Conference, Ways & Means, and Council of Elders: Mrs. Aurora Na- cers, a forum was set and the theme Publication and Nomelec. vela and Mrs. Fhraned B. Edad. (Myrna ‘’Librarians and their Accountabilities’’ (Ivy Rose Y. Atienza) was established. The forum aimed to Macapia) enlighten some issues on accountabilities of librarians. During the morning session, two speakers presented their papers on ‘’Accountabilities of Librarians’’, Mrs. Teresita DJ. Magbag, Director of Enverga University for Academic Libraries and Mrs. Ismaelinda S. Cabana, Quezon Pro- vincial Librarian for Public Libraries. (From left: Ms. Jane L. Bebeng (inducting officer), Teresita DJ. Magbag (Pres.), Eulalia G. Zapata (Vice-Pres.), Ivy Rose Y. Atienza (Sec.), Miled G. Ibias (Treas.), Manuelita R. Veranga (Aud.), Jenalyn A. Pancho (P.R.O.), Aurora Navela and Fhraned B. Edad (Council of Elders) with PLAI- STRLC Treasurer Rosario A. Villamater at the back.)
  2. 2. Page 2 QLA NEWSLETTER From the President’s Desk... Greetings! To be able to unite the Librarians of Quezon and organize an Association, PLAI-ST RLC thru the initiative of their Treasurer, Mrs. Rose Villamater, a forum on “Accountabilities of Librarians” was held last September 8, 2006 at the Library Seminar Hall of the Library Complex, with me and Mrs. Ismaelinda Cabana as the speak- ers. After the forum, the organization of the Quezon Librarians Association (QLA) started and followed by the election of the first set of officers. Since I am not a Quezonian, I headed for home (Pampanga). To my sur- prise, after about 30 minutes, I received text messages congratulating me as the elected President. In other words, I was elected “in absentia!” T hanks (or no thanks?) to Mr. Panfilo Talisic who nominated me after as- suring that it is okay even if I am not around. Since I was “cornered,” I just raised my two hands (in surrender) and said “Ok, let us see how I can help the librarians of Quezon.” And as President, I would like to make an appeal that we all unite together and see how we can help each other, in the spirit of librarianship. God bless us all! Teresita DJ. Magbag Forum on Learning and Organizing Information Resources held at Enverga University ‘’Learning and Organizing Informa- There were two topics having dis- tion Resources,’’ a theme for a one- cussed in the said forum. The first one day forum sponsored by MSEUF’s was about Effective Library Automa- Center for Promotions PR and Special tion Services by Ms. Ivy Rose Y. Events headed by Ms. Mignon Tan Atienza, Librarian from Lucena City held at the Library Complex, MSEUF, Library. She discussed the importance Lucena City on January 18, 2007. of Library Automation in any libraries, QLA members attended the forum. whether it is a public, academic, spe- Director Teresita DJ. Magbag of cial or school library . She also pointed MSEUF Libraries welcomed all the out on how to use the Follet Software, participants by citing a verse from the the software being used by MSEUF Bible, ’’In making books, there is no Library. end.’’ It only means that creating On the other hand, Prof. Elvin R. books are forever. It was followed by Ventucillo, Assistant Chief Librarian of a message from Madame Jasmin Baliuag University, discussed Basic Enverga, Vice President for Adminis- Cataloging where he stressed that trative affairs of MSEUF, who pointed cataloging was the main problem be- out that library is the key to the mind ing encountered by some librarians of young people where you can up- nowadays. grade, update, and learn more and more. She also pointed out the impor- The said activity was part of the tance of library in any institutions. 60th foundation anniversary celebra- tion of MSEUF. (Myrna Macapia) Seminar-Workshop Photos
  3. 3. VOL. 1, ISSUE 1 Page 3 The Author ‘’The library is not a shrine for the M. Macapia worship of books. It is not a temple I’ve been the author where literary incense must be burned or where one’s devotion to the bound Of many unknown lives book is expressed in ritual. A library, to Wherein only the pages modify the famous metaphor of Of the btook feel my sighs Socrates, should be the delivery room Where I only the author for the birth of ideas—a place where Can speak with my phrases and lines. history comes to life.’’ - Norman Cousins - I am the author “To catch the reader's attention, place an interesting sentence or quote f rom the story here.” Who nobody knows I am the author Just a Glimpse… Who’s only known By Mrs. Lally Garay-Zapata By the pen in my hands. Working in a library is not an ordinary task as what others perceived but rather a very com- I am the author plicated one once you get into the profession. To be a licensed librarian, one should pass Of an epic never knew first a two-day examination board for librarians and process the papers at the office of the Philip- Of a tale never heard pine Regulatory Commission. And once you are al- ready on the job, here come the many facets and Of a book never showed realities far from the ideals you have learned from the school. I am the author Works in the library never finished, and is Author unnoticed... varied from a day to day experience with a clien- tele, it is fulfilling if we learn to prioritize tasks and stay organized, and the works with “dangling ends” will not seem so overwhelming. Librarians have four primary responsibilities: teacher, instructional partner, information specialist, and program administrator. But one of the most formidable bar- riers that a librarianship face is feeling alone while at the same time, needing to tackle this multiple responsibilities. One reason of this feeling of isolation is maybe there is only one librarian in the department and has no support staff. With this sce- nario, it seems impossible for a librarian to achieve the important job performance goal of achievement. There was a finding in a certain study that the library helps in the academic achievement of the students’ performance in school. Trough the ‘’The librarian is culture’s highest programs of the libraries, and the expertise of librarian, offer students an array of skills interpreneur. Upon his shoulder rests that classroom teachers may not be able to pro- the great responsibility of enabling vide. These skills go beyond the daily curricu- lum and provide motivation, creativity, and a professional scholars and as chance for students to blossom. common citizens alike to have It is always the lament of some librarians access to the mind and memory of that they were left behind because of some cost cutting and other priorities of the administra- the human race as enshrined in the tors, that the feeling of isolation in the advo- cacy of improving the library is very evident. books that are the stuff of libraries. But still there is hope that someday, they will Thus only may we learn truly, to live give the library priorities to help our students achieve in their academic performance. today and build as well as for tomorrow.’’ - Mangahas -
  4. 4. MAIDEN ISSUE QLA NEWSLETTER MAY 2007 PLAN OF ACTIVITIES FOR 2006-2007 EXECUTIVE OFFICERS FOR 2006-2007 September 8, 2006- Forum on “Accountabilities of President - TERESITA DJ. MAGBAG Librarians”, MSEUF, Lucena City Enverga University January 18, 2007 - Forum on “Learning and Vice-President - EULALIA M. ZAPATA Organizing Information Resources” Maryhill College MSEUF, Lucena City Secretary - IVY ROSE Y. ATIENZA May 2 & 3, 2007 - Seminar-workshop on “Learning Lucena City Library and Promoting Services in Libraries” MSEUF, Lucena City Treasurer - MILED G. IBIAS October 2007 - Library Tour Lucena City Library December 2007 - Book Mobile Auditor - MANUELITA R. VERANGA Atimonan Municipal Library st QLAn, 1 Prize in PLAI-STRLC Ticket Raffle P.R.O. - JENALYN A. PANCHO The lucky QLA Treasurer, Mrs. Miled G. Ibias of Lu- Quezon Provincial Library cena City Library won the 1st Prize in PLAI-STRLC Raffle for A Council of Elders Cause held at Letran-Calamba last January 17, 2007. Below is the complete list of ticket winners: AURORA A. NAVELA Sacred Heart College 1st Prize -Miled Ibias -Quezon Librarians Association FHRANED B. EDAD P5,000.00 #6559 Lutucan National High School 2nd Prize -Marites Flores -Laguna Provincial Library P3,000.00 #0076 WORKING COMMITTEES rd 3 Prize -EDCA Publishingc/o Lertran-Calamba Conference Committee P1,000.00 #1505 Chairperson: Marietta Z. Enverga Consolation Prize - P500.00 Members: Panfilo C. Talisic 1. Kenth Arney Guevarra - San Pablo College - #4114 Rowena V. Alvano 2. Maurice Jose Alcantara - UPLB Laguna - #8112 Emerita Lucio Trinidad A. Imperial QLA Newsletter is the official publication of the Quezon Li- Membership Committee brarians Association. For articles, comments, suggestions and feedbacks, send it to QLA-PLAI-STRLC@yahoogroups.com. Chairperson: Aprilyn M. Rodil Members: Marites R. Lazona Cynthia Anday QLA Newsletter Ways & Means Editorial Board Chairperson: Isabel Noreen R. Rairata Members: Bernie M. Castillo Jenalyn A. Pancho Jocelyn Gabriel Editor-In-Chief Publication Myrna P. Macapia Chairperson: Myrna P. Macapia Associate Editor Members: Nelda Layugan Ivy Rose Y. Atienza Nomelec Eulalia M. Zapata Chairperson: Carolina B. Engana Contributors Aurora Navela Technical Adviser Visit and join our group at: Prof. Teresita DJ. Magbag QLA-PLAI-STRLC@yahoogroups.com Adviser