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My Grade 5 Year Book


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Published in: Technology, Sports
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My Grade 5 Year Book

  1. 1. My grade 5 year book By JS
  2. 2. September I started the school year and we had a soccer game on the playground at recess
  3. 3. October In October we did our Terry fox walk and donation were collected. We had a Halloween party
  4. 4. November Our first Report cards came out. We had Bake Bingo and Book Fair.
  5. 5. December We had our Christmas concert We went on Christmas vacation
  6. 6. January We had hockey We had a couple storm days and missed school
  7. 7. February We gave away valentines cards The skills class sold cookies
  8. 8. March We seen if it came in as a lion or a lamb We went to hockey games
  9. 9. April We practiced badminton I feed my cats milk so they would get bigger
  10. 10. May The Stanley Cup playoffs continued We did our Historical projects
  11. 11. June Our last book report We had a supper at the museum
  12. 12. Thank you for watching!!!!