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Enhance Your ELA Classroom Using Technology


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Technology can be infused at any age. These are projects which use software available at most schools - PowerPoint, Kidspiration and Inspiration.

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Enhance Your ELA Classroom Using Technology

  1. 1. Enhance your ELA Classroom with Technology Janis Williams Southwest Horizon S.D. [email_address]
  2. 2. Complete a survey at the following URL Join us in the Enhancing Technology in your ELA Classroom chatroom
  3. 3. Introduction What is Literacy with Information with Communication and Technology encouraging? Nine Big Ideas Plan and Question Gather and Make Sense Produce to Show Understanding Communicate Reflect Ethics and Responsibility Social Implications Collaboration Motivation and Confidence
  4. 4. 10:15 – 11: 15 Complete survey Using PowerPoint to promote ICT in your classroom T-Shirt, Twisted Acrostic, Tips and Tricks, Postcard, Glyph, Fact Flipper 10 minute break 11:25 – 12:25 Review results of the survey Using Inspiration to promote ICT in your classroom Category Corners, Two Minute Challenge, I Would Like to Invent PowerPoint All About Me Collage Greeting Card Conclusion Agenda David Abernathy Courage
  5. 5. Using PowerPoint in your classroom I’m T-rrific! Tips and Tricks with PowerPoint and Google Manipulating Graphics Google to Find PowerPoint Files Google Tips and Tricks Acrostic Poem Create a Postcard Pizza Glyph Flipbook – Riddle Flipper Clever Use of PowerPoint
  6. 6. Using Inspiration / Kidspiration in your Classroom Category Corners Two Minute Challenge I Would Like to Invent… Inspiration to PowerPoint Survey Results – Use Google Forms to collect data Brainstorm ideas
  7. 7. One last look @ PowerPoint All About Me Collage Greeting Card
  8. 8. Spelling City Online Stop Watch The Newspaper Clipping Generator Tiny URL Wacky Web Tales – Online Madlibs Interactive Stories Storyline Online Read-Write-Think Tammy’s Technology Tips
  9. 9. Demonstrates critical thinking with ICT Demonstrates creative thinking with ICT Demonstrates responsibility and ethics with ICT