2 D Animation Byte 2009 Presentation


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An overview of a 2D Animation course

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  • A fun course, that allows students to experiment in creative ways with the computer.
  • 2 D Animation Byte 2009 Presentation

    1. 1. Senior Years – ICT Course 2D Animation 35S .5 credit The purpose of the course is to provide students with the skills and knowledge to create two-dimensional animations. Janis Williams Southwest Horizon School Division [email_address] Adventures in 2D Animation
    2. 3. What is 2D Animation? Discuss their experience with cartoons, Saturday morning cartoons, Disney cartoons. Do they have a favourite? Have they ever tried to draw a cartoon? NFB video Title: Animando, Director:  Marcos Magalhães, Year: 1987
    3. 4. History of Animation How you would animate a picture manually or with simple materials Introduce Flipbook and Thaumatrope Persistence of Vision recognizing how this effects these tools Project 1 Create a Flipbook Create a Thaumatrope
    4. 5. Digital Flipbooks After drawing your own flipbook, experiment with effective digital flipbooks. We will look at two options: Animoto and Pivot Stickman. Animoto : Instructor will signup for an educational login , allowing full access to all features . . Example
    5. 6. Pivot Stickman : this is a free download for PC computers, great tool to use stickmen to practise walking, showing emotion, and thinking about a simple storyline. Workout The Wave Playground Fun Basketball Ozzie Band Pivot Stickman
    6. 7. Are you an Artist? Students are asked to draw cartoons.. Students are asked to draw an illustration on the computer. Computer Art Computer Art Computer Art
    7. 8. Storyboarding The Art of Storyboarding Storyboarding Pre-production of videos Online Storyboard Web Links on Storyboarding:
    8. 9. Creating Animations Using PowerPoint Four types of animation available in PowerPoint : Custom Animation, Keyframe Animation, Keyframe with Sprite Animation, Flash Once Animation. TILT – Multimedia Animation with PowerPoint Multimedia Animation PPT PowerPoint Animation Josh Anthony
    9. 10. Students can create games, stories, animations, add sound and music using blocks with different attributes to build their project. Open Scratch Trampoline Starfish Dance Dance Kitty Bat Buffet Parrot Animation Drums Animating with Scratch Scratch Intro Video
    10. 11. Open Sqirlz Morph Morph and Warp Morph an object through distortion or deformation Jess_Scott Morph Wolf_Cat Animated Morph Neil Young_Warp
    11. 12. Animated Gifs / Avi Open Artoonix
    12. 14. Stop Motion Animation Practise Activity Monty Python Soccer Flying on Air Hockey Clay Video
    13. 15. Using any of/or a combination of animation techniques discussed in this course to make an animated gif or movie. Extra consideration will be given for demonstrating a concept from another course. Final Project Cowboy Country