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  1. 1. The Moore Insider Enhancing Environments Since 1948™Spring Newsletter Qualified. Experienced. Dependable. Get Moore! 1869 Techny Road Northbrook, IL 60062-5450 P 847 564-9393 F 847 564-9080 www.moorelandscapes.com
  2. 2. Painting with Pansies Receives National Award Every year the Chicago Park District and Moore Landscapes collaborate on new designs for floral beds. The spring 2008 theme for the Logan Monument beds along Michigan Avenue was inspired by the 1960s-70s psychedelic artist, Peter Max. Our interpretations featured a yin-yang design, LOVE, and moon and stars. It also caught the attention of PLANET, a national association of landscape professionals, who awarded their highest Grand Award for Environmental Improvement to this unique entry.Sustainability – What Does it Really Mean? “The real voyage of discovery isn’t seeking new landscapes, but having new eyes.” - Marcel Proust Sustainability heralds an era of new thinking focused on the bigger picture, not just its components. In a nutshell, it states that whatever actions we take today to meet our needs will not compromise the next generation’s ability to meet their needs. Moore Landscapes is becoming actively involved in the Sustainable Sites Initiative. This consists of guidelines that the U.S. Green Building Council plans to incorporate into the LEED Program, focused on landscape practices that support climate regulation, clean air and water, and improving the quality of life for each community. The City of Chicago has adopted such goals into their Chicago Climate Action Plan. Economic value is now being measured for sustainable landscaping: • In Chicago, urban trees filter an estimated 6,000 tons of air pollutants each year, valued at $9.2 million. • In New York City, urban trees are credited with intercepting 890 million gallons of rainwater each year, saving the city $35 million annually in storm water management, and providing $27.8 million in annual energy savings from cooling benefits through shading (or about $50 a year per tree). As we move forward, Moore Landscapes will offer guidance to each of our clients to identify ways to increase their landscapes’ sustainable benefits and value, resulting in lowered long-term energy and Sustainable choices must provide economic value to be truly sustainable. economic expenses.
  3. 3. Moore Landscapes Captures the Gold Moore Landscapes received the ILCA Gold Award for Landscape Maintenance at 425/475 Woodfield Corporate Center. This accounts for our 29th landscape award! Our work at 425/475 Woodfield Corporate Center has been a welcome challenge for Moore Landscapes for over 18 years. We’ve truly enjoyed improving the quality of life for the tenants and surrounding community. We’re very proud of the team effort that took place in winning this award, because achieving excellence really does take a team effort. Moore Landscapes would like to thank our team members who are responsible for this distinct honor: Management, Maintenance & Enhancement Teams: Management Team: Enhancement Team: Bill Parker - Regional Vice President Sergio Custodio - Foreman of Maintenance Alberto Custodio – Crew Member Nancy Hanson - Account Executive Cicilio Paramo – Crew Member Rudy Muro - Service Leader Miguel Paramo – Crew Member Diego Martell – Crew Member Maintenance Team: Dionisio Muro – Foreman Rogelio Juarez – Crew Member Jesus Romero – Crew Member J. Julian Romero Zavala – Crew Member In Memory of Mike Stefanski In this Employee Spotlight section of our newsletter, we recently praised our Fleet Manager, Michael Stefanski. I’m sad to say that Mike is no longer with us. He passed away in early February. In one way or another Mike touched every single employee at Moore by supplying our crews with clean, safe and dependable equipment. Mike was a man with character, and at times he was a character, but I imply that in a complimentary way. He had some fun on the job, but at the same time he was extremely loyal. The company and the equipment always came first. The phrase “company man” certainly comes to mind. As long as I’ve been involved with the company, I have always been involved in some form or another with our repair shop operations. In speaking of character and loyalty, I was trying to think back to another shop technician over our company’s history who could compare to Mike in terms of these qualities. I had to go all the way back to a mechanic named Benson who worked for my father back in the early 70s. Having to go back more than 30 years to find a comparison, well…I’m not sure if I could come up with a higher tribute to Mike Stefanski than that. I can safely say that I speak for everyone here at Moore – Mike, you will truly be missed. – Eric Moore
  4. 4. Winterkill of Trees and Turf Winter can be a tough time for your landscaping. Even with the best of care, winter weather can take its toll on plant materials. Winter lasts just as long as summer does, and can do just as much damage. Here are a few signs we look out for regarding winter-related problems in your landscape. Trees • Broken branches from winds or snow and ice build-up • Discolored branches • Animal damage Turf • Salt and snow plow damage • Snow mold • Animal damage Your Moore Landscapes Account Executive will be calling to schedule an early-season inspection of your property. Solutions to these issues will be just a part of the early inspection. Snow mold Rabbit damage Someone You Should Know Jan Wemple Jan Wemple, Sales/Design Consultant, is a graduate of Marygrove College in Detroit with a degree in Economics/Business. She has extensive sales, client THINK service and sales management experience in delivering business-to-business services. Her primary function at Moore Landscapes is developing new commercial accounts, assisting in marketing, coordinating corresponding estimating and GREEN! proposal activities, and maintaining the client quality relationship with project managers as contracts are awarded. Jan is a member of the Building Owners and Managers Association (BOMA) and was named the Associate Member of the Year in 2008. She has been a cheerleader for BOMA/Suburban Chicago and for the value of membership and participation. She chairs BOMA/Suburban Chicago’s Membership Committee. Jan is also a member of the International Facility Management Association and is a Board Member with Volo Bog. Enhancing Environments Since 1948™ 1869 Techny Road Northbrook, IL 60062-5450 P 847 564-9393 F 847 564-9080 www.moorelandscapes.com