King Treble Clef


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King Treble Clef

  1. 1. Once upon a time there lived a very evil king. His name was King Treble Clef, because his body looked a lot like a treble clef...
  2. 2. He made a person live on each bar to protect him. They could move on their bars, but could not visit each other. King Treble Clef ruled THE LAND OF STAFF. It was surrounded by a fence made of 5 bars. E G B D F
  3. 3. Because King Treble Clef was very mean, he wouldn’t let them have real names, only letter names. He called them E, G, B, D, and F, after his favorite foods. E G B D F
  4. 4. His favorite foods were Eggplant, Grits, Bologna, Doughnuts and French Fries! E G B D F
  5. 5. He would never let them leave the fence for anything!!! So, E G B D and F had to stay on those bars forever! E G B D F
  6. 6. And they are still there even today! E G B D F
  7. 7. But then something amazing happened. One day, King Treble Clef overheard his people talking about how mean he was. It hurt his feelings, so he decided to change. He wanted to try being a nice king. No one could believe it! Everyone was overjoyed!
  8. 8. He decided to let them leave the fence for one day to go shopping! He even gave them each some money to spend!
  9. 9. E G D F B However, there was nowhere to shop in the Land of Staff, so in between where E G B D and F lived, King Treble Clef hired someone to build a 4 story mall!
  10. 10. E G D F B On the first floor he built a food store, with every food you could ever want to buy! F
  11. 11. E G D F B On the second floor he built an animal store, with every animal you could ever want to buy! F A
  12. 12. E G D F B On the third floor he built a candy store, with every kind of candy you could ever want to buy! F A C
  13. 13. E G D F B On the fourth floor he built the everything else store, with everything else you could ever want to buy! F A C E
  14. 14. E G B D and F went shopping all day and spent all their money. When it was time to go back to their spots on the fence, they forgot the way!
  15. 15. King Treble Clef wanted his people to come home safely. He gave them a silly sentence to help them remember the way home. Can you help them find the way home? Even George Bush Drives Fast
  16. 16. F A C E E G B D F
  17. 17. Great!! Now, do you remember where the stores go? F A C E
  18. 18. King Treble Clef noticed that his mall spelled the word FACE. So he named it the FACE MALL. He liked that because it reminded him of his handsome face! F A C E
  19. 19. King Treble Clef liked being a nice king so much that he decided to be nice one day a year! F A C E E G B D F
  20. 20. ……… But all the other days he was back to his old self. F A C E E G B D F
  21. 21. And they all lived miserably ever after. F A C E E G B D F
  22. 22. THE END!!!!