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Ems Productivity Improvement Apr 07


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Practical actions done to reduce electronic manufacturers\' operating cost.

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Ems Productivity Improvement Apr 07

  1. 1. Productivity Improvement Plan Year 2007, Q3 Prepared: Jansen Cheng (Manufacturing Engineering Manager)Review: P.C. Yeung ( Sr. Operation Manager )
  2. 2. Content–manpower reduction● 1. Production line change to Stand up operation● 2. Step up stencil● 3. Recycle solder bar● 4. FFC cable hand soldering● 5. Component Preform automation● 6. Outsource reduction● 7. Electricity expense
  3. 3. Content● 8. Standard time improvement● 9. Inspection headcount● 10. Floor space allocated ● Attached files : Details of this presentation please ref to the attached file:manpower reduction 20070413.xls
  4. 4. Production line change to Stand upOperators are stand up to work,efficiency is increased by 5.7 % and upto 20% in some case.Floor space is increased by reclamation. Preform lines
  5. 5. Production line change to Stand upAlready implemented in Manual insertion,WS and packaging lines, and most of thePreform lines. Manual insertion WS to packaging
  6. 6. Production line change to Stand up● Nine of fourteen lines will change to Stand up operation before Jun.2007.● Totally reduce 40 operators● Responsible : M.E. Dept.
  7. 7. Step up stencilUse "Step up stencil" to add extraglue to the IC location. The “hand-add-glue” operator is saved. 通过开设向 上孔洞, 可以增加选 定元件 的 red glue 用量。 Before change New Step up stencil
  8. 8. Step up stencil ● Affected 14 lines by reduce one operator per SMT line. ● Totally reduce 28 operators. Complete before May.31. ● Responsible : M.E. Dept.
  9. 9. Recycle solder bar● Using Recycle machine to regenerate solder bar● Saving is 7 % of monthly solder consumption ● Countermeasure to rising price ofSAC305 solder
  10. 10. Recycle solder bar - RoHSCompliance Test● The sample will also be subjected to RoHS compliance testing using XRF analyzer in our QRS Lab.● Responsible : QA
  11. 11. FFC cable hand soldering● Replace hand soldering process by Heat seal machine to solder FFC.● Total reduce 22 operators.● Complete date: Jul.2007● Responsible: M.E. dept. Heat seal machine
  12. 12. Component Preform automation● Hand cutting lead change to machine cutting.● Two operators is saved. Affected 6 lines.● Responsible: PIE dept.
  13. 13. Outsource reduction ● Add new Auto-insertion line inProduction and reduce outsourceequivalent line equals to 2 lines.● Complete by: Apr.07● Responsible: M.E. dept.
  14. 14. Electricity expense● Use city electricity to replace power generator in-house. The electricity cost is reduced.● Responsible: PTE dept
  15. 15. Standard time improvement● Work with CEE to improve std time.● Continuous improvement by regular review of std time.● Responsile: CEE, M.E.dept. and Production
  16. 16. Attached file● manpower reduction 20070413 (rev1).xls, this file is delibrately deleted to protect intellectual privacy.● The content of this presentation file is not allowed to reproduce without permission of the author.