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Check Cashing Scam Letter


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This is a real letter received by a friend of mine. It's a check cashing scam letter and I hope that by posting the actual letter, someone has been saved from cashing a false check.

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Check Cashing Scam Letter

  1. 1. Important questions to ask yourself as you read this letter: 1) Did you apply to become a mystery shopper in the past 6 months? 2) Did you apply at "Quest for Best mystery shoppers" specifically? 3) Did you use a search engine to find more information on the "Mystery Shopping company" and turn up scores of complaints? 4) Do they want you to "CASH THE MONEY RIGHT THIS MINUTE!"? 5) If the answers to 1 and 2 is "NO", I would strongly recommended you classify the letter as junk mail. 6) If the answer to questions 3 & 4 is "YES", I suggest you burn the letter and pray for a pox on the scammer!
  2. 2. These scam letters always have a sense of urgency to them. Think twice and check yourself! You are legally responsible for the bounced check!! 1) The appearance of these logos means nothing. The scammers use these logos to convey authenticity to their letter. Do not fall for this!! 2) In this case, the included number did NOT work so this is another HUGE red flag.
  3. 3. I call this page the "BULL SHIT" page where you fill out a phony evaluation form to make you think this is all legitimate. As someone who has knowledge of how mystery shopping works, here's a hint: This is NOT the way. The mystery shopping forms are MUCH MORE specific and detailed in their questions. They sure as heck don't send checks for $3850 for an assignment you HAVEN'T even gone on!!!