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Develpoment of biking in budapest


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Presentation of Hungarian Cyclist's Club on the VOCA Budapest meeting

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Develpoment of biking in budapest

  1. 1. Development of cycling inBudapestMoovement and professionality
  2. 2. Create need• There is no need for biking as a mean oftransport. Transport is the real„movement” of cars.
  3. 3. Find an idea• There are some people who have newideas:George Bliss noted after hisvisit to Peking that cyclists inChina had an understoodmethod of negotiatingintersections without signals.Traffic "bunched up" at theseintersections until the backloghad reached a "critical mass",at which point the massmoved through theintersection.This phenomena was the startsignal of CM.
  4. 4. Find friends• You can find crazy people everywhere.
  5. 5. Organize a group• Common goal: „more bike onthe street”• Simple message: e.g. „everystreet are bikestreets”• Activity, demonstration,(peaceful)– Don’t be afraid of radicalism– Say something big and popular– Use the power of community
  6. 6. A „good” statement can behelpful• The Mayor of Budapest wanted toadjourn the Car Free Day from22nd of September to Sunday inorder that ‘the celebration didn’tdisturbe the transport of the city’.• Some bicycle messengers wereshocked at it and started toorganize the first CMdemonstration
  7. 7. Make your group popular• Try to involve politicians• Involve press ( the bigger, the more)• Use social media.
  8. 8. In the middle of subculture• This is the time to think about your longterm goals and target groups.?Participants ofdemonstrations:„bikemessengers andtheir followers,fixie users, allthe rastajunkies”The first bike-lifting in 2001,
  9. 9. Get competence• Organize a group of young professionals• Find a form of organization• Get autorization from themoovement• Learn as much as you can
  10. 10. Be a partner…• …of local and national governments• Help to get publicity for politicians• Don’t hesitate to acceptawards from „them”
  11. 11. Redefine the target groupOldsubcul-tureTrend-followersStudentsEmployeesBikers?People whouse their bikesfor dailytransport
  12. 12. Redefine the goal• Not advocay group only!• Representing the idea (to integrate thebike into the transportation-system) andnot the biker!• And NOT to entertain! In case thedemonsration reached its goal, dont worryto finish organizing.
  13. 13. The way to successSportsequipment,gameProblem to be solvedSolution
  14. 14. The result
  15. 15. New infrastructures
  16. 16. But, don’t forget…• We need the movement.• We need the power of mass.• The organization is nothing without it.