Social media marketing strategy for wal mart


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Social media marketing strategy for wal mart

  1. 1. Social Media Marketing Strategy for Wal-Mart ADV492 Hyun Woo Son
  2. 2. Wal-Mart Overview  Operates retail stores in various formats across the world  Discount Stores, supercenters, neighborhood markets, marketside, and Sam’s Clubs in the U.S.  Wide assortment of merchandise at everyday low prices (EDLP)  Offers its products through various e-commerce websites including and
  3. 3. Challenge and Goal  Challenge  Two million employees increase exposure to increasing wages and high healthcare costs  Growth in internet retailing to serve larger market  Goal  Serve 1 billion customers a week in 20 years’ time  The chain of stores will add 500,000 jobs in the next five years.
  4. 4. Integrated Theme  Original Theme  Everyday Low Prices  Adding Theme  Anywhere Anytime  Through many types of new media, we can give the information and communicate with the customer directly anytime and anywhere
  5. 5. Objectives and Target market  Objectives  Increasing reach to consumers by the new media  Target market  Younger and International people  Younger people are more familiar with new media  Through new media, we can communicate with international people and market
  6. 6. The New Media for Campaign 1  YouTube Promoted Video  Making a video clip ad and upload in YouTube Promoted video  Reason  Cheap  Reach our target market at once  All year round
  7. 7. The New Media for Campaign 2  Blog  Give the many promotion and products information  Communicate with the customers  Upload the pictures  Attract more younger people to share their voices
  8. 8. The New Media for Campaign 3  Google ads with Search Engine Optimization  Finding good keywords related with Wal-Mart  Getting more important to search in Google  Without Wal-Mart word, appearing Wal-Mart sites with good keywords
  9. 9. Evaluating Success of the Campaign  Blogger outreach  Check Blog  Google Analytics  Gain Google ads’ results  Monitter  Track tweets with keywords
  10. 10. Budget Allocation  YouTube Promoted video  Depending on click number  You only pay when people click to see your video  Blog  $10~$1,000  Free website to make blog  Pay for looking good  Google ads  No minimum spending requirement  Pay only for results
  11. 11. Timeline  Promoted Video, Blog, Google ads will run every months in the year  We need to keep these campaigns run every months because of communication with the customers and cheap