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New final slides

  1. 1. Research on: How Popular is Nasi Katok among the UniBridge Students AMAL ZAIMAH ADI KHAIRUN NORINSAN SITI NURJANNAH MOHAMMAD HAFIZ NORAFIQAH
  2. 2. Introduction Objective: To know “How popular is Nasi Katok among the UniBridge Students.” Brief history: - Most countries have signature food - Including Brunei – Nasi Katok is the famous Bruneian dish nowadays - Nasi Katok consists of hot rice, sambal and a piece of chicken
  3. 3. • What makes the dish so special is not the dish itself but the story behind it • Customers who love to search for midnight meal will literally knock the doors of a food outlet and get the owner out of the bed • This is where it starts as ‘katok’ means knock and ‘nasi’ means rice • So, there you have it, “KNOCK FOR THE RICE!”
  4. 4. • Now, branches of Nasi Katok Stalls were set up, found everywhere in Brunei • Examples of Nasi Katok – Nasi Katok Mama, Nasi Katok Kaka, Nasi Katok Jerudong, Nasi Katok Jangsak etc • In short, Nasi Katok is the most easily available meal in Brunei
  5. 5. How many males choose to eat Nasi Katok?
  6. 6. How many females choose to eat Nasi Katok?
  7. 7. Choice of Sambal 0 10 20 30 40 50 60 70 SambalBiasa SambalPedas SambalCampur P e r c e n t a g e . o f p e o p l e Type of Sambal Male Female
  8. 8. Special Requests 0 20 40 60 80 More sambal Typeof chicken No special requests Percentageof people T y p e o f r e q u e s t s Female Male
  9. 9. Graph showing the reasons why people buy Nasi Katok
  10. 10. Graph showing the reasons why people buy Nasi Katok
  11. 11. Recommendation • Diversification of Nasi Katok to set their stall apart from others. - A bigger proportion of chicken - Varieties of sambal recipes. (e.g. spicy and non-spicy.) - Different recipes of chicken, not solely depending on fried chicken. - More types of sambal. (e.g. Sambal tahai, anchovies and chili paste)
  12. 12. Conclusion • In conclusion, we found out that the majority of the UniBridge students do like eating Nasi Katok. • Through the survey, we can conclude that people love to eat Nasi Katok due to 4 important factors:
  13. 13. • 1. Cheap price 2. Accessibility (strategic location, near to homes) 3. No time for cooking 4. Craving • Nasi Katok is a business that is easy to get into and therefore competitions are also high. However, it is also a short way to get profitable income