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Retaining Your Donors: Effective Techniques for Stewardship and Cultivation


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Jann Schultz shares with you how knowledge and skills developed in the for-profit world to build customer loyalty have been translated and implemented at Operation Smile to retain committed donors. With so much choice for donors it is of vital importance that once you have acquired a donor that you keep your donor, just like the importance of building loyal customers in the for-profit world. Find out why effective techniques for DONOR FIRST stewardship and cultivation are of vital importance.

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Retaining Your Donors: Effective Techniques for Stewardship and Cultivation

  1. 1. Retaining Your Donors: Effective Techniques for Stewardship and Cultivation Operation Smile Donor First Case Study Jann Schultz, Director of Donor Relations New York Fundraising Day June 2011
  2. 2. Operation Smile mobilizes a world of generous hearts to heal children‟s smiles and transform lives across the globe.
  3. 3. Donor First Philosophy To make the Donor‟s experience as exceptional as the services we provide to children & families around the world served by Operation Smile.
  4. 4. „Donor First‟ in Action
  5. 5. „Donor First‟ in Action
  6. 6. „Donor First‟ in Action  Review touch points through the „lens‟ of Donor First Philosophy  Identify gaps, issues and challenges  Design solutions and implement across Donor touch points
  7. 7. Major Gifts • Acknowledgement signed by Co-founders • $10K+ - Personal Thank You Calls • Major Gift Officer • Co-founder • Handwritten note from Co-founder Donor Care Program-Mid-Level Gifts • Acknowledgement • General File - $1000+ - Personal Thank You Call • DC Program - Gifts of any size receive personal TY Call • Handwritten note from Donor Care Associate General Donors-Direct Response • Acknowledgement • <$99 – Thank You VM • >$100 – Personal Thank You Call • If unable to reach by phone – e-mail or handwritten note from Donor Relations Specialist or Volunteer Thank You Strategy
  8. 8. THANK A THON
  10. 10. Multi-Channel Welcome Series Welcome Series Schedule by Communication Channel Day of Donation Week 1 Week 2 Week 3 Week 4 Week 5 Week 6 Week 7 Week 8 Email Email Confirmation (TV/Web source) Welcome Email Reporting Video Matching Challenge eAppeal Mimi Video Matching Challenge eAppeal Survey Email Non-Season Catalog eAppeal GIK eAppeal Direct Mail Postcard with drive to video/ways to get involved Matching Challenge DM Appeal GIK DM Appeal Phone Thank You Call/Blast Follow-up Call to DM 6 x 9 Receipt Package (DM source) Welcome Kit (TV/Web source)
  11. 11. WELCOME SERIES First E-mail in Series - Welcome Second E-mail in Series - Reporting Video Third E-mail in Series - Appeal w/ Match Fourth E-mail in Series -Appeal w/ Match that includes video Plus three additional touch points
  13. 13. Donor First Results  Improved process & procedure  Exceeding industry standards ◦ Gift deposits ◦ Timeliness of Acknowledgement  Increase in retention  Increase in revenue from retained donors  Organization and Partners focused on “Donor First”
  14. 14. “Donor First” Goes Global  United Kingdom  Japan  Italy  Sweden
  15. 15. Takeaways  Define your “Donor First Philosophy”  Review all donor touch points  Identify issues & challenges  Take steps to improve/change the process or strategy  At a minimum…engage volunteers to write notes, make phone calls and implement a Thank A Thon