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Domains of Learning (application)


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for preschool math

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Domains of Learning (application)

  1. 1. Mathematics Joanne M. Villarba 2 – BEED – PS
  2. 2. Mathematics: Preschool Level 3 Equivalent sets Non-equivalent sets - sets that have the same number of elements - sets that don’t have the same number of elements 3 3 3 2
  3. 3. OBJECTIVES Cognitive Psychomotor Affective  Know the  Use fine and gross  Learn the difference of motor skills importance of equivalent and animal and non-equivalent plant pairing sets  Cultivate the  Give examples of need to protect equivalent and biodiversity non-equivalent  Instil initiative sets and confidence
  4. 4. ACTIVITIES 1. Worksheet. Check the equivalent sets. Mark an X the non-equivalent sets. 2. Art activity. Pasting of cut-out pairs of animals and plants into equivalent and nonequivalent. 3. Play. Each child is given a picture of either an animal or plant and he/she should find his/her partner holding the other pair. 4. Garden. Look around and find pairs of animals and plants.
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