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Presentation of the Joint Library of Drammen


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Presentation of the Joint Library of Drammen

  1. 1. The Joint Library of DrammenPresentation for Comenius Regio project with Pärnu October 11th 2012 Jannicke Røgler, Library Adviser Buskerud County Library
  2. 2. Partners in the joint library• Buskerud county library• Drammen municipal library• Buskerud college library - DrammenAim: Drammensbiblioteket will be the leading regional agent of library and information communication services
  3. 3. • For patrons: A physically integrated library and learning center – a ”seamless service”.• For the partners: a cooperation crossing three administrative levels and adjoined institutions – the first of its kind in Norway.• Drammensbiblioteket is also a regional and national development project.
  4. 4. Tenants: Buskerud College 9000 m2 BI-Buskerud 1800 m2 Telemark College 800 m2 Joint Library of Drammen 4800 m2 SiBu Canteen/Café 1000 m2 Norli Bookshop 278 m2 Papirbredden Career Center 125 m2 Innovasjon Norge 1600 m2 -- Papirbredden Innovation - Private enterprises
  5. 5. Aims of Drammen knowledge park= Regional (commercial) development• From ”manual” til ”intellectual”• ”Tear down fences”• An architectural ”pearl” for the ”River city”
  6. 6. The main target groups ofThe joint Library of Drammen  The population of Drammen (60.000)  120 000 in the region (247.000 in the county)  120 000 in the region (247.000 in the county)  Students, employees and researchers at HiBu (about 900), BI (about 350), HiT (about 120)  Regional businesses, especially companies in the science park
  7. 7. Drammensbiblioteket - main outlineFrom teeming to contemplationGroundfloor : Main entrance, children’s dept., return automat1. floor : Culture, fiction, categorized non-fiction, flexible work stations, ICT-room, group rooms, reference2. floor : Non-fiction, special collections, group rooms, small reading room, working stations, Drammensbiblioteket – a room ICT help, help desk, twin with a view reference
  8. 8. Facebook
  9. 9. Results • Better & bigger premises • More ”seamless” services • More visits, more loans, esp non-fiction • A lot of attention • A laboratory for service development • Success projects • Fatigue, but also motivation among the employees • Some synergies, incl neighbouring culture center • A symbol for the city and prestige for the mayor • An appreciated part of city development
  10. 10. Thank you for your attention