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Brazil 2014: A look at how brands are celebrating the World Cup


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Got a bit obsessed with the World Cup! And trying to marry my work as Strategist and my love for the beautiful game! So please indulge me. Here's a look at how brands are celebrating the World Cup.

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Brazil 2014: A look at how brands are celebrating the World Cup

  1. 1. Brazil 2014: A look at how Brands celebrate World Cup.
  2. 2. Tuesday, 3 days before the World Cup 2014 opener, Twitter joined the world by putting up a “Reminder Box” of matches on its page… Click on the “view match” and you’ll land on a dedicated page for all game- related tweets all over the world.
  3. 3. And Twitter took its campaign one notch up by letting users personalized their twitter according to whoever team they’re rooting for, including a compilation of twitter handles of players, coaches, staff from that team…
  4. 4. Last April, CNN Online launched its own World Cup 2014 dedicated page and Yahoo Philippines followed suite last week.
  5. 5. Opening Happiness in the World Cup. Coca-cola launched its “The World is Ours” campaign as early as last year. Campaign Highlights: Official Coca-cola World Cup OST, World Cup trophy World Tour, series of viral ads & commercials on print, TV, radio, and online.
  6. 6. Other (Big) Brands jumping into the World Cup Fever: o Nike with its campaign “Risk Everything” o Adidas with “All in or Nothing” o Samsung’s “Starting XI” Galaxy series campaign o McDonald’s ‘Gol!’ App o Hyundai’s “Be There With Hyundai” o Kia Motor’s “This is Football” campaign with Brazilian Model Adriana Lima
  7. 7. One Stadium: Sony’s FIFA World Cup 2014 Campaign
  8. 8. SONY’s Big Idea: “A Stadium without borders…” …with a mission to unite all the passionate football fans all over the world…
  9. 9. One Stadium is born. It is an online hub where you can show your colors & make your voice be heard. You are now more than just a spectator. You are now a part of the world’s biggest stadium experience.
  10. 10. One Stadium Experience : o Social Media Streaming: Facebook, Twitter, and Google+ o Game Venue & Schedules o Showcasing Brazil o World Cup History: The A-Z of World Cup o Sony & FIFA’s Advocacy: “Siyakhona” o Fan Challenges: Supersong, Paint Stadium, Fan Ambassadors, United, We Are One UGC contest o Articles & Photos from World Cup correspondents o Promotion of Sony Products: Bravia 4K TV , Xperia phones, and Cybershot Cameras
  11. 11. Heck, even BuzzFeed caught the World Cup fever… Its hilarious, witty, and funny and advertisers think so too so they bought it…
  12. 12. Just trying to get my point across… 