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Social media - the why


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A quick dip into Social Media Psychology - why do we post, like, comment on and share things on social media? Why do we share 'too much' and what is 'too much'? And finally, how do we get engagement in an increasing busy marketplace?

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Social media - the why

  1. 1. Social Media - The ‘Why’ Jan Minihane @janminihane #shroprebel
  2. 2. Tonight, it’s all about the ‘why’ WHY the hell do we use Social Media?! WHY do we feel the need to spill our guts online?! WHY do people engage on Social Media?
  3. 3. Why we use Social Media keep in touch inform others show off boost self-esteem ease boredom/loneliness ‘stalk’ celebrities be part of a community get offers/discounts get the latest news promote ourselves organise events let off steam make money make a difference networking social proof
  4. 4. Facebook vs. Twitter sharing with friends/family share interests/hobbies events community for fun/escapism pleasure > business sharing with businesses & people sharing industry/own business content breaking news source community business > pleasure
  5. 5. Why do we share ‘too much’? Narcissim Loneliness Low self-esteem Sharing pain
  6. 6. How much is ‘too much’? “@BobSmith I love you” (sat next to him on the sofa)
  7. 7. How much is ‘too much’? “To the c*nt who smashed into my car wing mirror, thanks a f*cking bunch!”
  8. 8. How much is ‘too much’? “Have to be honest, not looking forward to the colonoscopy today”
  9. 9. Let’s get engaged... ;-)
  10. 10. Why do we engage? Because we have to: Competitions, offers, discounts Because we want to: Fun Stuff Passions/interests Newsworthy Compassion Events Because we think we should: Causes Friends pages RIP’s Birthdays Sympathy
  11. 11. Let’s start with how to get it ‘wrong’...
  12. 12. How to get it ‘wrong’...
  13. 13. How to get it ‘wrong’...
  14. 14. How to get it ‘wrong’...
  15. 15. All too familiar? ...
  16. 16. It’s no better on Twitter...
  17. 17. And as for Bashtags....
  18. 18. And as for Bashtags...
  19. 19. So, how do we get it ‘right’?
  20. 20. Think beyond your initial audience
  21. 21. ‘Quality’ calls to action DON’T - What is your opinion of this? DO - We’re curious, what do you think about this? DON’T - Do you like small or large smartphone screens? DO - We can’t agree at the office, we need your input... Show you care Show your vulnerability
  22. 22. And don’t miss the obvious... ASK followers what they want to see FIND the optimal amount of content DON’T over-promote - 80/20 rule NICHE it - Cocktail party phenomenon MORE FORMATS = more consumption Think EMOTIONAL NARRATIVE FOSTER your brand advocates
  23. 23. Any Questions? @janminihane #shroprebel