FileSender, TF-Storage9, 4 Februari 2011, Budapest


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Update on FileSender development ( delivered at the 9. TF-Storage meeting in Budapest, 4 Februari 2011

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FileSender, TF-Storage9, 4 Februari 2011, Budapest

  1. 1. FileSender Update: Sept. 2010 – Jan. 2011Jan Meijer TF-Storage 9 3 February 2011
  2. 2. value propositioneasy sharing arbitrarily large files through a trusted intermediary
  3. 3. basic function Picture courtesy SRCE (Croatia)
  4. 4. invite person without account Picture courtesy SRCE (Croatia)
  5. 5. 200 MB
  6. 6. Health Sciences • MRI files to Austria for conversion • 1 compressed file (12 study participants = 1GB • 300 study participants over 18 months Marlene Fransen | Associate Professor Physiotherapy Faculty of Health Sciences | Clinical and Rehabilitation Sciences Research Group THE UNIVERSITY OF SYDNEY
  7. 7. Geoscience • Collaboration is common • Cross-sector is typical • Data formats varied Wendy Mason | PhD Candidate, Computational Geodynamics | Underworld subduction model, in which the strain rate invariant is plottedon the slab particles (Wendy Mason, Louis Moresi and Peter Betts, Schools School of Geosciences andof Geosciences and Mathematical Sciences, Monash University) Mathematical Sciences | MONASH UNIVERSITY *Quote citation: W. G. Mason, G. Aben, J. J. Meijer, C. Richter, C. P. Bonnington, L. Moresi & P. G. Betts, "Facilitating Research Collaboration in the Australian Geoscience Community using CloudStor", 2010 Sixth IEEE International Conference on e-Science, 2010 (In Press).
  8. 8. audio book librarystiff horse syndrome
  9. 9. Why do this?● > 2GB uploads● know where your data is● design for people with other things to do ● federated logon ● no ads ● no limitations ● least clicks possible ● fire&forget
  10. 10. target groupall lecturers, students, researchers, staff
  11. 11. Open Source project BSD license ! EW N
  12. 12. known installs● AARNet● ARNES (soon)● BELnet● FCCN● HEAnet● SRCE● SURFnet● TERENA● UNINETT
  13. 13. History07-2007: CSC presents ePoste Restante09-2008: ePoste (.fi), Bitey (.ie), FileSender (.no), DocExchange (.ch)04-2009: AARNet, HEAnet, Uninett start FileSender Projectxx-2009: FileSender x released10-2009: AARnet pilot starts09-2010: SRCE production11-2010: HEAnet production 17-01-2010: after 19 betas: RC1 (beta-19 rebrand)! 31-01-2011: RELEASE 1.0!
  14. 14. Aug-Jan in detail● 5 beta releases + one Release Candidate● packaging process automated and streamlined● source tree hammered in shape● blåbærsyltetøy bug found and fixed (beta-17)● download mechanism reworked● countless other things fixed● stable operations since Beta-17 (19 nov)● /Release_Schedule_until_v1-0
  15. 15. IEEE publication!“Facilitating Research Collaboration in theAustralian Geoscience Community UsingCloudStor”
  16. 16. after 2 years: what have we got?● a solid release 1.0, ready for production● solid understanding of problem space● established a project! ● good documentation ● working cross-org collab infrastructure ● funding for 2011● a very dedicated group of people with a desire to make it happen!● no reliance on one single NREN!
  17. 17. FileSender 2.0● Priority 1: >2GB !Flash, !Gears● >2GB on Mac, Linux, mobile devices (movies!)● improved admin interface After FileSender 2.0: more features!● integration with other apps:scientific workflows!● addressbook/federated group● timestamping● ...and more