Paperless HR Processes With SAP


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Implementing portals and Self Services is changing organizations and its paper flows. The driver may be cost efficiency but it’s a business transformation where SAP has a clear value add. Based on customer cases Jan Kremer discusses different business approaches and how SAP can support these.

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Paperless HR Processes With SAP

  1. 1. Paperless HR Processes with SAP Jan Kremer, 11 December 2009 © 2009 – Jan Kremer - Paperless HR Processes with SAP v1-0.pptx
  2. 2. Contents  Business Drivers  Paperless HR SAP Portfolio  Customer Cases  Project examples  About © 2009 – Jan Kremer - Paperless HR Processes with SAP v1-0.pptx 1
  3. 3. Future HR paper documents only appear where this is strictly necessary • Efficiency and cost reduction are the main drivers on the HR agenda • Advanced technologies like internet, self-services, digital forms and signatures are introduced and make big efficiency-moves possible Situation • HR processes still use many physical documents and approvals, apart from the Employee and Manager Self Service scenario’s (ESS and MSS) already implemented • Paper flows in HR processes are time and space consuming, inefficient, costly and frustrating • Many early adapters have failed to achieve the supposed goals of ESS, MSS and e-Portal Complications implementations • HR managers are forced to start up effective cost reduction programs • Shared Service Centers appear less efficient than promised • HR processes are not transparent and are not uniformly applied: quality assurance, legal requirements and audits are difficult to fulfill • An integral approach on how HR processes can be made paperless by combining the expertise of Self Services, e-Forms and electronic personnel files • Through this approach, sustainable process improvements are achieved with cost Solution reductions, elimination of slack, reduction of through-put times and higher customer satisfaction • Compliance with data protection conditions and auditing reliability, important for HR, is taken into account while maximizing the amount of electronic evidence • This approach has been proven to be successful for many Dutch organizations © 2009 – Jan Kremer - Paperless HR Processes with SAP v1-0.pptx 2
  4. 4. SAP has a wide range of products enabling paperless HR processes Paperless HR Processes Themes Electronic ESS MSS E-Portals & E-Forms personnel files SAP Forms / SAP SAP HCM SAP RM Adobe Interactive SAP Portal Forms Components SAP Workflow SAP / OpenText Duet Employee Information Management Partner products Sitrion © 2009 – Jan Kremer - Paperless HR Processes with SAP v1-0.pptx 3
  5. 5. SAP EIM is first product showing integrated paperless process approach Manager & Employee Retrieval for HR Self Service professionals Capturing with Scan, Barcode, Mass import, email Employee Information Management Workflow, Guest User Processes, Follow Access Up, … Secure Deletion, Outbound Retention Documents Archiving Management © 2009 – Jan Kremer - Paperless HR Processes with SAP v1-0.pptx 4
  6. 6. All components in the HR service delivery framework Employees Managers HR Department Employee Portal Physical ESS E-Forms MSS documents Scan-soft & SAP HCM hardware Electronic personnel files Physical flow Digital flow Replace paper Use Self Services Use a pragmatic Scan as little as based evidence when possible, approach to the legally possible with electronic use E-forms when subject of digital documents necessary signatures © 2009 – Jan Kremer - Paperless HR Processes with SAP v1-0.pptx 5
  7. 7. Different business drivers makes clients choose different approaches. Client 1 Client 2 • Implemented SAP ESS/MSS scenario’s like absence, pay • Implemented 26 SAP ESS/MSS scenarios and forms in 64 slip, expenses countries like: Personal data, Incentives and Bonuses, • Workflow-driven mutation forms for managers and Performance evaluation, Leave request and Contractual employees (Visual Composer) change. • No need for physical signatures on mutation forms. Client 1 • Using SAP HCM and SAP Enterprise Portal decided workflow approval is enough • Success factors were proper blue printing, SAP Architect • Automated production of contract change letters, that still and development skills and a good international test team. require signatures • Challenges were SAP components like Enhancement • Making preparations for automated uploading in electronic Packages and Enterprise portal connections personnel files • Client 2 plans more scenario’s in the future reducing • Electronic personnel files are planned in the near future administrative costs. Client 3 Client 4 • Implemented electronic personnel files in SAP Records • In progress: currently 9 processes blue printed, Management to support the HR Shared Service Center development ongoing • Integrated SAP Records Management in SAP HCM to optimize processes and access management to electronic • Using SAP HCM and SAP Enterprise portal personnel files • Challenge: employee tasks executed by managers (in • Added barcodes to all outbound SAP HCM-letters for stores, no employee accounts available) automated uploading of incoming letters after signing and • Success factor: blue printing. It’s important to think scanning processes through before starting development. • Client 3 plans to implement ESS and MSS functionality in • Challenge: decision making, standardizing processes and 2010 change management • Client 4 plans more scenarios once this platform is well established and proven. © 2009 – Jan Kremer - Paperless HR Processes with SAP v1-0.pptx 6
  8. 8. Develop a basic platform for paperless HR processes ESS examples:  Time Management  Employee Search • Leave Request • Who’s Who (incl. • CATS Organizational Chart) • Time Statement • Change Office and Communication data • Time Correction  Payment  Work Environment • Equipment Repair • Salary Statement Request (Internal • Total Compensation Service Request) Statement • Equipment Card • Employment and Salary Verification  Travel Management  Personal Information • Travel planning • Expense Report • Address (incl. Emergency address) • Bank Information  ESS country-specific • Family scenarios Member/Dependent • Tax form reports • Personal Data • Pension reports • Localization Think smart, start wisely! © 2009 – Jan Kremer - Paperless HR Processes with SAP v1-0.pptx 7
  9. 9. Develop a common language such as a page and navigation structure Client 2 A Navigation Area B 1.Top level navigation 2. First level navigation 3. Second level navigation 4. Detailed Navigation (3&4 level navigation) Business Package: collection of objects for the enterprise portal C A. Role: corresponds to second first level of navigation (collection of worksets) B. Workset: corresponds to second level of navigation (collection of pages) C. Page: a collection of iViews that are to be displayed on the one page. D Selected page can also be called Work Area Pane for lower Pane for additional D. iView: the actual services that Content area: All content relevant information level navigation information display data from R/3 8 © 2009 – Jan Kremer - Paperless HR Processes with SAP v1-0.pptx 8
  10. 10. Add more complexity with for example MSS or forms Key functions MSS:  Empowers managers to execute human capital and finance management strategies for • budgeting, recruitment, compensation, and cost management • leverage HR and financial back-end systems by making pertinent information available to managers throughout your enterprise.  HR processes • Line managers' recurring administrative and planning tasks • Recruitment, annual employee interview, compensation planning  Controlling processes • Control of cost and budget responsibilities • annual budget planning, budget monitoring, cost analysis, correction of postings (for example profit center).  Integration • Task-and theme-oriented worksets © 2009 – Jan Kremer - Paperless HR Processes with SAP v1-0.pptx 9
  11. 11. SAP Interactive Forms  SAP Interactive Forms allows developers to create interactive forms that are integrated with business processes.  Developers can design, implement, and distribute – and users can access and manipulate – SAP Interactive Forms from within or outside of SAP applications.  Acting as a bridge between highly structured transaction data stored in SAP applications, such as SAP ERP and SAP CRM, and unstructured form-based information and processes, SAP Interactive Forms enables enterprises to improve data accuracy, eliminate redundant data and forms, and reduce operational costs.  Deploying SAP Interactive Forms ultimately improves the speed with which enterprises can respond to changing customer needs and business objectives. © 2009 – Jan Kremer - Paperless HR Processes with SAP v1-0.pptx 10
  12. 12. Summary – implementing paperless HR processes is worth it!  Significant cost benefits due to simpler and automated paperless HR processes. Use of electronic personnel files and maintenance and is efficient  Electronic personnel files result in simple and fast retrieval of up-to-date personnel data  Fast and user-friendly web-access for the person requesting the files  Compliance with data protection conditions and auditing reliability  Integration with the IT systems and working procedures of your company  For implementation of electronic personnel files the combination of SAP HCM and Enterprise Content Management expertise is essential  Depending on scope, implementing paperless processes requires expertise in various areas: HR processes and change management, SAP Architecture, Adobe Interactive forms, SAP Enterprise portals, SAP HCM, Employee and Management Self Service, Records Management, project management and other product specific Enterprise Content Management solutions such as OpenText and Sitrion. Think smart, start wisely! 11
  13. 13. About Jan Kremer Bicycle Capgemini Challenges Coach Collaborative Communication Consultant Creative Cultures Dutch E-Business Engineer Fun Honest Human resources International Jan Kremer Mobile Open minded Opinion People manager Positive Project manager PRINCE2 Rightshoring SAP Social networker Teamwork Trust Telecom Think Travel Web 2.0 Web applications © 2009 – Jan Kremer - Paperless HR Processes with SAP v1-0.pptx 12
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