All out in the Cloud - CloudEast 2012


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  • \n
  • Hi!\n
  • Chriet Titulaer, CD-Rom discs, Philips, houses. “Wonderful world” \n\nLarge sets information.\n
  • Encarta. mid 90s days and days. Virtually everything.\n
  • Insanity. Buying, putting, starting. Quick info. 2000s: internet main supplier.\n
  • RightMove, Wikipedia.\n
  • Start of the cloud era. Stand alone apps -> internet. Not just local.\n
  • Mid 2000’s, view-only to content creation.\n
  • The longer, the less desktop apps survive. No more MS Office.\n
  • Alternative in the cloud. Not just replacement. Allow me to work in a way.\n
  • Backups, carrying around floppy disks.\n
  • Innovation: new workflows.\nSlow transform 80s - 2000s. Took 20 years for a revolution to take place.\n
  • Another revolution: consuming content -> producing content. It’s time to\n
  • build the cloud in the cloud.\n
  • Desktop apps will be replaced. 3-5 years Photoshop local is old skool.\n
  • Also applies for programming. Screen sharing Skype. ‘Doesnt happen on machine’.\n
  • Crashed hard disk. Offload compilation. 2 full working days.\n
  • Two years ago: goodness of the cloud to devs. Last step. Vision:\n
  • \n
  • Got us busy for two years. Pulling off. Combined with the craftmanship of\n
  • some extremely talentend and handsome young folks,\n
  • resulted in Cloud9 IDE. Online IDE, built by. Best IDE for javascript.\n
  • Traditionally devs that use Java, .NET, they are completely used to having all the great tools: IDE's, testing suites, continious integration services;\n
  • whereas the javascript developer, or actually anyone who does dynamic languages, well... not so much! They're happy with just syntax highlighting!\n
  • Result. Online IDE. Runs JS, Ruby, PHP, Pyton. Quick glance:\n
  • Blazing fast editor. Used MS, Google, GitHub. Open source.\n
  • Run and Debugger. Node.js. Live inspection, variable editing.\n
  • \n
  • Context aware code completion. In the workings, but available for node.js.\n
  • 5. Go to file and go to definition\n
  • 6. VIM Mode. Bindings to VIM right from your web IDE. \n
  • \n
  • \n
  • Some highlights. Capable of taking over, when doing dynamic languages. Building an editor is not the greatest challenge.\n
  • Other people executing code. Scary. Bring down servers.\n
  • White listed patched applications. No binary execution. “C’mon move over to the cloud”, limit apps.\n
  • I should be able to run everything in the cloud, the same as local\n
  • All web apps face. Requires internet connection.\n
  • Local storage. Resyncing. Run and test. 400 MB repo.\n
  • \n
  • Extremely awesome. Not possible w/o cloud. Potential of Cloud IDE.\n
  • \n
  • Don’t create security holes. Don’t restrict. Two ways: 1. VM.\n
  • Run on OpenShift. Spawned.\n
  • True freedom. Linux box. Java? MemSQL? Already GIT.\n
  • Run from command line or SSH terminal.\n
  • Only paying. Fully functional. Real VIM, Telnet, Watch Star Wars ASCII. VM included on every project.\n
  • Disadvantage, will die after closing + bound to C9.\n
  • Internal: spawn EC2, provision image, give credentials. Bind ANY SSH enabled server.\n
  • Work on Airplane. Open source, grab from GH. Dont like hosted. Still bound to local machine.\n
  • Around via Git, switch local <> cloud.\n
  • Local version. Open source + real time sync. On your machine: work local + advantages of cloud. Available everywhere.\n
  • Amazing.\n
  • Real time code collaboration. Audience participation: MobileEast.\n
  • Join in coding session.\n
  • When someone joins in you can have a little chat with them, and then you can start the debugger just like you would on a normal project, the great thing here is that breakpoints and paused statements are shown on both screens and both parties control the debugger. They both have access to seperate live inspectors.\n
  • As we’re all cloud devs. Architecture. Used to be Joyent, now EC2.\n
  • Data center latency. Faster than ever before. Server architecture.\n
  • Sticky connection users->IDE. Redis. Use Redis 2 go. Data loss moment. Never lost any files, but lost day of metadata.\n
  • IDE -> OpenShift. VFS, SSH, node.js. Local FS, FTP, SSH. Future: Google Drive, Dropbox.\n
  • Also channel support. Internal devs: latest greatest.\n
  • Participate live action coding. MobileEast. Mobile app Cloud9, Ripple, PhoneGap. Stickers.\n
  • You can find Cloud9's source on GitHub, at, including all libraries like VFS under /c9 or /ajaxorg. The editor is under ajaxorg/ace.\n
  • \n
  • \n
  • \n
  • All out in the Cloud - CloudEast 2012

    2. 2. @drbernhard
    3. 3. Chriet Titulaer
    4. 4. Viva la revolution!
    5. 5. Build the best fucking IDE
    6. 6. Run it from anywhere
    7. 7. Normal developers
    8. 8. JavaScript Developer
    9. 9. If my critics saw me walkingover the Thames they wouldsay it was because I couldnt VIM.
    10. 10. CreateDeploy Run/Debug Share Test
    11. 11. Limitation free dev environment
    12. 12. Work on a plane
    13. 13. Create something cool
    14. 14. Bring your own VM
    15. 15. Cursor syncing Tab syncingDebug state syncing
    16. 16. Architecture
    17. 17. Elastic Load Balancer Proxy ProxyIDE server IDE server IDE server IDE serverInsta Insta Insta Insta Insta Insta Insta Insta nce nce nce nce nce nce nce nce
    18. 18. VFSInstance
    19. 19.
    20. 20. Happy coding!
    21. 21. Questions?
    22. 22. @drbernhard