Familie jellema


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Familie jellema

  1. 1. Familie Jellema
  2. 2. Vier Heemskinderen
  3. 3. Ridder Roelandt
  4. 4. St Guilhem William a grandson of Charles Martel. He was born in France around the middle of the 8th century. His mother Aldana was a daughter of Charles Martel, so he was a cousin of Charlemagne. As a close kinsman of Charlemagne he spent his youth in the imperial court. William was made Count of Toulouse in 790, and Charlemagne placed his young son (Louis the Pious, who was to inherit Aquitaine), in his wardship. He was the second count of Toulouse and held the title from 790 until 811. The name Gilhem is Occitan , corresponding to Latin, Guilhelmus, English William, French Guillaume. Guilhem dedicated the next thirteen years to sustaining the southern frontiers of the Frankish empire. He was renowned as one of the most valiant warriors of his time. He married twice, his second wife the Lady of Orange apparently the widow of a Saracen Lord that he killed and whose estates he seized. Guilhem's exploits became famous and he evolved into the hero of medieval ballads of knightly prowess and chivalry. He is the hero of the Chanson de Guillaume, an early chanson de geste, and of several later sequels. In 804 Guilhem retired to the Abbey of Aniane. (For many centuries it was regarded as entirely laudable for men to abandon their wives and families to become monks). In 806 he headed a group of monks who set off to found the Abbey of Gellone (now Saint-Guilhem-le-Désert) . Before his death, Charlemagne had given the young Guilhem a reliquary, which was believed to contained pieces of the True Cross. (Hundreds of such bogus relics were in circulation even before the Crusades). Guilhem left this one to his Abbey, where it remains to this day. The jewelled reliquary is carried through the village in procession once a year on the 3rd May - St Guilhem's feast day. Replicas made of biscuit are available in the Abbey Church. The faithful claim that they provide protection against lightening.
  5. 5. Saint Guilhem Les monts de St Guilhem depuis le Causse de Puéchabon
  6. 6. Saint Guilhem
  7. 7. Naam: Jelle Quelen Guilhem Guillaume Wilhelm (Wilhelmus) William Willem Wim Gellius Gillis Giles Jelle Jelte Kjell Sjolle
  8. 8. Jelle- ma Mar-Mag = familielid Mario + Maria To marry “ Mon Marie” Maagd Meid Meisje Mac Donald Mac Arthur Mac Giles Maagschap
  9. 9. Friesland
  10. 10. Friese Boerderij
  11. 11. Rauwerd
  12. 12. Middelzee Rauwerd Sneek
  13. 13. Vervoer over Water
  14. 14. Friese State
  15. 15. Jellema Borg (Hanckema)
  16. 16. Familie Jellema
  17. 17. Friese hoofdelingen
  18. 18. Poulos (+ Wiebe Jellema)
  19. 19. Rauwerd
  20. 20. Hooi Oogst
  21. 21. Familie Jellema
  22. 22. Jelle Jellema Batavia
  23. 23. Familie Jellema
  24. 24. Tobbe
  25. 25. Kameleon: Hielke en Sietse
  26. 26. Beppe
  27. 27. Beroemd
  28. 28. Dichters, schrijvers
  29. 29. Schrijvers
  30. 30. Hoe zit Jellema in elkaar? <ul><li>Jellema Hogere Bouwkunde is onderverdeeld in een inleidend deel en 3 reeksen, waaronder de verschillende delen vallen: </li></ul><ul><li>Inleiding : Bouwnijverheid Een compleet overzicht van de bouwwereld, inclusief organisatievormen, visies en de rol van de opdrachtgevers en overheden. </li></ul><ul><li>Reeks 1: Bouw techniek De constructieve opbouw van de bouwdelen, de afwerkingstechnieken en de installaties. </li></ul><ul><li>Reeks 2: Bouw methoden Over de Nederlandse methoden voor woning- en utiliteitsbouw, prestatie-eisen en de constructie- en materiaalkeuze. </li></ul><ul><li>Reeks 3: Bouw proces Alle noodzakelijke informatie over de fasen in de totstandkoming van gebouwen. Ruim aandacht voor beheer </li></ul>
  31. 31. It Ein!
  32. 32. Familie Jellema