Updated copywriting portfolio as of 10.11.2009


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A selection of conceptual, interactive/digital and copywriting works I have done for Snickers, M&Ms, Sheba and other brands in Baltic states. Includes some of my freelance fun stuff as well.

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Updated copywriting portfolio as of 10.11.2009

  1. 1. Content Riga Plaza (Summer 2009) Snickers (Spring 2009) Snickers (Spring 2008) Snickers (Autumn 2008) Snickers (Early spring 2008) Snickers Hazelnut (Spring 2008) Sheba (Spring 2008) M&M´s (Autumn 2007) Rigas Laiks (Christmas card) Kulturas Diena (Jesus) Brand name (Umurkumur) Various works (2001-2008) Contact
  2. 2. Riga Plaza: 2009 summer sales campaign Task: With ultra limited budget assigned to attract wary and price sensi- tive audience under conditions of fierce competition from the other malls and saturated communication space, which in most cases feature simplistic, copy based ’SALE SALE SALE’ or ’UP TO xx% OFF’ kind of communication. Solution: A simple print based campaign was created with limited audience participation. Using the analogy between mushrooms and how quickly they grow we distributed attractive guerilla stickers to the existing mall clients and other people. So the stickers as well grew in numbers on the city streets like mushrooms. The mushrooms became hero of the campaign visually as well. Other people involved: Pavel Sobek (Creative Director), Linda Jakobsone (Designer & Art Director), Ieva Raiskuma (Copywriter) Roll-out elements: Web banner Mobile outdoor poster Poster Guerilla stickers In-store wobblers Poster back-translation: Don’t be late! Discounts up to 90% grow like mushrooms 14.08. - 16.08. and 21.08. - 23.08. Guerilla Stickers Poster (Key Visual)
  3. 3. conquer_nyc2_A4_Lat_NewPreview_1.pdf 3.12.08 2:55:13 PM Snickers (Spring 2009): Conquer New York with Snickers! Task: To deliver communication that would continue to build the Snickers brand image among the youngsters and deliver in terms of sales. Solution: A multichannel campaign was launched, which promised to bring the lucky winner (and his friend) to one of the World’s urban capitals. The winners of the main prize the New York trip and the secondary ones were decided according to the principles of lucky draw. The campaign ran on TV (low budget TV tag was created), web and in-store. Other people involved: Darlan Moraes Jr. (Creative Director), Kristaps Rozitis (Designer & Art Director) Roll-out elements: Web (www.snickersaction.com still on-line as of 11.2009) www .snick ersac tion.c om Desktops (available for download on the site) Poster Web Leaflet Various in-store materials Paķer "Snickers", "Mars", "Bounty" vai "Twix", reģistrējies onlainā vai sūti īsziņu ar SNI_VĀRDS_UZVĀRDS_VECUMS_ČEKA NUMURS (paraugs: SNI ANNA KLAVA 23 1244625) uz numuru 1833. Maksa par īsziņas nosūtīšanu LVL 0,10. action.com Poster back-translation: Sāc savu ceļojumu www.snickersaction.com! www.snickers Loterijas atļauja nr. XXXXX. Akcija notiek no 01.01.2009. līdz 06.03.2009. Conquer New York with Snickers Poster (Key Visual) Go to New York with a friend or win 136 x 140 mm Snickers_wobblerNY_Lat_Preview.pdf 3.12.08 4:38:11 PM 200 boxes (of Snickers) 40 Snickers hoodies Skate, hip-hop, New York from up above and many other things! nr. 2248 Loterijas atļauja Hoodies action.com www.snickers Wobbler
  4. 4. Snickers (Spring 2008): Snickers presents: Give us your spot and win real prizes! Task: To design communication that would start to iconize the Snickers brand, by getting the target audience (16-24 y.o.) more involved and still not forgetting the Snickers experience. Solution: An integrated web campaign based was created. Snickers encouraged the young and active people to post their favourite places where they do their thing (they call them ’spots’) and share them with the rest of the potential Snickers community thus creating the first real data base of spots in the Baltic countries. In return we offered them to win valuable prizes. Other people involved: Darlan Moraes Jr. (Creative Director), Kristaps Rozitis (Designer & Art Director), Marcis Ziemins (Designer), Kaspars Staskevics (Copywriter) Other roll-out elements: Trade materials (displays and backingcards) Hawaii Express in-store activation (wobblers, hangers and floor- Web stickers) Poster (Key Visual) Poster back-translation: Snickers presents: Give us your spot and win real prizes! Grab a Snickers and win extreme Panasonic Toughbook laptop each month as well as mad Olympus Mju-790SW photo cameras and gift certificate from Hawaii Express, worth LVL 200 each week! Wallpapers Hanger Wobbler Floor sticker
  5. 5. Snickers (Autumn 2008): Conquer Sahara with Snickers! Task: To design a campaign that would continue building Snickers brand as the one fuelling the active experience. Solution: Snickers gave the people hungry for adventures a chance to win a trip to Sahara (Siwa Oasis in Egypt) and have a good time there by involving them (and their friends) in quad-cycle riding, sand- boarding and pic-nic in the desert. Once again this was done with a little help of the web. Other people involved: Darlan Moraes Jr. (Creative Director), Kristaps Rozitis (Designer & Art Director), Ola Gillfelt (Designer & Art Director), Kaspars Staskevics (Copywriter) Poster (Key Visual) Leaflet Backingcard Other roll-out elements: In-Store hanger Flags (distributed for free) Promo-recruitment team (with van) Poster back-translation: Conquer Sahara with Snickers! Win a trip to Sahara and other hot prizes! Suunto Core Black Yellow superwatch x 10 Volcom Vertigo Heli BackPack LGR backpack x 30 register on-line or send sms with SNI_NAME_SURNAME_AGE_ Wallpapers RECEIPT NUMBER (example: SNI ANNA KLAVA 23 1244625) to number 1833. Fee LVL 0.10 applicable per sms sent. Follolw the action on www.snickersaction.com! Promo van
  6. 6. AKCIJA ir spēkā no 15. janvāra līdz 11. februārim www.maxima.lv Snickers (early Spring 2008): Grab a Snickers, crack the code and take what’s yours! Task: Stimulate sales for a short period of time (beginning of 2008) using only trade (POS) as the campaign media. Solution: We created a web based campaign. The idea was to give something extra to the customer buying the special edition Snickers bar (with a unique code inside the wrapper). Like we granted them access to download exclusive web content from www.snickersaction.com. This included ring tones made exclusively for this Snickers campaign by well known local (Baltic) DJs and desktop wallpapers for their PCs. Other people involved: Darlan Moraes Jr. (Creative Director), Kristaps Rozitis (Designer & Art Director), Ola Gillfelt (Designer & Art Director), Kaspars Staskevics (Copywriter) Izlozes atļaujas Nr. 19731 Other roll-out elements: Excluse mobile ring-tones Leaflet Various trade materials Poster (Key Visual) Web Par visu padomāts Poster back-translation: Find the Snickers with the special code, upload the exclusive Snickers melodies to your mobile at www.snickersaction.com Take part in a lucky draw and win Nintendo Wii Crack the code and take what’s yours! Wallpapers Wobbler
  7. 7. Snickers Hazelnut: Launch campaign, Spring 2008 Task: To launch the new Snickers Hazelnut using only in store media during the other ’Give us your spot...’ campaign (with much more integrated character). The product was available for a limited time. Solution: We created 2 pieces of advertising: a poster and a wobbler with playful copy and communicating... well nuts basically. Other people involved: Darlan Moraes Jr. (Creative Director), Kristaps Rozitis (Designer & Art Director) Other roll-out elements: Wobbler Poster back-translation: Don’t surrender your nuts to the squirrels! Grab the new Snickers with hazelnuts! Poster (Key Visual)
  8. 8. Sheba: The secret language of your purrrrring friend..., Spring 2008 Task: Considering the Sheba sophisticated brand character to come up with idea how to add value to the product purchased. Solution: We designed a booklet about the non-verbal language of cats Booklet (Face) that was distributed along with the product and came up with an additional solution for www.cosmo.lv (an on-line version of the Cosmopolitan magazine localised). We encouraged the women to send in photos of their “purring friends” and their interpretation of what they were saying. The photos received the biggest number of on-line votes earned prizes for the participant and her cat. Other people involved: Darlan Moraes Jr. (Creative Director), Ola Gillfelt (Designer & Art Director) Back-translation: Please follow the link for entire booklet back-translation Booklet (Inlay) Web
  9. 9. M&M´s: Autumn 2007 campaign Task: The client wanted the product/brand to be seen as friendly, fun loving and wanted to drive it closer to the consumption occasions, which happen to be during socialisation moments among friends. Solution: We designed again a web based campaign which would have a high degree of target audience involvement. We used other media to drive the interest to the web. On-line people were given the chance to upload their photos from their parties, family gatherings or other and play around with them using the interactive (Java) tools to spice them up, share them, save as wallpapers and send it to a friend. Here are the examples www.mmsfun.lv/#/tusini. Other people involved: Darlan Moraes Jr. (Creative Director), Kristaps Rozitis (Designer & Art Director), Marcis Ziemins (Designer) Other roll-out elements: Outdoors TV (adaptation) Poster (Key Visual) Web Poster back-translation: Let’s party together! www.mmsfun.lv (Red) The freshest and most colourful parties on-line! (Yellow) Join! Check out www.mmsfun.lv and get to know more about the mad and colourful parties of your friends and other party animals. Join the M&M´s party community now!!! Wallpapers Free stickers On pack sticker
  10. 10. Rigas Laiks: Christmas greetings card Task: Design a Christmas greetings card for a well known Latvian magazine, analytical issue about criticism of culture and it’s audience is exacting to intellectual quality. Solution: We succeeded to create a card with multi-layered message, thus communicating Rigas Laiks brand within the scope that would further endorse the values (culture, philosophy, ideas) the magazine stands for. The copy is based on word play in Latvian. Rigas Laiks means Riga Times. Laiks in general means ’time’ and ’laikam’ is the word that links everything together due to its ’time’ meaning (having the link to the brand itself) and the ’presumably’, which gets the message across. Other people involved: Darlan Moraes Jr. (Creative Director), Inga Cukura (Designer & Art Director), Ilze Mazpane (Copywriter) Back-translation: enlightened? presumably. Award: Silver Hammer at the Golden Hammer 2007 International Advertising Festival (www.hammer.lv). Christmas card
  11. 11. Freelance Stuff
  12. 12. Kulturas Diena: Jesus Me and my colleague Art Director Inga decided to publish this in the supplement to Diena (the major national news paper in Latvia) called Kulturas Diena (Culture Day) before Christmas. No copy, just this picture. It was meant for our Christian society to think about the recently growing commercialisation of Christmas and the true values the festivity stands for. Other people involved: Inga Cukura (Art Director, Designer & Retoucher) Print ad
  13. 13. Brand name: Umurkumur We created a name for a small store (probably based on some local historical occurrence). A side project we did for a small local company dealing in trade of little household items. Other people involved: Viesturs Stanislavskis (Designer) Logo structure
  14. 14. Various birthday/wedding invitations and posters (2001-2008) The copies in most cases do not make any sense, however these were really fun jobs I got involved in. The EN copies are available upon request. Other people involved: Mikus Valdbergs (Designer & Art Director), Kristaps Rozitis (Designer & Art Director) Birthday invitation Birthday invitation (2 versions) Birthday invitation Wedding invitation (back-translation here)
  15. 15. Contact (+371) 29242828 mrjanisfreimanis@gmail.com www.linkedin.com/in/janisfreimanis